They gave… Now we’re giving back!

Veterans’ Spirit Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and Wine come from people who care about what happens to the lives of our Veterans and helping them successfully transition from military to civilian life in their careers or educational pursuits. Our team have passionately supported Veterans for years and want to continue to give back to the men and women who have served our country.

Our Advisory Board is made up of Veterans who represent all of the branches of the military. This group, led by our Director of Veteran’s Affairs, Veteran Michael Schlitz, will determine the charities we support. The Advisory Board will also help identify Veterans for employment as the business grows and help source Veteran-owned businesses to work with. The Advisory Board, under the leadership of Michael Schlitz, will identify key issues and topics that will be shared with our community through this website and our social media pages so that America understands the true needs of our Veterans and can contribute to Veterans in need.

We are committed to building a transparent business so that our customers can see where donations are going and can see the impact the donations are having in the lives of our country’s finest.

Message from Our Director

of Veteran’s Affairs

Michael Schlitz