1960-1961 Frey Hoyle, Astronomy, University of Cambridge 1959

1960-1961 Frey Hoyle, Astronomy, University of Cambridge 1959

1960-1961 Frey Hoyle, Astronomy, University of Cambridge 1959-1960 Linus Pauling, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology 1959-1960 Arthur F. Bu...

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1960-1961 Frey Hoyle, Astronomy, University of Cambridge 1959-1960 Linus Pauling, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology 1959-1960 Arthur F. Burns, Economics, Columbia University 1958-1959 V. B. Wigglesworth, Zoology, University of Cambridge 1957-1958 G. Pontecorvo, Genetics, University of Glasgow 1957-1958 Paul Tillich, Religion, Harvard University 1956-1957 K.C. Guthrie, Classics, University of Cambridge 1956-1957 Alfred L. Kroeber, Anthropology, University of California 1955-1956 Edward C. Kirkland, History, Bowdoin College 1955-1956 Arthur J. Altmeyer, Louis I. Dublin, Edward J. Stieglitz, Gerontology 1954-1955 Phillip H. Kuenan, Submarine Geology, Gronigen, the Netherlands 1954-1955 Alpheus T. Mason, Government, Princeton University 1953-1954 Luther Gulick, Public Administration, New York 1953-1954 C. B. Van Niel, Bacteriology, Stanford University 1952-1953 Joseph Wood Krutch, Drama, Columbia University 1952-1953 Theodore von Karman, Engineering, California Institute of Technology 1951-1952 Otto Struve, Astronomy, Yerkes Observatory 1951-1952 Robert Redfield, Anthropology, University of Chicago 1950-1951 W. F. Albright, Archaeology, Johns Hopkins University 1950-1951 Thomas A. Bailey, Russian-American Relations, Stanford University 1950-1951 J. C. Clausen, Botany, Stanford University 1949-1950 Otto Neugebauer, History of Mathematics, Brown University 1949-1950 Vincent du Vigneaud, Biochemistry, Cornell Medical College 1948-1949 Otto Kinkeldey, Musicology, Harvard University 1948-1949 Harvey Fletcher, Acoustics, Bell Telephone Laboratories 1947-1948 Howard Mumford Jones, American Literature, Harvard University

1947-1948 Catherine Bauer, Housing, University of Cambridge 1947-1948 Marjorie Nicolson, English Literature, Columbia University 1946-1947 Sumner Slichter, Economics, Harvard University 1945-1946 Hu Shih, History of Chinese Philosophy, Peking 1945-1946 J. R. Oppenheimer, Atomic Physics, California Inst. Of Technology 1945-1946 C. C. Little, L. H. Snyder, H. J. Muller, Gene 1944-1945 Douglas Bush, English Literature, Harvard University 1944-1945 T. R. McConnell, W. H. Cowley, W. DeVane, Higher Education 1944-1945 Charles E. Kellogg, Agronomy, U.S. Department of Agriculture 1944-1945 Lydia J. Roberts, Nutrition, University of Chicago 1943-1944 Griffith Taylor, Geography, Toronto 1942-1943 Carl Becker, Cornell History, Cornell University 1942-1943 H. Peyre, French Literature, Yale University 1941-1942 H. M. Evans, Endocrinology, University of California 1941-1942 T. M. River and others, Virus Diseases, Rockefeller Institute 1940-1941 F. A. Pottle, Modern Poetry, Yale University 1940-1941 H. E. Sigerist, History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 1939-1940 T. D. Kendrick, Archaeology, British Museum 1938-1939 G. P. Adams, Philosophy, University of California 1938-1939 G. H. McIlwain, History of Political Theory, Harvard University 1937-1938 E. J. Dent, Musicology, University of Cambridge 1936-1937 Isiah Bowman, Geography, Johns Hopkins University 1936-1937 Robert Hegner, Parasitology, Johns Hopkins University 1935-1936 W. M. Calder, History of Christianity, University of Edinburgh 1934-1935 W. C. Mitchell, Economics, Columbia University 1933-1934 Sir Arthur Eddington, Astronomy, University of Cambridge

1932-1933 B. Malinowski, Anthropology, London 1931-1932 F. J. Mather, Fine Arts, Princeton University 1930-1931 T. H. Morgan, Genetics, California Institute of Technology 1929-1930 Roscoe Pound, Law, Harvard University 1928-1929 E. L. Thorndike, Psychology, Columbia University 1927-1928 T. F. Tout, English History, Manchester 1926-1927 H. J. C. Grierson, English Literature, University of Edinburgh 1925-1926 R. A. Milliken, Physics, California Institute of Technology 1924-1925 J. H. Breasted, Ancient History, Chicago