Annual Report06G.qrk - Crotched Mountain Foundation

Annual Report06G.qrk - Crotched Mountain Foundation

C RO T C H E D M O U N TA I N Annual Report 2016 A S T R O N G S TA R T F O R F U T U R E S U C C E S S Transitions Crotched Mountain board chair ...

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C RO T C H E D M O U N TA I N Annual Report 2016



Crotched Mountain board chair Jim Varnum and president and CEO Mike Coughlin take puzzle-making instruction from student Julian.


ROM THE MOMENT we welcome a new

care managers oversee the services that ensure clients

their future and how we can prepare them

ings. Whether clients require home safety evaluations,

enjoy quality of life in the comfort of familiar surround-

student or client, we are thinking about

modifications and equipment, or require more support

to transition back to their homes and

through health aides and meal services, they and their

communities. We believe the best education and care

families can enjoy peace of mind knowing their needs

plans are focused on both now and later, so that we

are met along a comprehensive continuum of care.

are always working toward the next successful transition

This year, we celebrated a combined 30+ years of

on the road to maximum independence—from today to tomorrow, school to work, and rehabilitation to home.

service from Don Shumway, former president and CEO,

extended learning or job training; others transition to

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before

and Dr. W. Carl Cooley, former chief medical officer.

When our students graduate, some move on to

us and offer our enduring gratitude to both Don and

new communities of living appropriate to their age and

Carl for their vision, passion, and commitment to our

interests. Clients who desire to live independently in

mission. Their initiatives laid the foundation for the

their own homes work with care managers to determine

successes we celebrate in these pages, as well as new

which services they’ll need to ensure their optimal

pathways that will best serve the changing needs of our

happiness, health and safety. These transitions are a

students, clients, and their families.

natural flow for everyone we serve; they represent

With expanded community connections and excit-

pathways to growth, learning and healing—milestones we celebrate with them.

ing innovations in teaching and communication, we look

residential model that works with adolescents needing

of our community of ambassadors and philanthropists—

back with gratitude for all that you—a valued member

Our Cedar’s Point program, for example, is a

have helped us accomplish, while we look ahead with

to acquire important skills like managing difficult

optimism. Simply said, today’s celebrations and tomor-

emotions, problem solving, and following through on

row’s dreams are possible because of your intellectual

expectations. With one-to-one teaching and staff

and financial support.

support, these teens learn skills that are the building

Along with your support, we ask for your ideas.

blocks of healthy, successful, and independent lives.

Join our dedicated staff in the drafting of new directions

Transitioning to a system of services that support

to meet the changing needs of our students and clients

health and safety at home can feel daunting. Fortunately,

by sending your comments to info @cro tchedmo untain.o rg.

Crotched Mountain Community Care’s professional




Darren Discenzo at his day job. His other work is “sitdown” comedy at venues in New England and New York, including Dangerfield’s in Manhattan.






Living to help Darren shower, shave and dress.

and accidentally

“Darren is one of the most optimistic gentlemen I’ve

fell out of my chair, and I’m telling you guys right now that Enterprise Car Rental is full of it,

ever met,” says his care manager Debra Ryder. “His posi-

because I called them and they will not come and

tive attitude, bubbly personality and contagious smile just brighten up a room.”

pick you up. They just laugh at you!”

“When he first came home, CMCC made all the

That’s just one of the bits from the gently selfdeprecating comedy act Darren Discenzo performs at

difference because my husband was still working full time

venues throughout New England and New York. His

and I was the main caregiver,” says Darren’s mother,

“chair” is a power wheelchair that he’s been using since

Graceanne Discenzo. “They put us in touch with so

his car collided with a moose when he was 26, injuring

many resources that we just weren’t aware of—from visit-

the C5 vertebra on his spinal cord. “I came around the

ing nurses and therapists to adaptive appliances and

corner and there was a 1,000 pound moose straddling the

even special eating utensils.” Discenzo continued to make progress in outpatient

yellow line,” he remembers. “I took out the moose’s back legs, it dropped on the roof, and all the impact was on

therapy and by 2009 he was able to lift himself out of his

my neck. I could still feel my hands on the wheel, but as

wheelchair and use a walker for short periods. He moved

hard as I tried, I couldn’t move anything.”

into his own house, where a spare bedroom was converted into an accessible bathroom. CMCC helped him

He was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon, NH, and after his condition stabilized, Dis-

get and learn to use a Hoyer lift so he could have full

cenzo spent three months at HealthSouth Rehabilitation

and independent access in his home. “This was really the goal Darren had been working

Center in Concord. Because his spinal cord was not com-

toward. He has a strong work ethic and kind heart, which

pletely severed, doctors couldn’t tell him exactly what to expect. He was paralyzed from the neck down, but every day he worked hard with his therapists, and every night he lay in bed, willing himself to move, certain he could feel his muscles starting to fire. “Because I had that feeling, I just had to prove everyone wrong,” he says. “Some people call it determination, others call it stubbornness, but if someone tells me I can’t do something, it just makes me work that much harder.” Right before he was released from rehab, Discenzo was able to get his legs to twitch, and when he returned home to his parents’ house, Crotched Mountain Community Care (CMCC) equipped him with the tools to maintain his fierce independence. Through the Harry Gregg Foundation, a foundation supported by Crotched Mountain, CMCC secured a grant to install a wheelchair ramp at the entrance to the Discenzos’ home and arranged for an aide from Granite State Independent


“Laughter can absolutely heal. It’s very therapeutic.” —DARREN DISCENZO falling from his chair and ended up in the hospital with severe kidney damage. “Yeah, I didn’t think I needed a medical alert system because I always had my phone,” he says, with an easygoing laugh. After that, CMCC connected him with Life Line, and he now wears a lifesaving medical alert pendant around his neck. An aide still comes to Discenzo’s home to help him with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, food prep and exercising, and whenever his wheelchair needs repairs, “CMCC is always there to help expedite things,” he says. “When you rely on something every day and it’s out of commission, it can be a huge pain.” In addition to CMCC, Discenzo’s sense of humor has been instrumental in his journey toward independence. Even when he was still in the hospital, he was the one cheering everyone else up, and when one of his outpatient physical therapists took him to a local openmic comedy night, he won a $50 prize. His next stop was Mohegan Sun Resort, where he placed third in a comedy contest. He still performs regularly, drawing huge laughs truly make him an inspiration to all those around him.

as he pokes fun at the absurdity of his situation.

We were thrilled for him when he was able to truly regain his independence,” notes Debra. The determined Discenzo also made mental adaptations that enhanced his independence. When he eventually returned to work at his family’s hardware store, which they recently sold to the Aubuchon chain, he couldn’t assist customers as easily as he once did, so “he developed almost a photographic memory,” says Grace Discenzo. “He can sit behind the cash register and tell you exactly in which aisle and where on the shelf any item is.” Aubuchon’s management was so impressed with his skills and work ethic that they dedicated their new Lancaster, New Hampshire, store to him. Service with a smile—Darren combines knowledge and humor for exceptional customer service.

Sometimes his self-reliant streak has landed him in trouble, like when he got stuck for twelve hours after




CONNECTION Jeremiah Aquino could be on a poster of the quintessential six-year-old: energetic, with a dark brown buzz cut, dancing eyes, and an infectious jack-o-lantern grin.





Jessica. “But after I got past that, I thought, ‘What can I

as he

do to be the best mom I can be by being his advocate?’”

snuggles into his mother, Jessica. She asks him a

But finding services for Jeremiah proved to be a

few questions about his day and smiles as she

challenge. Jessica was struck by the contrast with New

deciphers his answer.

“One of the things we’re working on is having a

York, where, she says, programs through schools, hospitals,

conversation,” says Jessica. “The only time he talks to me

and private organizations were more plentiful and publi-

now is when he wants something. I want to teach him to

cized. The family considered returning to New York—

have a back-and-forth exchange.”

Jessica’s job as the chief operations officer for a large nonprofit was still based there—but decided that they

The Aquino family moved to New Hampshire from Queens, New York when Jeremiah was only a year old.

were committed to raising their children in the “less crazy”

Jessica had noticed some differences between Jeremiah

environment of the Granite State. Looking beyond the public school system where

and her older daughters at the same age, “but I thought, maybe he’s just ignoring me. Maybe that’s how boys are,”

Jeremiah was receiving services, the Aquinos found

she explains. When Jeremiah was seventeen months old,

Crotched Mountain’s Ready, Set, Connect! (RSC) treatment

she experienced a shock of recognition while answering a

program through Jeremiah’s speech pathologist. Jessica

developmental questionnaire at a routine check-up. From

was impressed with RSC’s thorough evaluation of her

lack of eye contact to toe walking to “stimming” (repeti-

son. “I was pleased because their evaluation revealed new

tive body movements), Jeremiah exhibited many of the

focus areas that weren’t being addressed,” she recalls. “We use an assessment tool that analyzes typical

symptoms of autism.

language and learning milestones to help us identify bar-

“My heart sank. I was devastated, and I felt like it

riers,” explains Tina Chait, Lead Therapist. “This informs

was my fault because I worked so many hours,” says

Jeremiah and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist Lindsey Konkol use flash cards to practice labeling skills.


“Seeing him become more present and engaged has been amazing.” —JESSICA AQUINO Jessica credits RSC’s Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) model, which gives Jeremiah intensive one-on-one training in skills such as making eye contact, listening, and imitating. The small-group interactions with other children have also been enormously beneficial. “Jeremiah used to keep to himself at the public school, and it’s been so cool to watch him go up to other kids with a toy and say, ‘Let’s play,’” Jessica says. Regular communication with the RSC staff is something else the Aquinos appreciate. In addition to exchanging daily written reports, they meet with teachers once a month to discuss Jeremiah’s progress, challenges, and goals they’re working toward. “There’s not one

Software tracks Jeremiah's progress in specific learning areas.

question or concern I’ve had that the team hasn’t tackled

our treatment plan and enables us to zero in on very

immediately,” she says. “And if they don’t have the

specific areas such as listening, requesting, labeling and

answer, they always point me in the right direction. That’s

play and social behaviors.”

the kind of support parents need when a child has autism.” “We strive for collaboration and consistency with

Since August 2016, Jeremiah has been attending RSC in Manchester every day from 9:00 to 3:00, and

family, other educators and therapists who are also work-

even in a few short months the change has been dramatic.

ing with the children at Ready, Set, Connect!,” says Chait.

Before RSC, he was using two-to-three word sentences,

“We do whatever it takes for kids like Jeremiah to reach

and it was a challenge to get him to engage. Now, says,

their full potential.” Jeremiah will return to public school

Jessica, not only is his vocabulary expanding, but, “He’s

next year, and Jessica feels he will have a good founda-

making connections he’s never made before, initiating

tion for first grade. The RSC team will work with her to

imaginative play and actually saying things like, ‘I love

create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for

rice and beans!’ The other day he built a little mushroom

him, so his teachers next year can help continue his

house out of play dough, brought his little Smurf over

trajectory of success. In the meantime, Jeremiah will continue to delight

and said, ‘Look, I made a house for a Smurf!’”

in the activities of a six-year-old—exploring the outdoors

“Jeremiah has reached a majority of milestones in his current treatment plan. He can name many items and

for ladybugs and butterflies, singing, and playing pranks

request things he needs such as a spoon for his yogurt,”

on his family. “I can never fully be a part of his world,”

Chait points out. “And his fine motor skills continue to

says Jessica. “But seeing him become more present and


engaged in ours has been amazing.”


Snapshots Hockey Heroes Play for CM

Hiking For All





Long time CM partners, the B OSTON B RUINS A LUMNI , faced off against the C ROTCHED M OUNTAIN W ILD to raise funds and awareness for Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports program (CMARS). Five hundred fans attended the Sixth Annual Bruins Alumni Classic at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, raising $41,560 to benefit the many community-based programs offered by CMARS including adaptive skiing, kayaking, cycling and more.

were featured in

an episode of the Emmy-winning series Windows to the Wild, produced by New Hampshire Public Television. The 30-minute

show, Hiking for All, which premiered January 2016 on NHPTV PRIME, featured host W ILL L ANGE and hikers as they followed accessible hard-

pack pathways, boardwalks, moderate grades, switchbacks and rest stops along the Gregg and Dutton Brook Trails. The program highlighted how the trails give people of all abilities the opportunity to experience the outdoors—from panoramic views of sky and mountains to the scents and sounds of deep woods and wetlands.

Golfing for Good

Accessible Nature —Who, What, When, Where and How Crotched Mountain Foundation joined with the New Hampshire Association for the Blind to co-host a special screening of two, half-hour episodes of Windows to the Wild—Birding by Ear and Hiking for All, produced by New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) in May at ConVal High School in Peterborough, NH. The screening was followed by a discussion on making outdoor experiences accessible to everyone moderated by P HIL VAUGHN of NHPTV and producer of Windows to the Wild and featuring panelists G EOFF G ARFINKLE , Crotched Mountain director of therapeutic recreation; P ETER J ENSEN , accessible trail developer; M ICHAEL L ANG , adaptive sports

facilitator; New Hampshire Association for the Blind; FRANCIE VON MERTENS, birding expert and nature columnist; and L AURA C LARK , co-founder and program coordinator, Wheelchair Health in Motion (WHIM).


The 14th Annual Crotched Mountain Golf Classic raised $55,000 for the programs and services of Crotched Mountain. Thirty-six teams gathered for 18 holes of golf followed by a reception featuring remarks by E LIZA FACTOR , parent of Crotched Mountain School student FELIX. A raffle, auction and prizes rounded out a fun and successful event. Thank you to all our sponsors, players and volunteers!

Awards and Honors

Perfect Pitch

Congratulations to the following staff. OLUWASEUN ALABI, CRISIS RESPONSE STAFF Certified Mandt System Trainer The Mandt System, Inc.

Vocalist and musician CHRISTOPHER DUFFLEY serenaded and inspired audience members at Crotched Mountain

KRISTOPHER D. AMBROZEWICZ, RESIDENTIAL COUNSELOR III Bachelor of Science Education (BSE), Family Community Mental Health Work Certificate Becker College, Worcester MA

as part of the Hilliard Lecture Series. A native of Manchester, NH, Duffley is a 14-year-old multi-instrumentalist and singer who is also blind and has

CINDY BLUESTEIN, CONTINUING EDUCATION TRAINING COORDINATOR Certified Mandt System Trainer Certified Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor American Heart Association

autism. He is well-known for performing the national anthem for audiences at Fenway Park, New Hampshire International Speedway, Delta Dental Stadium, and at confer-

Possible, and has also released two

ences and events nationwide. Duffley

albums of inspirational music. His

also sang the national anthem at

performances have received millions

Crotched Mountain’s Bruins Alumni

of views on YouTube and GodTube.

Classic benefit hockey game. In addi-

In 2013, Autism Speaks named him

tion to live performances, Duffley pro-

one of 10 Amazing Individuals With

duces a weekly podcast called Mission

Autism Who Shined.

Photo by Krista

Ready, Set, Connect! in Manchester

New Ways to See

Photo by Becky

Crotched Mountain School student photography was featured in an exhibit at the Monadnock Center for History and Culture in Peterborough, NH, during October and November 2015. New Views from the Mountain featured students’ work with artist-in-residence, COURTNEY BENT, an award-winning photographer based in Durham, NH. Their work focused on new ways of seeing and included photos of everyday items with an emphasis on unusual angles, textures, shadows and light.

Crotched Mountain Foundation marked the official opening of the Manchester, NH, location for its Ready, Set, Connect! Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program with a ribbon cutting ceremony in March. DENNIS BRADLEY, BCBA and executive director of Ready, Set, Connect! welcomed guests, and SENATOR LOU D’ALLESANDRO offered brief remarks on the importance of bringing ABA therapy to the Manchester area. “When someone in your life has a diagnosis such as autism, you understand the significance when positive outcomes happen as a result of good services,” he said. “Early treatment is fundamental to improving the emotional and physical well-being of children with autism—it makes a significant difference in all aspects of their and their family’s lives.”

DEBORAH COLE, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST Library Media Specialist Certification Plymouth State University JEAN DICKA, RESIDENTIAL RC III Master of Science, Accounting Southern New Hampshire University STEPHANIE DRAPEAU, RESIDENTIAL COUNSELOR I Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate Severe Behavior in Youth Placement Certificate Granite State University MARJORIE GOUDREAULT, CARE MANAGER Certified Case Manager Commission for Case Manager Certification VERNON GRAY III, RESIDENTIAL COUNSELOR Certified Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor American Heart Association SARAH G. HAYNES, PARAEDUATOR II Dual B.S., Criminal Justice and Psychology Granite State College Paraeducator II Certificate New Hampshire Board of Education PHILLIP HENSLEY, CRISIS RESPONSE STAFF Certified Mandt System Trainer JOSHUA HILEMAN, CRISIS RESPONSE STAFF Certified Mandt System Trainer STEVEN R.A. JOHNSON Promoted to Classroom Lead STEPHANIE MARX, RESIDENTIAL SAFETY & TRAINING COORDINATOR Certified Mandt System Trainer CINDY MEDEIROS,TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATOR M.S.Ed., Educational Studies / Tech. Integration Southern New Hampshire University HEATHER PLANTE, PARAEDUCATOR II Bachelor of Science, Health Care Management Granite State College MICHAEL REDMOND, SENIOR V.P., COO Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Villanova University DARLENE SAMPAIO, ASPII BUILDING SERVICES /PARAPROFESSIONAL Course Completion 12th Annual New Hampshire Emergency Preparedness Conference

Sen. D’Allesandro cuts the ribbon.


PATRICK WRIGHT Promoted to Paraeducator

Your Gift Mattered Philanthropy and Financial Report, 2016





was irrevocably changed


through a nasty collision with a moose, or


when Jeremiah’s family changed course to


meet an unexpected diagnosis of autism, they relied upon



expertise provided by Crotched Mountain to successfully FOUNDATIONS 9%

navigate new pathways of living. And while you may have met Darren and Jeremiah for the first time while reading this report, you have been a part of their lives for much longer. As a benefactor, you’re an equal partner in the delivery of every service we provide.


And that’s what philanthropy is all about: playing an active role in the wellbeing of neighbors and friends and


people you may never meet. Philanthropy is the act of manifesting your caring and concern for others in tangible




and meaningful ways—acts that enrich both benefactor


and beneficiary. Even though caring and compassion are free, the services to support the people we serve are not. Your invest-


ment enables us to continue to improve our methods of teaching, provide cutting edge communication technology, invest in breakthrough therapeutic models, and so much


more. And it all culminates in meeting the real life needs of Darren, who now lives independently in his home comALLOCATION OF REVENUE

munity, and Jeremiah, who learns key skills to help him succeed at school and with his peers.


It is on their behalf, and the thousands more we serve



each year, that we thank you for believing and investing in EDUCATIONAL & VOCATIONAL 13%

the work we do each day. Ours is a partnership that we do not take for granted, one worth our deepest thanks.






Crotched Mountain Honor Roll Contributors, July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016




grateful to all those who choose

to be a part of our commitment to children and adults with disabilities through their contributions to Crotched Mountain.



Elizabeth and David* Dickey Linda M. Grucel James Varrill Dorothy and Richard Verney Barbara and Peter Wells


Anonymous (6) Gloria and Joseph Allis Captain F. K. Bajowski, Jr. Robert H. Baldi Charles H. Baldwin Suellen and Richard Beeman Mary and Ralph Bennett Cynthia and Alfred Benton Elinor Bettencourt Jacqueline and John Bland Linda and Carl Blicker Janet Bolland Rosemarie and Donald Boudrot Edith Bowen Richard W. Bridgeo Helen and Richard Brockelman Mary and Kenneth Brown Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Buckley Hope W. Burnett Judith and Peter Caliri Rita M. Calkins Henry R. Caron Marguerite and Robert Caron Josephine and Frank Carrara Arthur A. Carter, Jr. Nancy and Richard Carvill Mr. Arnold R. Cernota G. Steve Chirigotis, Col. USAF (Ret.) Sharon L. Colbroth Ron and Sharon Cole Robert E. Collins Ann and Richard Condon Ann Marie and Thomas Connors

Martha and William Cooper Martha Corson Geoffrey Crofts Christo Dadasis Eugene M. Darling, Jr. Ralph A. D'Elia Virginia and George Delude Rev. Robert J. Densmore Marilyn and Robert Derrickson Robert J. Devaney, Jr. Richard and Jean DeVincentis Lorraine Dion Mary Louise Donovan Irene C. Dubois Joel L. Ekstrom Bernadette Evans Mary and Dr. Elwin Falkenham Dr. Charles S. Faulkner, II Lorraine and Donald Flanders Ann and Stephen Foster Philip F. Frazier Faye E. Gardner Aurelia and Italo Gavazzi Caroline and Robert Gay Carol and Benjamin Gayman Elizabeth and Mark Gelarderes Thelma and Kenneth Gibbs Priscilla and Richard Goff Ethlyne Golub Maryann and George Hall, Jr. James Haller Gail and Joseph Harrington, Jr. Leona Herbert Philip B. Herr Eleanor Hill Peter G. Hindle Louise M. Houde Carol and John Hubbard Marilyn B. and John H. Hutchinson Diane and William Jaquith Marilyn P. Jewett Carolyn and John Julian Donald B. Keefe Diana C. Kelley M. Kathleen and Edward Kingsbury Dorothy and Walter Kirsch

Marguerite and Kenneth Knight Jean and Vernon Knowlton Judi Kolada Gerard A. Lachance Jacquiline and Albert Lang Dr. Robert Liscio Mary A. Maccarone Lura and William Machell Maryann and Peter Magoun Janet R. Mallard Susan and Nicholas Mandravelis Mary Ann and Frank Mastro Nancy and Roger Mathes Rosemary and John Mazzone Mr. William E. McCabe Irene and Thomas McManus Kathleen and James Melitus Martha and Andrew Michaud Richard J. Mitropoulos Richard K. Murphy David D. Norton Geraldine and Thomas O'Brien Julia and Arthur Olson, Jr. Dr. Charles O'Neil Anne and Thomas O'Reilly Barbara and Ernest Pantos Marie A. Paquette Rachel and Gerard Paquette Rose and William Perry Louis F. Petroni Karen Pick Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Port Maureen Porter Rev. John Post Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Prindiville Peter R. Raymond Peggy Repass Sylvia and H. James Rome Alan L. Rosenman Sue Roundy Eleanor C. Russell Rondi and Tony Saporetti Lois and Lawrence Scammon Norma and Joseph Schults Nancy B. Shapiro Francesca and Clinton Springer Marjorie and Philip Struhsacker Andrew R. Supplee Jean and David Sweeney Nancy and Fred Thurlow Mary Torrisi Clementina Triglione Martin Vasmanis Marguerite and Earle Walker Alice D. Welcher Linda and John Wesley Hannah Lacy West Sandra and Howard Weston Mrs. Ruth B. Whipple Frederick E. Whitcher Eleanor and Allen Winecour

Photo by True

*D eceased 2015-2016


The photos you see on these pages were taken by students who participated in New Views From the Mountain, a special opportunity with artistin-residence and awardwinning photographer Courtney Bent. We invite you to join in celebration of their artistic expressions. PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE 20+ YEARS

Anonymous (3) Nancy T. August Tom Badgley Bonnie B. Bennett Mary Ellin Cameron Audrey Carvalho Cotton M. Cleveland Merrill C. Cragin Arthur Dyer Shirley and William Franchi Cheryl and Stanley Fry Anne and Ed Garfinkle Geoffrey Garfinkle Joyce and Cyrus Gregg Jane and Edward Hager Kevin A. Harte Susan and Jerry Hunter Helen C. Kingsley Mary Frances and Don Lawler Dede and Charlie MacVeagh, Jr. Louise and W. David Malcolm, Jr. Hwasoon and Michael Mullaney Cynthia Nielsen Barbara and Allan Peskin Dorothy D. Peterson Yvette and Stan Plodzik Margaret and Francesco Siega Catherine and John Sommers Dr. Janis H. Stoklosa Elizabeth B. Sullivan Maria and Dr. Kimball Temple Theresa and Michael Terrian Beverly and Thomas Westheimer Major W. Wheelock Cynthia and Bill Yuknewicz


Anonymous (19) John H. Adams Betty and Gary Adams


Dorothy M. Adams Sherry and David Ahearn Mary W. Allen Peg Alzmann and Paul Koning Elizabeth and Brewster Ames, Jr. Helen and Gerald Antippas Louise and Jacques Aquillon Marion Arkell Mary and Mark Armstrong John Aslin Ernestina and James Aubry Robert E. Bagshaw David H. Barnes Doris M. Baron Lillian and J. Leo Barry Sharon and Robert Batchelder, Sr. Sharon and Martin Beaver Patricia and David Beffa-Negrini Amedine and Igor* Bella Paul R. Belyea Jonna and Lorenzo Benet, Jr. Marilyn and Robert Bergevin Robert R. Bezubka Madeline Blidberg Doris Bodette Florence and Wallace Bordeau Amelia Borman and John Smitka Henry M. Boulette Sandra and Francis Bourque Joe Boutin, Jr. Robert Boyd Robin E. Boyd and Tim Maguire Elizabeth Brauer Mimi D. Bravar Christine and Robert Brewster David G. Brill Rita E.W. Britton Carol and Ronald Brodeur Lorraine M. Brooks Robert A. Brown Thomas A. Bulcroft, Jr. Edward D. Bureau Catherine and Donald Burgeson Kevin J. Burke Rich Burns Christopher Byrnes Patricia and Robert Cabral David J. Cadorette Esther and Phillip Cain Roger Campbell Marilyn K. Campbell Mary E. Campopiano Pam and Brian Canty Clifford D. Caseley James Catudal Elizabeth Gillan Caulo and Peter Caulo The Caveney Family Eva M. Charles Janine and Henry Chiampa Joyce Khederian Chiulli and David Chiulli Susan Chollet Ruth W. Cilley Deirdre and Grenville Clark, III Lauraette H. Clark Thomas F. Cleary Barbara Clifford Ruth and Wesley Cobb Dr. Arthur Cohen Tamera Z. Colgate *D eceased 2015-2016


Martha B. Collins Julie Colman Wendie and Garnet Colpitts Adrienne and Wayne Colsia David P. Conley Rita and Roger Constant Danelle and Robert Cook Jeanette I. Cook Wilma and Rupert Corrigan Joan and Bill Cossaboon Joyce Coursey Lance E. Cramer Velna and David Crane Mary and Brian Crathern Patricia and Richard Cravedi Rosalie M. Croteau Esther M. Crowley Nancy Crystal Ann Curtis Patricia A. Cutting Paul L. Dadak Edna A. Dancy Frank A. Davis Nancy and Dr. Henry Dawes Alice M. De Lucia James E. De Vito Paula and Thomas DeAngelis Deborah H. DeCicco Jean G. Demorest Judith Denham Gary R. Dennison Charles E. Des Ruisseaux Rita Descoteaux Nancy A. Desjardins Cynthia and Dennis Desmond Janet and George DeVito Jeanine E. Dexter Salvatore Diberardinis, Jr. Lynn and Neal Dini Antonia and John Dinkel Phyllis E. DiPrizio Rachel Dohanian Kinni Doherty Diane and John Donovan Thomas Dorman Lorraine and Normand Doucet Alan G. Dow, Jr. Kathleen and Richard Doyle Linda W. Dresser Janet P. Driscoll Jean Drummond Sandra and Fred Dube Gloria K. Dublin Pauline A. Dubuque Donna V. Dunlop and Andrew Spahr Joan and William Dunn Doris Dupuis Dr. Sylvio Dupuis Dorothy and Robert Durfee Luther P. Durgin Gail and Rodney Dyer Paul R. Eastman Jane and Frank Eckert Lorraine and Richard Edmunds Leo Elinian Donna Elliott and Ronald Indorf Steven J. Emanuelli Michelle and Jon Eriquezzo Robert E. Esdon Dr. Donald M. Ettelson Caroline and Tom Ewing Jane Cooper Fall Eleanor B. Fallon 14



Photo by Jaclyn Foster M. Fargo, Jr. Dr. Edward J. Farmlett Brian Faughnan Anthony G. Favale Susan M. Fennelly and Edward Taylor Henry H. Ferrell, III Gladys E. Ferris Leona S. Fickinger Carlene and David Field Hollis E. Field, Jr. Sylvia and George Findell Colleen P. Finegan Patrick J. Fitzgerald Patricia R. Fleurie Christine and Woodbury Fogg The Reverend Leonard R. Foisy Daniel S. Foley Lisa and George Foote Barbara J. Foran Holle and Allen Forbes Jane and Allen Forbes Diana and Kenneth Forrence Diane and Thorstein Fossnes Jeffrey A. Foster Susan W. Fox Rev. Leo L. Frechette Dr. Gilbert Fuld George A. Fuller, Jr. John W. Furlong Colleen and Norman Gagne Rosemary Gagne Berthe Gagnon Ruth and Howard Gaskill Gretchen and Tom Gaul Thomas W. Gegan Deborah and Christian Genthner Anna and Daniel Giacopelli Terry and Charles Giacopelli Mary Gilbert Linda C. Gill Robert R. Giordano Linda and Zaven Giragosian Amy and Andrew Glover Cynthia J. Glover Darrell C. Gobel Eleanor and Walter Goddard Norma M. Godin Carl L. Goldknopf Walter H. Goodnow Willard W. Goodwin Shirley and Wayne Gould G. June C. Goulson Beth and Kenneth Graf

Jane and David Graham Helen and Clarence Grant Patricia and David Gregg Roger Gregoire Clara M. Gregory Leopold J. Grenon Margaret A. Groetz Margaret H. Gross Fran Habib and Steven Petlock Shirley S. Haddock Ann and William Hallahan Beverly and Myron Halpin Claire L. Hamel Jacqueline P. Hamilton Nancy and Robert Hammond Jean Hammonds Elfriede G. Hanley Lisa and Jeffrey Hargreaves Caroline Rose Harlow Joanne L. Harpel Kristin D. Harris The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Donald P. Hart Doug and Judy Hatfield Michael Havey Harry B. Haymes Alma A. Healey Jeanne E. Heath Marilynne and Dr. David Hedstrom Melanie M. Heinis Muriel and Edmund Henault Kathleen M. Hennessy Max Hermann Robert A. Herron Ted Heslam, Jr. Lucy Hodder, Esq. and Dr. Robert D. Thomson F. and G. Hogg Katharyn Hok Susan N. Hollis Caroline and G. Clay Hollister Elinor and Thomas Hooker Ronald D. Horne Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Horton Elsie J. Howard Nancy and Ray Howell Pam and Dean Hoyt Russell O. Hughes Irina and Stanley Hultin Louise W. Huntoon Ray P. Hutchinson Richard Isakson Tibor Ivanyi Ann and Carl Jacobs Nancye J. Jenkins Marilyn Priscilla Johnson Joanna E. Jones Karen Jones Lois and William Jones Natalie O. Jones Charles F. Kane, M.D. Ruth and Dr. Lawrence Kane Pamela and H. James Kazeniac Paul W. Kearney Howard and Janet Keegan Carol and Ronald Keenhold Marcia and Rick Keller Fredrick Kennett Leslie and Dr. Robin Kenney Elizabeth A. Kerwin Martha and William Kiatos John Kiernan Mary and Dr. William Kiernan


Elizabeth and Dennis Kilduff Patritia K. Kiley Lawrence P. Kimball Mary and Bruce P. King James H. Kirsch Jane and David Kittredge Jacqueline B. Klose Sandra Knapp Susan R. and Mark T. Knights David G. Kraft Kristina and Dr. Gregory Kriebel Betty A. La Grassa Karen and Dany Lacroix Carol Laflamme Jeanne and Ovide LaMontagne Katherine and Robert LaMontagne Hannah P. Landsman Gail Landy Mark V. LaPorte Liz LaRose and Mike Dionne Nathalie J. Latulippe Gerd Laudien Anita and Michael Lawler Erna and Kent Lawrence Joanne M. Lazinsky Mary Leadbeater and Michael Strack David T. Lee James R. Leighton Barbara and Robert Lemay Jean and Richard Leopold Caroline and George Lewis Cristina and David Lewis Jane Liamos Mrs. T.C. Lockhart Jeanne A. Lombardi Linda and Anthony LoProto Kris and Harold D. Losey, Jr. Anneleen J. Loughlin Frances M. Lovejoy Shirley and Warren Lundin Marion and Alan Malkasian Katherine and Richard Mandeville Donna L. Mangold Donald A. Marble Josephine A. Marino Constance Marrion Lorraine T. Martin Patricia A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Massa Joan Mathurin Roger J. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. David Mattoon Judith A. Maule Philip B. Mays Angie and Spyros Mazarakis Dr. Maureen E. McCanty and Dr. Dennis J. Card Eugene A. McCarthy Charles N. McCormack and Alice Rennie Bill G. McCrillis Frank McDougall Jeanne and Peter McGillen James G. McGuire, M.D. Paul McGuirk Mary and John McMahon Patricia D. McMahon John F. Melita Nancy and Eugene Mellish Michael Meninno Ellen and Charles Mercer John P. Merrill

2 0 1 5

Robin and Lucas Merrow Elizabeth Miesfeldt Edward P. Milan, Sr. Agnes and Edward Miner Marilyn and Ralph Minichiello John and Gail Mintken Marguerite and Donald Moffett Carol and Charles Monaco Josephine A. Monbouquette Judith E. Moskevich Sandra and Richard Moynahan Dianne Mrak John J. Murphy Susan and Jeffrey Newcomer Jeannette Nieder Pauline and Stephen Noble Rita and Robert Norander Carol and Dale Ober Susan and Thomas O'Connor Lisa O'Grady Christina and P.J. O'Rourke Paul Ouellet Bernard L. Ouellette Susan Oxman William J. Pananos John P. Paquette Noelle D. Collins Paradis Barbara Pardus Barbara and Dr. Barrie Paster Carolyn and Rodney Patenaude Ute M. Peaslee Janet I. Pendlebury Ivan M. Perron Nancy Jo and William Perry Walter Perry Anne D. Peterson Daniel Petrini Augusta and Joseph* Petrone George Phelps

Photo by Brendan Anita B. Phillips Jane A. Pinney Lynette and James Plumb Jean and Raynold Pool Sally G. Pore Nancy and R. Duke Powell Dr. Norma Powell Mary and Gordon Prescott Heidi and John Provencal The Ken and Rona Purdy Family Fund Joyce Pyne Gloria and Donald Quigley Julianne and Richard Rain Bob, Cindy, Joe, and Katie Ramsay

*D eceased 2015-2016



2 0 1 6

Jacqueline J. Ray Suzanne and Peter Read Laura and Michael Redmond Rose M. Reed Vienna and Edwin Reini Virginia and Joseph Reisert Mary J. Ribeiro Col. Anne Richards, Ret. Karolyn and Bruce Ricker Carol and Vincent Riel Elaine and Donald Robar Peter Robart The Rev. Alice Roberts Karen E. Roberts Linda and Terry Robinson Marsha E. Robinson Beth and Dr. Carey Rodd Rebecca and William Rolke Patricia C. Roody Barbara A. Rose Marc Rosenbaum Marilyn and Edwards Ross Beatrice Rossi Bertha and Edmond Rousseau George Rowe, Jr. Ms. Vangie H. Ruskowski Jacqueline and Thomas Rzasa Paul R. Sahler Muriel and William Sakellson Mary A. Salter Susan and Michael Sassano Dr. Seddon Savage and Dr. Carl Cooley Mrs. Elizabeth J. Scarchilli Janet U. Schaefer Ruth and John Schmid Louise T. Schmidt Sally and Brian Schofield Ann Schwartzwalder and Jody Blouch Diane and Mark Scott Ernestine and Karl Scott Elizabeth M. Seales Rachel Seamans Raymond F. Sebold Kathleen and Donald Severance Caroline A. Sevier Lois and Leslie Shaw William M. Shaw John F. Shepard Betty and Alfred Shipley Herbert M. Shumway Miriam and Donald Shumway Judith A. Shuter George F. Sichelstiel Roberta R. Silberberg Carroll B. Simpson Michael H. Sisitsky Shirley R. Small Alfreda A. Smith George Christopher Smith Donna and Jeffrey Smith Roberta C. Smith Sharon L. Smith Shawn M. Smith Mary Jane and Robert Solomon Harold W. Solomon Marilyn and Bruce Soper Rita and R. David Springs Dr. James W. Squires Janet and Robert St. Jean Cecilia Stanin


Linda and William Starace Mary and James Starke Pauline and Gus Stathis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Stepenuck Brad Stevens Jane Stieglitz Stanley Stone John Strom Laura R. Studen Jeannette Sturrock Jeanne M. Sullivan Beverly W. Sutherland Julia A. Sweeney Lourdes and Bruce Tangarone Dixie and Cameron Tease Peter D. Ten Broeck Sharon and Les Thagard Sylvia L. Thayer and Philip Zaeder Lianne and Robert Therrien Lynn T. Thibodeau Patricia A. Thomas Annmarie and Thomas Tierney Sara R. Timmons Marietta and Theodore Tocci Audrey S. Torrey Helene and Joseph Tracey Constance C. Tremblay Paul E. Troxell Jeanne and Philip Tulley Marylee and E. Philip Turcotte Helen and Stephen Ulicny Dorothy and Bruce Ullrich Doris and Jerome Underwood Ernest R. Underwood Linda and Frank Underwood Eileen and Edward Valliere James C. Van Dongen Janet and George D. Van Dyke Kathleen and Bruce Varney Lucinda and James Varnum Virginia S. Vidaver Roland P. Vigneault Ruth I. Viola Nancy and Irwin Wakcher Sheila and Raymond Walker George E. Wall Ella May Weaver Karen Weinberg-Kanin Maita A. Whipple Marilyn White James W. Whitney Patricia C. Whitney Sandra and Kevin Whitney Pamela A. Wiggin and Carol A. Barker Barbara and Gerald Wilkins SMSGT Ryan Willey and Family Thomas E. Williams William F. Wilmoth, Jr. Ruth B. Wilson Sharon and Richard Wilson Frieda Winter Linda and Peter Wirth Marie Witham Thomas F. Wolf Kay M. Woods Patricia Woolson Susan U. Wright John Young Joyce and Gary Young



Anonymous (6) Michael Anderson Deborah and Thomas Atkinson Hilde Baert Lorriane and Richard Baldassari Paul F. Bastardi Diane and Michel Bati Susan J. Beeman-Hollins and Robert J. Hollins Beverly L. Benoit Raymond Benoit Siang Beswick and Paul Beswick Dale F. Bloemen James F. Bogue Peter Bowman Carl P. Brigada Judy and Fred Briggs Lawrence A. Brown Constance M. Bureau David Burgess Richard A. Cansler Sanford K. Carlisle Marcia and Scott Caswell Jeff Charron Patricia Clancey and Richard Iannacone Jeanne and Eric Clapper William E. Cohane, Jr. Ann and Christopher Conway Elizabeth Coolidge and Jeffrey Stolz Patricia Ann Coolidge Mr. and Mrs. Mark Correa and Family Carol and Bradford Cox Holly and John Cratsley Kim and Chris Curran Brianne and Billy Dacier James Daly Clara A. Danis Nancy and Roy Davis Philip DeCarolis Jeannine and Roger Denoncourt Nanette and Brian Donovan Phyllis and Frank Donovan Jeannette and Norbert Dumont Dorothy and Donald Dunbar David Effron Carol and William Eva Christine and Neil Falcone Christine and Eric Falkenham Jean and Carmelo P. Fallace John T. Fallace Irene and John Fanaras Duncan C. Farmer Janet C. Fiori Bertha and Dennis Fowler Kate and Anthony Gamboli Louise T. Gath and Jayne L. Becker Kathleen H. Giacoponello Pamela and L. Taylor Goode Wendy and Mitch Hankin Edith and David Harris Susan and Daniel Hein Sandra Henderson Sandra M. Hering Luz M. Hernandez Joseph W. Hogan Susan A. Hood Patricia and Theodore Hopkins Deanna S. Howard


Debra and David Huffman Jeanne Jaskolka Douglas M. Jenkins Jeanne I. Kaczynski Mary Karlin Nancy J. Katin Thomas J. Keaveney Cheryl A. Keegan Kate and Steven Kelly Louise E. Kenney Karin and Kenneth Keyser Helen E. Koehler Norm Lafond, Sr. Jennifer and Kyle Lamerand Edouard W. LeClerc Bette and Jack Lessard Paul G. Lessard Barbara and Peter Letvinchuk Hon. Stephen Limon Ann and Peter Lindsay Eileen and Ralph Lombardi Timothy J. Lord Barbara Mackie Janet and Howard Maleton Carole Mapes Patricia and Gary Marcus Timothy C. May Jennifer McIntosh Mary Pat and John McMahon Pat and David McMahon Bruce Miller John Mokas Darla and Merric Monbouquette Davi Lyn Morse and Gregory Bubnash Kathleen and John Moyer Elizabeth R. Moynihan Harold F. Murphy William N. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Valerie Narsasian Diane and Andrew Newton John D. O'Connell Denise M. Oliver Joan Jakubiak Patterson Brian B. Pierce Patricia and James Piet Frederick L. Pratt Elaine and Daniel Priestley Ralph K. Putnam Gordon E. Reed Susan Reeves, Ed.D., R.N. Kathryn Renzi Rene P. Richard James W. Rowse, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rudis John B. Schulte Peter Scomis Elaine and Vincent Shea Frederick Smith, Jr. John J. Spanks, Jr. Elizabeth and Werner Splettstoesser Daniel H. Stearns Elizabeth Steele Ms. Randi Stein Elise and David Sumner Ruth Swain Claire Trudel Michelle Vander Heyden and Gunnar Blix Nancy J. VanVranken, M.D. Susie and Alexander Vogel Mary B. Waldo



Lisa and Alexander J. Walker, Jr. Raymond Patrick West K. and R. Wheeler Gretchen A. Wolosz Mary and Richard Wood Thomas Zubricki

NEW FRIEND’S CIRCLE 1-5 YEARS Anonymous (7) Colleen Abar Donald Abar Jim Abar Penny and Richard Abar Thomas Abar Amy and Timothy Abrams Courtney Ahearn Krystle Aikens Dave Anderson Marie Anderson Marie and Jose Aquije Michael and Candid Arcidy Family Fund Maureen and Daniel Bach Michael Bailey Cathyrn and Paul Baird

Photo by Zack Robert Baldwin Andrew Barilone Rebecca R. Barrett Nicole Barrett Susan Barrow Christine and Peter Bartlett Chester Batchelder Mary C. Beauchemin Carolyn and Walter Beaulieu of Hampton, NH Nancy and Denny Beckley Jan Bevacqua Kenneth P. Binder Amy Binette Brian Bishoff David Bixler Sandra and James Blanchette Jodi D. Bonewald Deborah Bowden Ellen Bowen Jane Boyd Joanne and Daniel Brewer Kathleen Cragin Brittan and David Brittan Bobbi Lynn Broe


Benjamin Brown Timothy Brown Jacqueline Brownell Lea and Dr. Frederick Bruch, Jr. Jennie Buckley Linda and Arnold Burdick Craig Burgon Bonnie Lou Burnett Candace Hope Burnett Nicole and Jeffrey Burnett Lynn and David Butler Ellen and Robert Cagnina Jessica Cameron Karen Cantillo Andrew T. Card, Jr. Anne Cargile Elizabeth and George Caron Julie and Peter Carpenter Rosemary and Paul Carpenter Susan K. Carpenter Julie and Steve Carter John Cary Olivia Casa Mary K. Casey Jefferson S. Caverly Tori Chamberlain Elizabeth Chapman Ronald Charrette Libby and David Chavez Christina Cheney Marie Cheney Richard A. Chevrefils Henry J. Ciborowski* Laura Clark Richard G. Clark Jr. Tina and Robert Clark Donna Cloud Janice B. Coates Jeffrey Cobb Alison and Richard Cohen Deb Colanton Raquel Colby Deborah Cole Mr. and Mrs. Forrest F. Collier Melissa Collins Anne Comer Diana C. Conine Theresa and Mark Corliss Barbara M. Costa Angela Costello Michael Coughlin and Zuzka Sladek Barbara J. Craig-Schniepp Lisa A. Cramb Barbara and Richard Crocker Edmund F. Cyr, Jr. Julie and Mark Cyr Loretta and Duane Dahlman Melody and Richard Daigle Patricia and Sen. Louis D’Allesandro Sheryl A. Damon Roxanne and Timoteo Dar Juan Melissa Dark Sandra and Richard Darling Armando Decarolis David DeCarolis Sandra Dee and John Leahy Patricia Delaney and Irwin Blau Miriam and Francisco DeLeon Carol DeLeon Amy Doheny Lucy M. Dominguez *D eceased 2015-2016


Cathy Donnell Diep and Gregory Donovan Jack Donovan Robert E. Drake Rosa Draper Kathryn Driscoll Stephen Driscoll Diana Duffy Joanne and Paul Duffy The Dumas Family Josee Dupont and Patrick Terry Stephen M. Duprey Allison and Marvin Edwards Louise C. Ellis Eliza and Jason Factor James “Papa” Farnsworth Joyce C. Fearnside Joan Kenney Fitzgerald and Daniel Fitzgerald Phoebe and Peter Flewelling Brian Fontaine Susan M. Foote Janice Forest Miles Forma Danny Fotter Jane and David Francis James Fransen Kerry and Jeremy Freitas Stephanie Fulton Margaret Galvez Felix Tapawan Garcia Gerald A. Garrity Christopher Gassett Ray Giard Robert Gibbs Barbara and Richard Gilman Yvonne P. Goldsberry, Ph.D. Cindy and Philip Goldstein Ms. Sam Goodall Barbara and John Gorham Carol Gould Jeffrey Graham Kim and Jim Graham Sarah Graham Toby Greim Amparo Guerrero Abigail Gunderson Edyta Haggard Susan Haight Andra Hall David D. Hall Mark Hall Shari and Paul Hand Nicholas Handy Annie and Hogie Hansen Sherri Hard Jean Harding Tom Haydock Daniel Heaney Allisen and Jeffrey Heath Elizabeth C. Henderson Kathleen M. Henderson Wakenda and Clayton Henke Marilyn and Michael Hickey Elizabeth K. Higgins Cristine Hill Rita T. Holby Kate and Sean Hood Tamara Hunt Ingrid and Richard Jacobs

2 0 1 5

Eva Jakubek Harold Janeway Peter Jensen Kathleen Johnson Geoffrey Jones Pete Kaczynski Nancy Kane June Kaplan Robert M. Kaplan Lori Keehl-Markowitz Edmond Kelly Jennifer Kelly Linda C. Kenerson Marlin Keshishian Sharon and Kevin Kilduff Beth Kiley Robert H. Kimball Nicole Kofidis Stacey Kolk Elaine R. Krol David Krumenacker Richard Kulch John Kunelius William R. Kunelius Lisa Z. Kustas Diane Lafoe Jennifer L. Lail Flore A. Lambert Diana LaMontagne Melissa L. Lamoureaux Mary C. Lamstein Dan Landers Elaine and Lyn Landry Joshua Latham Donald Lauer Nancy Lavoie Christine A. LeBrun Barry LeClair Cindy and George Leduc Ethel M. Legault Todd Leo Martha Tulley Leone and Peter Leone Elizabeth Licht Michelle Lincoln Carol and George Little Kevin Lonergan Steven P. LosKamp Thomas Lyons Judy MacDonald John D. MacIntosh, P.C. Cynthia and John Madden Susan Malatesta Lisa and Richard Mann Robert L. Maresca David Marsh Peter Marshall Dr. J. Christopher McCartie Maureen McDonald Jodi McDonough Deirdre and John McElhatton Allen McKay Ashley Mckay Kathy and Ron McKay Susan McMenemy Bonnie and Doug McNutt Patricia and Anthony Metro Terry and Wayne Mills Lisa Miner James R. Mitchell Brandon Mitton



2 0 1 6

Photo by Joseph Margaret A. Monbouquette Jose T. Montero and Jessica Stern Elizabeth Moore Mary and Russell Moore Brett Morin Elizabeth and Andrew Morison Gloria and Mike Morison Nancy Morris William S. Mosakowski Teresa Mullet Stephen Murphy John A. Myers Joanne Naughton Kevin Nemsick Lisa and Jeff Neville Dina Nichols Jan A. Nisbet and John Moeschler Torrie Nohara Deborah Nurse and Leonardo Topa Ron O'Clair Susan O'Keefe Carol O'Leary Nancy and Ronald Olson Katie E. Orazio Kathleen and The Reverend Daniel F. Osgood Nicholas Paquette Paul A. Paquette Bob Parente James A. Parison Karin and Dan Parker Deborah and Robert Paskiewicz Brent Patterson Julie and Bradley Pearce Lois and Dr. Robert A. Peraino Jody and David Perejda Carlyn H. Perrigo Jason Perry Celeste Peterson Laura and Michael Pierce Teresa Pine John Pinto Marco Piscina Dawn and Michael Poitras Meg and Roger Poor Renee and Mark Portu Barbara Post Allura Poulin Marjery and Greg Prazar Margaret M. Pritchard Richard Proulx Thomas Quarles, Jr. Helen and Richard Quinlan


Ellen Quinn Kate Rafalski Eric Raiche Joan and Rick Raiche Jenna Ravanis Samantha Readsmith Michael Reagan Lori and William Real Mr. Barry D. Reed and Mrs. Jane M. Baldwin-Reed Gary and Louise Remillard Norma and Walter Richardson Tyler Richardson Joy Riddell Bill Rider Claire and Norman Roberge Sandra Rodgers Elaine and Douglas Rogers Scott Rogers Nancy Rollins Kim Rooney Barbara Ross Moana Rowland John Sabolevski Darlene Sampaio Maryanne and John Sarro Mary Sawich Donna Sawyer Dolores Scadova Carol Schapira Deborah and Michael Scheetz Melody and Paul Scheuring Melinda Schwab Alla and Leo Sedov Dennis Sergio Sen. Kathleen Sgambati Ashley Sheehan Patricia C. Sherman Patricia and Keith Shute Calvin Sia Laura and Judson Siebert Mary and Richard Siebert Bethany Silver Christiane and Dan Simoneau Lorene and Don Simoneau Sherry and Leon Simoneau Josh Smith Dr. Theresa C. Smith and Dr. Bruce Auerbach Carol Sobelson Gary Sobelson Robert Somogyi Louise E. St. Amour Laura Standish


Deb and Ken Stanley Rodney Stedman James and Nita Stewart Maria and Bruce Storm Barbara J. Stowe Patricia Sturtevant Robert C. Sturtevant, Jr. Melanie and John Sullivan Tina and Sullivan Judy Surdam Martha and Stephen Sweeney Matthew Sweeney Kim and Jack Tanner Dixie Tease Landon Thorne Jesseca and Dr. Robert Timmons V.M. Timmons Cynthia Travino Stephanie Turek Debra A. Turgeon Laura and Jason Urban Mary Vallier-Kaplan Susie and Alex Vogel Eugenia A. Walker John D. Wallace Michael J. Walls Ethel and Anthony Waterman Geary Watkins Leon Watkins Peter J. Weber Kristin J. Wege Rose Weidlich Allston E. Weller Randy Wheeler Yolanda and David Wheeler Dana White and Jon Dash Lynn and Josh Whitney Francis Whitney Debra Wilcox Jennifer M. Wilcox Diane and Gene Wilmot Richard Winant Christine Young Martha and John Young Pamela and Oglesby Young Sherilyn Young Valerie Young Janet A. Zeller Krystal Zweighaft Susan Zweighaft and Richard Reed


Grand Royal Arch Chapter of MA


Belletetes, Inc. Bethesda Lodge #30 I.O.O.F. Franklin-Worcester Pomona Grange #4 Halestown Grange #287 Jolly Roger Village Assoc. Kearsarge Lodge #23 I.O.O.F. Knights of Columbus Council #6902 Laconia Emblem Club #80 Lebanon Emblem Club #358 The MacMillin Co., Inc.


Monroe United Methodist Women Nashua Emblem Club #170 Rocky’s Rangers Sanel Auto Parts Story Land


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Baldwin and Clarke F.H. Hamblet, Inc. The Melanson Company, Inc. Monadnock Community Hospital Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. Savings Bank of Walpole


Alexander, Aronson & Finning CPAs American Legion Aux. Post #23 AMVETS Post No. 147 Antrim Lumber Co., Inc. F.K. Bassett & Sons Plumbing & Heating, LLC Joe Boutin, Jr. & Son Logging Catholic Medical Center Community House Calls, Inc. Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Devine Millimet Dole & Bailey, Inc. Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC Hillsboro Ford Income Research & Management Liberty Mutual Metzger/McGuire The Mountain Corp. NEPC, LLC New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs New Hampshire Hospital Assoc. and Affiliates Northeast Delta Dental Pearl Restaurant and Oyster Bar Public Consulting Group Seabrook Fireman’s Assoc., Inc. Sullivan Lodge #12 I.O.O.F. Sun Life Financial Todd Land Use Consultants, LLC Underwood Engineers, Inc. USI New England Gary Varnese Building, Inc. Vanderbilt University Westfield Capital Management


All Metals Industries, Inc. Bank of New Hampshire Battaglia Foundations Berry Dunn Brady’s American Grill, Inc. C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Carbones Window & Awning, LLC Garnet F. Colpitts Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Corrections Corporation of America Give with Liberty Holloway Motor Cars of Manchester



IBM Employee Services Center The Frank Massin Agency, Inc. Mosse & Mosse Associates, Inc. Neponset Valley Royal Arch Chapter New England Golf Guide Philadelphia Insurance Company RBC Wealth Management Residential CADD Design Services, LLC SK Management, Inc. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. TD Bank United Methodist Women

Quilted Finishes Riverbend Community Mental Health RTM Communications, Inc. Sanel Auto Parts St. James Thrift Shop Texas Roadhouse UNH Institute on Disability VFW Auxiliary Post #799 Dr. Robert Wyman, Optometry Well Sense Health Plan Werner Mazda



AIM Mutual Insurance Company Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Antioch University New England Balanced Healthcare Receivables Bantam Grill Bond Auto Parts G.W. Brooks & Sons, Inc. Catch Neighborhood Housing CGI Employee Benefits Group CMC Consulting Boston, Inc Community Crossroads Community Partners Community Support Network, Inc. Concord Hospital Concord Music School Craft Financial Solutions Robert J. Devereaux Corp. The Dupont Group Evergreens for Autism Evolution Chiropractic, LLC Fenton Family Dealerships Ford of Londonderry Gateways Community Services GEB, Inc. Granite State Independent Living Green Home Solutions Green Mountain Furniture, Inc. Law Offices of David M. Groff D.H. Hardwick & Sons. Inc. Hoertdoerfer Dentistry, PLLC I.O.O.F. Chocorua Lodge #51 Independent Services Network, Inc. The Insurance Source, Inc. Peter S. Jensen & Associates, LLC Keane & Beane, P.C. Kelley Bros. Lakes Region Community Services Leon’s Auto Center and J&L Auto Body Marsh & McLennan Agency MassMutual Financial Group B.K. Miller Company, Inc. Montagne Communications NAMI New Hampshire Native Construction, LLC New Boston Pizza New Hampshire Assoc. of Special Education Administors, Inc. New Hampshire Healthy Families North Pack Electrical Services, LLC Olea Salon The Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc. Patsy’s Inc. Phil’s Tree Service Pine State Elevator Company PSNH Women’s Committee



The Bean Family Foundation


The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Rowland Foundation


James and Christine Chandler Foundation Albert E. and Clara F. Chorley Fund Ann DeNicola Trust The Blanche Hyslop Fund at The Boston Foundation


John A. and Carol A. Hubbard Charitable Foundation NH State Council on the Arts Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund


Boston Bruins Foundation Endowment for Health James F. Kelly and Fernande Kelly Charitable Trust Pool Family Fund TD Charitable Foundation


Rhoda Shaw Clark and Ellen Fabian-Barry Fund Collier Family Fund of the Community Foundation Michael and Annie Falk Foundation Mary and Charles Howe Family Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Leola Stacy Hubbard Fund Parker Nelson Foundation Constance O. Putnam Foundation


CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. BAE Systems Employee Community Fund, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation GE Foundation Give with Liberty Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies LMEPAC Charity Match Program The Main Street America Group Marsh & McLennan Companies Matching Gift Program Microsoft Corporation Raytheon Company Sun Life Financial

GIFTS IN KIND Jon Adair Kathleen Alger Brent Alvey Amigos Mexican Cantina Ernest Amyot Elizabeth and Stephen Anderson Robert Anderson Angus Lea Golf Course Ava Marie Handmade Chocolates Paula Bailey Bantam Grill Valerie Barnes Bartis Law Offices, P.L.L.C. Christine and Peter Bartlett Judy Barton Denise Bean Rosanne Beaurivage Lai Ming Benoit Karen Bensley Betty’s Dream Susan Bird Andre and Celia Blackman James Blombach Bluegreen Corporation Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc. Suzanne Boisclair Donna and Roger Bonnier Steve Borruso Boston Bruins Alumni Assoc., Inc. Boston Red Sox Stephanie Bradley Brady’s American Grill, Inc. Kathleen Cragin Brittan and David Brittan Bromley Vermont’s Summer Adventure Park Lea and Dr. Frederick Bruch, Jr. John Bunzalik Thomas M. Burke Marie Burns Burton Snowboards Castle in the Clouds Celebrities for Charity Foundation, Inc. CGI Employee Benefits Dan Chabot The Cheesecake Factory Jane Cheeseman

2 0 1 5

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Chuckster’s Clark’s Trading Post Betty Cloutier Lorrie Cohen Deborah Cole The Common Man Community Bridges Concord Regional VNA Conway Scenic Railroad Debra White Cooper Martha Copeland Mark Cote Cowabunga’s Cranmore Mountain Resort Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride Currier Museum of Art Timothy Daisy Roxanne and Timoteo Dar Juan Datron Davis Farmland & Mega Maze Elizabeth Delaney Nancy Demoura Paul Deschenes Devine Millimet Disability Rights Center - NH Disney Worldwide Outreach Kate Dockham Patricia Donahue Noreen Driscoll Brad Duchaine Dunkin’ Donuts Eastern Mountain Sports, Inc. Eastman Community Assoc. Ellen Edgerly Michelle and Jon Eriquezzo Susan Fass Karin Faucon Fiesta Shows Tina Fletcher Debra and David Foster William D. French Ellen Fries Fuddrucker’s Charlene Fulcher Funspot Melinda Gallagher Matt Gatzke Bob Gaudreau Gentlemen’s Choice Terry and Charles Giacopelli Thelma and John Gilbert Giorgio’s Ristorante Susan E. Golden Joanna Goode Governor’s Commission on Disability Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Grassi Great NH Restaurants, Inc. Melisa Gylfphe Estate of David Hale Jan Halley Wendy and Mitch Hankin The Happy Butchers Linda Harding Amber Hargrave John Hathaway Haywards Trading Post Susan Heppenstall Hillsboro House of Pizza Hilltop Fun Center Home Depot



2 0 1 6

Homemaker Health Services Huberts of Peterborough, Inc. Ronald Huot Innovations The Salon and Spa Inns at Mills Falls Ralph Jackson Hazel Johnson Richard W. Jones Robert M. Kaplan Keene Country Club Ellen Kennedy Leslie and Dr. Robin Kenney Kimball Farm Kimi Nichols Center Douglas A. King The Knitting Connection, Inc. Colleen Lalumiere La Mia Casa David Lapolice Launch Trampoline Park Don and Mary Frances Lawler Kent and Erna Lawrence Raisa Lawrence West Legends Golf & Family Recreation Elizabeth Licht David Little Diane Lockwood Ann Lofgren Loon Mountain Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves Timothy G. Mackenzie Gordon MacMillan Manchester Monarchs Robert Maranhas Harold Martin Mandy Martin Matt Mason Deirdre and John McElhatton Brenda McKinnon Charles McMahon Mary Pat and John McMahon Mel’s Funway Park Bob Membrino Sandra Merkwan Sally and John Miller George E. Miville Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. Monadnock Quilters’ Guild Joanne Morin Mount Sunapee Resort Mount Washington Railway Company The Mountain Corp. Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa Elaine Murphy Alla A. Murray Michael Needleman New Bedford Whaling Museum New England Wood Pellet New Hampshire Fisher Cats Ninety Nine Restaurant Eno Ogo Margaret Oliva Maureen O’Reilly Linda Ottery Pats Peak, Inc Peterborough Basket Company Point Sebago Resort Robert Peverly Phenix Mutual John Pickering, III Pizza Peddler and Mini Mart, LLC


Carolyn and David Poisson Phillip Porter Melody Prince Promise Keepers Sue Provencal Anne Pullen Margaret Rebolledo Linda L. Rego Dottie Richards RiverMead Lifecare Community Rochester Opera House Kim Rooney Joanne Ross Lee Rubin Estate of Evelyn Rubner Jana Ruiz Luciante and Dominic Salce Helen Sanborn Sanel Auto Parts Santa’s Village Floyd Sargent Virginia S. Schartner Heather Scholl Paul Scott Alla and Leo Sedov SEE Science Center Tommy Sellew Service Credit Union - Keene Hiedi Sevigny Vernon E. Seybold Sky Zone Trampoline Park Linda Smith Steve Soucy Richard Spear Sports Authority Squam Lake Natural Science Center Sandra Squires George Stewart Stoneham Theatre Story Land Jacquelyn and Ronald Sullivan Tanger Outlet Center TD Bank Elizabeth Thomas Karen Thorpe Timberlane High School Toadstool Bookshop Nelson Townsend John Treat Dotty Treisner Jeanne and Philip Tulley Susan Turcotte Twinkle Town Miniature Golf Gloria Underhill Bob Vachon Valley Bible Chapel Jane Varnum Wendy Vigue Diane Wall Wal-Mart Rindge, NH Waukewan Golf Club Wellness Works LLC Gregory Wenger Steve Whitney Nathan Winslow Sarah A. Witt Joan Wood Woodmans Florist Heidi Young Karen Yout Morfia Zahos Mary Zweighaft





A Celebration of Life and Love


IFTS OF ESTATE celebrate the legacy of cherished friends of Crotched Mountain while providing for the future well-being of our unique programs and services. Gifts are also made by friends of Crotched Mountain who wish to remember someone special. We are pleased to recognize the following individuals whose lives we celebrated over the past year.


Frank W. Bartlett Trust Christine L. Beck Trust Charles A. and Jessie M. Brooks Trust Frances Clowes Irrevocable Trust Sarah Cogswell Irrevocable Trust Estate of Jill Collier Estate of Marion F. Cullen Beatrice J. Ellison Trust Claire M. Gagnon Revocable Trust Edith Vogl Garrett Trust Ernest O. Guertin Trust Estate of David Hale Alan B. Heald Estate Fred D. Hemenway Trust Jameson Rev. Trust Agreement David W. Kiley, Jr. Revocable Trust Florence B. Mudgett Trust Roger Nash II Irrevocable Trust Harry K. and Frances D. Noyes Memorial Fund Mildred W. and Charles P. Page Fund Georgiana Pearson Revocable Trust Estate of Elizabeth H. Potter Estate of Evelyn Rubner Hilda D. Shea Charitable Remainder Unitrust Elizabeth H. Whittemore Charitable Trust



Anonymous John H. Adams Arthur Adler Janet and Dr. Thomas Bolland Edith Bowen Lorraine and Alan Cleland Jill Collier Stanley D. Coombs Joey Czernicki Elizabeth and David Dickey Priscilla and Richard Goff Janet Green Robert W. Hall Louise W. Huntoon Susan B. Isbell Brian Jervis Marilyn P. Johnson Mary and William Kiernan Robert Kingston Carole and Albert Loening Josephine Macek* Paul McGuirk Mary and John McMahon David Miller John Mintken William C. Monbouquette* Donald R. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Port Ronald M. Ramsey Rev. Alice Roberts Roberta C. Smith Donna and Jeffrey Smith Marilyn and Bruce Soper Pauline M. Stathis Dr. Carol and Howard Stoner Ruth B. Whipple Patricia C. Whitney

Sam Arnold Carroll B. Simpson John Bacon Patricia Ann Coolidge Jack Barnes Sandra Henderson Richard and Suellen Beeman Susan J. Beeman Hollins and Robert J. Hollins Kathleen Brittan Barbara and Richard Gilman Bernard Campbell Rev. Robert J. Densmore Eric Charron Jeff Charron JD Curran Kim and Chris Curran Gordon E. Reed Maria Drescher Virginia and Joseph Reisert Arthur H. Dyer Elaine and Vincent Shea Harris W. Forbes Jane and Allen Forbes Christopher Giacopelli Anna and Daniel Giacopelli Margaret Glover Don and Mary Frances Lawler Sherri Hard Patricia A. Thomas Jeanne I. Kaczynski Mary C. Beauchemin Elizabeth Chapman Flore A. Lambert Paul A. Paquette Leah Keller Rick and Marcia Keller Joseph Klucinec Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mark Correa and Family Jean and Carmelo P. Fallace Janet and Howard Maleton Christopher Limon Holly and John Cratsley Barbara Lyons Diana C. Conine Ricky M. Maita A. Whipple Elliot Mattheson Green Mountain Furniture, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Horton Pamela A. Wiggin and Carol A. Barker

*D eceased 2015-2016


Ryan McDonough Jeanine E. Dexter Mary Beth McMahon Pat and David McMahon Mary P. McMahon Joanne L. Harpel Josephine A. Monbouquette Darla and Merric Monbouquette Deborah R. Moreshead Mary Frances and Don Lawler Fern Onallis Harold F. Murphy James C. Piet Doris Dupuis Regina Ritscher Rick and Marcia Keller The Sassano Family Michael and Annie Falk Foundation Donald L. Shumway Patricia A. Cutting Clara A. Danis Janet and George DeVito Holle and Allen Forbes Laura and Judson Siebert Alfreda A. Smith Richard Siebert Susan Malatesta Laura and Judson Siebert Mary and Richard Siebert Joseph Spaulding Constance Marrion Crotched Mountain Staff Elizabeth Coolidge and Jeffrey Stolz Christina Stathis Joanne Naughton Patricia C. Whitney Allisen and Jeffrey Heath Workers at Crotched Mountain Barbara Pardus Nancy B. Shapiro


2 0 1 5

Photo by Corey

IN MEMORY OF Ryan Adams Dorothy M. Adams Nancy Kosinksi Kathleen Alger Laurie Allan Anonymous Judith Baril The Caveney Family Mary D. Bastardi Paul F. Bastardi Igor V. Bella Amedine Bella Peter Benn John Cary Barbara S. Bernard Merrill C. Cragin Ralph F. Bodette Doris Bodette Suzanne Bowman Peter Bowman Clint Burt Nancy and Roy Davis Alan Buxton Marcia and Scott Caswell Norman Call Velna and David Crane Henry J. Ciborowski Carolyn and Walter Beaulieu Amy Binette Catch Neighborhood Housing Stephen M. Duprey Phoebe and Peter Flewelling Joy Riddell Patricia C. Sherman Janet Clark Martha Corson Ruth Cohen Dr. Arthur Cohen

Helen Colbroth Sharon L. Colbroth Preston W. Colbroth Sharon L. Colbroth Jill Collier Richard G. Clark, Jr. Collier Family Fund of the Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Forrest F. Collier Sheryl A. Damon Lucy M. Dominguez Louise C. Ellis Beverly and Myron Halpin Annie and Hogie Hansen Rita T. Holby Linda C. Kenerson Deborah and Robert Paskiewicz Dawn and Michael Poitras Bethany Silver Paul Cote The Caveney Family Phyllis and Herman T. Cramer Lance E. Cramer Helen G. Crathern Mary and Brian Crathern Myrna Crewe Ruth and Wesley Cobb William G. Dadak Anonymous James Daniels Rosemary Gagne Rocco DeCarolis Joanne and Paul Duffy Brian R. Dickey Elizabeth Dickey



2 0 1 6

David V. Dickey Rebecca R. Barrett Anne Comer Barbara J. Craig Schniepp Loretta and Duane Dahlman Elizabeth Dickey Elaine and Lyn Landry Melody and Paul Scheuring Arthur Dion Lorraine Dion Sissy Dyer David Burgess Rosemary M. Farnsworth James “Papa” Farnsworth Thomas W. Fitzgerald Anonymous Carroll M. Fogg Bette and Jack Lessard Shirley E. Fogg Mr. and Mrs. Woodbury P. Fogg Bette and Jack Lessard Karan Follen Robert H. Baldi Brenda Jean Fontaine Brian Fontaine Nancy Kane Diane and Gene Wilmot Chris Fowler Bertha and Dennis Fowler Ann Friedel Dorothy and Donald Dunbar Michaela Fulcher Nancy and Ronald Olson Edith T. Gath Louise T. Gath and Jayne L. Becker Thomas Gaudette Jameson Rev. Trust Agreement Sharon and Kevin Kilduff Ron O'Clair John S. Gikas John Mokas Carl and Louise Hansen Carlyn H. Perrigo Jean E. Heath Jeanne E. Heath Lillian I. Hogan and her husband Joseph W. Hogan Endla and William Jackowski Paul McGuirk Richard D. Jowders The Caveney Family Charlene Kamitian Diane and Michel Bati Ruth Kamitian Diane and Michel Bati


Grace Keshishian Marlin Keshishian Evelyn O. Kiernan John Kiernan Paul F. Lamontagne Diana LaMontagne Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Stepenuck Mary P. Lawrence Erna and Kent Lawrence Richard W. Lawrence Erna and Kent Lawrence Diane and Andrew Newton Basil S. Liamos Jane Liamos Joseph A. Lombardi Jeanne A Lombardi B. E. LosKamp Susan Haight Jill Matsumoto Hon. Stephen Limon Jeannette E. McCabe Mr. William E. McCabe Timothy M. McCarthy Don and Mary Frances Lawler Jerry McDonough Sherry and David Ahearn Marie Anderson Sandra and James Blanchette Ellen and Robert Cagnina Julie and Peter Carpenter Rosemary and Paul Carpenter Susan K. Carpenter Elizabeth K. Higgins Kevin Lonergan Shirley and Warren Lundin Barbara Ross Eleanor and James McGuirk McGuirk Children Jennifer McIntosh Pamela and L. Taylor Goode Patricia A. Martin Patricia O. Messler Carol and Dale Ober Brandon Mills Ethel M. Legault Terry and Wayne Mills


Molly Mintken Anonymous Christine and Peter Bartlett Jodi D. Bonewald Kathleen Cragin Brittan and David Brittan Jessica Cameron Mary Ellin Cameron Barbara M. Costa Tom Haydock Louise E. Kenney Christine A. LeBrun Cindy and George Leduc John and Gail Mintken Joyce Pyne Quilted Finishes Pauline and Gus Stathis Debra A. Turgeon Michael J. Walls Ethel and Anthony Waterman Yolanda and David Wheeler Pamela and Oglesby Young William C. Monbouquette Josephine A. Monbouquette Margaret A. Monbouquette Marilyn L. Moore Janice B. Coates Theresa and Mark Corliss Jane and David Francis Nancy and Robert Hammond Patricia and Anthony Metro Mary and Russell Moore Mr. Barry D. Reed and Mrs. Jane M. Baldwin Reed Miriam and Donald Shumway Donna and Jeffrey Smith Barbara J. Stowe Doris J. Zappala Janet O'Connell John D. O'Connell Leslie C. Olmstead Sue Roundy Winnie O'Neil Dr. Charles O'Neil Robert A. Peaslee Ute M. Peaslee Ruth Plaisted Eugene A. McCarthy Howard E. Pratt Mary Leadbeater and Michael Strack David and Cristina Lewis Tara Richard Rita E.W. Britton Gloria K. Dublin Melanie M. Heinis Julia A. Sweeney Matthew Sweeney Martha and Stephen Sweeney


David B. Robar Elaine and Donald Robar Jeffrey A. Robinson Marsha E. Robinson Ruth Roundy Anonymous Sue Roundy Lorette A. Rzasa Jacqueline and Thomas Rzasa Sinuon Saing The Caveney Family San Bernardino Victims The Reverend Leonard R. Foisy George Sarkes Lorriane and Richard Baldassari Edmund W. Shaw Merrill C. Cragin Richard Shea Celeste Peterson Janet Smith Alfreda A. Smith Steve Smith Debra and David Huffman Son Eleanor Hill George Stone Nancy and Denny Beckley John G. Stowell Sharon and Ron Cole Jacqueline Streitburger Anonymous Beulah L. Thayer Sylvia L. Thayer and Philip Zaeder George L. Thorng Anonymous Jules Trudel Claire Trudel Clayton Valli Seabrook Fireman's Assoc., Inc. Hendrika Van Dongen James C. Van Dongen Marilyn and David Varrill James Varrill Gloria P. Willey SMSGT Ryan Willey and Family Maureen Wischerth The Caveney Family Gertrud Z. Wolf Thomas F. Wolf Eleanor B. Wolosz Gerald A. Garrity Paul Wolosz Dr. Janis H. Stoklosa Raymond B. Woolson Patricia Woolson Zanga and Carrara Families Josephine and Frank Carrara





we are privileged to receive the gift of volunteer time, energy and talent from individuals, businesses, groups and organizations. These volunteers play a big role in the lives of our students and clients in so many ways, and their service is an inspiration to us all. For their generous commitment, we thank each and every person and applaud the businesses and organizations that recognize the invaluable contributions of volunteers. ACH YEAR

Marcia Davis Paul Davis

Cindy Davenport Jay Dinkel

Cody Douglas

Brian Donovan Josee Dupont Sabine Duran

Shenoa Duran

Noreen Driscoll Mike Egan

Dale Estes

Bill Ferguson

Carol Ferguson Sean Forbes Dan Fotter

Gilbert Fuld

Anne Gable

Jessica Galiczewski


Gretchen Gaul

Adine Aldrich

Benjamin Gayman

John Adams

Kurt Amidon

Olivia Ashburne Emily Ashton

Charles Auth Tom Bagley

Maggie Baker

Charles Baldwin David Barnes

Raymond Benoit

Heather Bierschenk John Boardman

Samantha Boyer

Gabriele Brambilla Ashley Brock

Diane Brown Keith Brown Mick Brown

Laurie Bryan

Robin Bullock

Wrigley Bullock Jared Burnett

Jenny Civitella Lucy Civitella Laura Clark

Kerry Close

Debbie Colpitts Joanie Connelly Rick Connor

W. Carl Cooley, M.D. Meredith Cook, Esq. Katherine Cousins Lisa Cramb

Don Crooker Joan Crooker

Michael Damery


Linda Davis

Thomas Gaul

Cindy Gendron

Charles Giacopelli Terry Giacopelli Rob Gillis

Philip Grisafi

Nicole Guevin

Bruce Harrington Al Harvey

Marilyn Henault Aubrey Herr

Dr. Bryan Hoertdoerfer Ezra Hodgson Tim Hogue

Dan Horne Bob Kaplan

Svetlana Kats

Leslie Kenney Bruce King

Marianne Kristiansen Angela Kustas

Marley LaBerge Gail Landy

Jenny Langreck Tim Langreck

Meg Lanphear Tim Leach

Mark Leger

Isabelle Leo Mark Leo

Jared Lewis

Lorraine Lindenberg Lucille Lomazzo Harold Losey Ruth McBain

Deirdre McElhatton Janet McEwen


2 0 1 5



2 0 1 6

Frank McDougall

Nancy VanVranken, M.D.

Jeffery Locke

Jan McGonagle, M.D.

Suzie Vogel

Katie Longchamp

Leo McGinnis

James McGuire, M.D. Courtney McKay Tim McMahon Lisa Mann

Tina Mappus Dan Martin

Luke Martin

Scott Masters Gail Mintken

John Mintken

Elizabeth Morison Dan Nelson Kyle Nutter Joe Orazio

Anne O’Reilly

James W. Varnum

Alexander Walker

Ckristopher Wallenstein Leon Watkins Katie Welch

Marie-Claire Wheeler Parker Wheeler Jennifer Wilcox Megan Wolf

Lindsay Wright

Cynthia Yuknewicz Alexander Zaurov

Church of Jesus Christ of the


Latter Day Saints

Dr. Michael Przydzielski

Conval Boys Hockey Team

Susan Reeves, Ed.D., R.N.

Conval Girls Hockey Team

Carson Richi

The Knitting Connection, Inc.

Kathleen Russell

Manchester Central High School

Will Redmond Pamela Richi

Darlene Sampaio Joe Sewell

Carol Schapira Kin Schilling

John Schlunk

Connor Scott Michael Shay

Key Club

Monadnock Quilters Guild St. Anselm Women’s Hockey Team

Donald Shumway

St. Anselm Men’s Hockey Team

Joshua Sipe

Serve with Liberty (Liberty

Dan Sousa

Charles Auth

Tork Springer

Andrew Baird

Diane Siegart

Marilyn Soper Lou Springer John Smitka

Frank Stewart Peggy Stokes

Jo Ellen Switzer

Jesseca Timmons

Dr. Robert Timmons Scott Tracy

Scott Tucker

Jeanne Tulley


Blaine Ball

Arthur Brockelman

Stephanie (Penny) Chase Bonnie Corliss Kelly Fuller

Daniel Geddes

Jonathan Gibson

Forrest Oberst



is able to make our exceptional services

and programs available to the

Scott Pratt

thousands of children and

Eric Rinehimer

of philanthropic support. If

Michael Richer


Tom Zubricki

Brent Patterson

Kit Rautio

Stanley Newsham

Vicki Wyman

Barbara Harris Center

Melissa Prest


Rosemarie Nelson

Peter Weber

Shivani Pandya James C. Piet

James Mitchell

Renee Thompson

Thomas O’Reilly Debra P. Page


Joshua Shakun

Dennis Wright


Aude Ouensanga

Nancy Lockhart

adults we serve with the help you would like to make a gift to help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals, we would be most grateful. Many companies will match

Daniel Abbott

the generosity of employees

Eileen Carr

organizations. If your company

Joseph Desmond

Program, your donation to

Heidi Gregory

doubled or even tripled. If you

Diane Carey

who give to charitable

Laurette Delpech

maintains a Matching Gift

Christopher Giles

Crotched Mountain could be

Paula Harrington Kelly Hines

Melissa Maheu

are interested, please see your human resources office for

Katy Makris

further information.

Christine McLaughlin

information about various ways

Bill Olsen

personal illustration of the

Mark Ricardelli

advantages, please contact:

Debbie Watkins


Brandon McCabe

Help us help you. For more

Caryn Newhall

to make a gift, including a

Brian Perkins

many favorable charitable tax

Karrie Ruckser Ben Wheeler Chris Wood

Vanderbilt University Ryan Bunney


Lan Chen

Nicholas Crowther Natalie Hawken Abhishek Jaddu

Aaron Molotsky

Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this report of donations made to

Lindsay Moschler

Crotched Mountain during

Pooja Santapurem

through June 2016. Please

Jasmine Saros

to us at 800.394.3311, as we

Alyze Rabideau

the fiscal year July 2015

Marisa Stieber

report any errors or omissions

Ashley Yao

would like the opportunity to

Jaclyn Hastings

apologize and correct our records.

Thomas Heslop Chad Jolin

Lee Kennedy

Christopher Larsen


Financial Statements JULY 1, 2015 - JUNE 30, 2016

Consolidated Statements of Financial Position (in thousands) Fiscal Year Ending June 30

Consolidated Statements of Operations—Unrestricted (in thousands)



Cash and Other Current Assets



Net Accounts Receivable



Property, Plant and Equipment





Fiscal Year Ending June 30 Special Services, Net



By Donors, Permanent Endowment



Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust





Current Liabilities





Fair Value of Interest Rate Swap



Charitable Gift Annuity Liability







Long-Term Liabilities

Total Liabilities

Rental Income, Net



Other Operating Revenue







Salaries and Benefits



Contracted Services



Supplies and Other



Depreciation and Interest



Total Expenses



Loss From Operations

( $2,578)

( $2,625)

Non-Operating Income/Expenses Contributions and Bequests Development Expenses

Net Assets Unrestricted Net Assets


Total Revenue, Gains, Other Support

Other Long-Term Obligations:

Capital Advance Notes Due HUD



Satisfaction of Donor Restrictions

Investments at Fair Market Value:

Total Assets


Care Management/Program Service

Net Assets Released Due to

Donor Restricted Assets By Donors, Specific Purposes


Room and Board, Tuition,

Unrestricted Investments at Fair Market Value




Donor Restricted Funds: Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets






( 703)

Income from Outside Trusts



Investment Income



Net Realized Gains on Investments



Change in Fair Value of Interest Rate Swap







Other Non-Operating Income/Expense Total Non-Operating Income/Expenses Excess of Revenues Over Expenses

( $2,103)

( $1,189)



Change in Net Unrealized Gains or Losses on Investments

Complete audited financial statements are available upon request.

Net Assets Released for Operations Decrease in Unrestricted Net Assets

Guide to Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

410 ( $1,826)

438 ( $1,305)

Note: In addition to the unrestricted amounts above, the Foundation received and expended restricted funds as listed below.

Net Assets: Unrestricted net assets represent sources that are currently available for support of the operations of the Foundation and affiliates. Temporarily restricted net assets represent resources that may be expended by the Foundation based upon donor restrictions. Permanently restricted net assets represent funds restricted by the donor to be maintained by the Foundation in perpetuity.

Restricted Fund Activity (in thousands) Contributions and Bequests Investment Income Net Realized Gains on Investments Change in Net Unrealized Gains or Losses on Investments Net Assets Released for Operations Net Assets Released for Capital Expenditures

The Foundation is the beneficiary of several irrevocable charitable perpetual trusts administered by others. In accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 116, Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made, the Foundation has recorded as an asset the fair market value of its interest in the trusts as of June 30, 2016, of $9.5 million and $9.7 million as of June 30, 2015.

Excess of Revenues Over Expenses (Restricted)


2016 $840 43 (320)

2015 $1,345 108 596

(1,282) (5,383) (410)

(1,093) ( 3,085) ( 438)

( $6,512)

( $2,567)

Crotched Mountain

BOARD OF DIRECTORS As of June 30, 2016

BOARD OF TRUSTEES As of June 30, 2016



Bedford, New Hampshire


Jaffrey, New Hampshire




Bedford, New Hampshire




Chief Medical Officer (appointed February 2016) Keene, New Hampshire

Chief Medical Officer (appointed February 2016) Medical Director, CM Specialty Hospital

Antrim, New Hampshire




Chief Medical Officer (retired January 2016) Concord, New Hampshire

President and CEO (appointed March 2016)


Executive Director of Residential Services

Treasurer Manchester, New Hampshire DEBORAH DECICCO

Assistant Secretary Jaffrey, New Hampshire BENJAMIN F. GAYMAN, ESQ.

Secretary Manchester, New Hampshire DEANNA S. HOWARD

Lebanon, New Hampshire



Peterborough, New Hampshire

President and CEO (appointed March 2016) Greenfield, New Hampshire





New London, New Hampshire Concord, New Hampshire SUSAN A. REEVES, RN, ED.D.

New London, New Hampshire DONALD L. SHUMWAY

Hopkinton, New Hampshire NANCY VANVRANKEN, M.D.

Concord, New Hampshire JAMES W. VARNUM

Chairman Etna, New Hampshire ALEXANDER J. WALKER

Manchester, New Hampshire CYNTHIA E. YUKNEWICZ**

Amherst, New Hampshire

Antrim, New Hampshire Amherst, New Hampshire BRIAN DONOVAN *

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Keene, New Hampshire


Amherst, New Hampshire CHARLES GIACOPELLI, ESQ.*

As of June 30, 2016

Executive Director, ATECH Vice President, Advancement

Chief Medical Officer (retired January 2016)



Director of Education JERRY HUNTER

Vice President of Information Services LINDA MURPHY

Director of Rehabilitation Services LISA PERALES

Vice President of Nursing Program Director for Crotched Mountain Community Care MICHAEL REDMOND

Senior Vice President and COO

Manchester, New Hampshire


Cambridge, Massachusetts


Peterborough, New Hampshire



Vice President of Human Resources NHA, Senior Vice President of Administration


Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Greenfield, New Hampshire


Etna, New Hampshire


Concord, New Hampshire HAROLD D. LOSEY, JR.


West Newbury, Massachusetts New London, New Hampshire JAMES G. MCGUIRE, M.D.

Rollinsford, New Hampshire LUCAS M. MERROW

Gloucester, Massachusetts


Contoocook, New Hampshire CAROL SCHAPIRA


President and CEO(retired January 2016) Hopkinton, New Hampshire New London, New Hampshire


Bennington, New Hampshire RICHARD G. VERNEY

Manchester, New Hampshire


* Parent, Crotched Mountain School ** Alumni Parent, Crotched Mountain School § Alumni





New views from the Mountain through the eyes of our students.

Photo by Jack

Photo by Steven

Photo by Michael

P ERMIT N O . 86

On the Front Cover ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist Lindsey Konkol and Jeremiah both enjoy a good book. Story on page 6. Feature Stories By Kara Peters Photography in This Issue By Joan Crooker, Michael Havey, Liz LaRose, and students Becky, Brendan, Corey, Jack, Jaclyn, Joseph, Krista, Michael, Steven, True, and Zack. Printed On Monadnock Astrolite, generously donated by Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., Bennington, NH 26