Download the exhibition brochure for Imaginarium: Over the Ocean

Download the exhibition brochure for Imaginarium: Over the Ocean

PAPERMOON PUPPET THEATRE (f. 2006, Indonesia) Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary) 2016 Mixed media installation with fabric, rattan, wood, paper, ...

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PAPERMOON PUPPET THEATRE (f. 2006, Indonesia) Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary) 2016 Mixed media installation with fabric, rattan, wood, paper, glass bottles, metal Dimensions variable

Lasem, a tiny town on the northern part of Java island, is where the Lasem River meets the Java Sea. Once an important port where vessels berthed to transport a bevy of treasures to places around the world, Lasem today is like a lonely old man, who keeps his secrets quietly. While fishermen tend their nets and children play around little wooden boats, one can still find ancient shards of Chinese porcelain buried beneath its sandy beaches. Suara Muara, or The Sounds of the Estuary, brings audiences on an aural journey, where the sounds of the past still exist, in unison with the lapping of the waves.

TAN ZI XI (b. 1985, Singapore) Plastic Ocean 2016 Installation with plastic, nylon string, wooden pedestals Dimensions variable

An Effort Most Futile 2008 Inkjet on acid-free paper (set of 5) Dimensions variable

Garbage… garbage galore! What happens when we heedlessly throw away that much garbage? 269,000 tons of plastic debris floats on the surface of our world’s oceans, creating hazardous living environments for marine life. In Plastic Ocean, artist Tan Zi Xi tackles the issue of pollution head-on with her recreation of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Comprising approximately 26,000 pieces of non-biodegradables, her installation invites viewers to experience the sensation of floating in a sea of trash. At the same time, the artwork embodies the wonders of recycling and repurposing, and the transformative power of art.

KARINA SMIGLA-BOBINSKI (b. 1967, Poland) ADA 2010 Installation with PVC balloons, helium, charcoal, foil, tape 235 × 235 × 235 cm (each balloon)

ADA is an interactive art-making machine, although she does not operate in the way we would normally imagine. A post-industrial “creature” that glows with the bioluminescence of denizens of the deep, ADA floats freely and is the sole light source in her confined space. While ADA requires animation from visitors, it quickly becomes clear that we hold little sway over her. A giant sphere with charcoal studs affixed to her surface, she moves through the room, making indelible marks along the walls, ceiling and floor of the gallery. These marks are only apparent when ADA moves near them, shedding light on and highlighting the consequences of visitor interaction and similarly, our relationship with the sea.

KRIT NGAMSOM (b. 1983, Thailand) Damien, I'm Famished (After Damien Hirst) 2016 Steel, acrylic, polyester resin, LEDs, dynamo Dimensions variable Edition 3 of 3

YUREE KENSAKU (b. 1979, Thailand)

2016 Acrylic on wall 371.5 × 458.4 cm

2016 Acrylic on wall 371.5 × 458.4 cm

Surrealism Spiced (After Salvador Dali)

2016 Fibreglass, steel, ceramic, cement, water pump 170 × 327 × 160 cm

2011 Fibreglass, acrylic, light box 43 × 32 × 50 cm

Krit Ngamsom’s kinetic sculptures are tongue-in-cheek references to iconic artworks that changed definitions and assumptions about art through their use of ready-made objects. These playful reinterpretations incorporate references to contemporary Thai culture with commentary on Western art-making practices. The three artworks, in particular, pay homage to artists Marcel Duchamp, Damien Hirst and Salvador Dali. They have also been adapted especially for Imaginarium, to explore issues concerning the oceans.

Don't They Know It's the End of the Whale? From the series ‘Apex Predator’

The Finale Fin of Shark's Fins From the series ‘Apex Predator’

Bryde's Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp)

Apex Predator From the series ‘Apex Predator’

Damien, I’m Famished (After Damien Hirst), 2016

2016 Acrylic on wall 371.5 × 458.4 cm

In accordance with the grand design of nature, animals live and feed off one another in an endless cycle known as the food chain. By virtue of its intelligence, the human sits atop this hierarchy, but its excessive greed has also led to the exploitation of the oceans. Majestic creatures such as great white sharks and blue whales are often reduced to exotic dishes to satiate the appetites of the wealthy. In three spectacular wall murals, artist Yuree Kensaku ponders the possibility of nature’s survival given mankind’s seemingly insatiable greed. The Finale Fin of Shark's Fins, from the series ‘Apex Predator’, 2016

MULYANA (b. 1984, Indonesia)

JANICE WONG (b. 1983, Singapore) Underwater Labyrinth 2011, re-created in 2016 Installation with isomalt, chocolate, fixative, wooden tables, acrylic stands, LEDs Dimensions variable Sparkling in the day and luminescent at night, artist-chef Janice Wong’s Underwater Labyrinth features compact colonies of “corals” composed of approximately 1,100 kilograms of isomalt sugar and 200 kilograms of chocolate. This installation of confectionery is inspired by the “rainforests of the sea”; chocolate moss and marshmallows rest on beds of vibrantly stained “corals” that encrust the sides of the gallery or cascade down its walls. Underwater Labyrinth, as the title alludes, invites visitors to discover the wonders of a re-created deep-seabed.

Dimana Mogus? (Where is Mogus?) 2016 Mixed media installation with yarn, cotton, felt, synthetic fur, vulcanised copper wire and dacron filling Dimensions variable The Mogus, an imaginary octopus monster, is artist Mulyana’s alter ego. Laboriously crocheted from yarn, Dimana Mogus? invites the young and young-at-heart to frolic amidst whimsical sea monsters set in a colourful dream seascape. Through this installation, Mulyana hopes to create an environment in which visitors can interact with Mogus and his underwater friends; his soft, tactile sculptures encourage play, imagination and exploration.

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Over the Ocean, Under the Sea

The Original Self ie Machine

Level 4

14 May – 28 August 2016


Explorers of the world! How well do we know our oceans?

Submaroom Imaginarium Workshop Space


Reading Room

Imaginarium 2016 – the sixth edition of SAM’s children-focused annual exhibition – delves into the deep, and invites adventurers into the watery realms of the Earth as seen through the eyes of contemporary artists. The origins of both life and civilisation have been inextricably bound to the sea – we still draw much of our food from the oceans, and many of the world’s greatest cities were founded as coastal settlements. Despite their importance to our survival, the oceans and seas remain susceptible to abuse and degradation.

Level 3

Moving Image Gallery 4

Lift Staircase Nursing Room

Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea is a whimsical introduction to these many stories and ideas that surround seascapes. It presents tactile and interactive works that encourage discovery through exploration and play.


Level 2

Locker Cafe/Restaurant

At SAM at 8Q, explorers – both young and young-at-heart – can navigate underwater realms where wonders roam. As they make the acquaintance of mysterious denizens of the deep, we hope that as protectors of the future, our visitors will also think about the impact we have on the natural world, and of how, through inventive and wise ideas, we can take better care of the Earth and its awe-inspiring oceans.


Level 1 1


JANICE WONG Underwater Labyrinth




MULYANA Dimana Mogus? (Where is Mogus?)



YUREE KENSAKU Don't They Know It's the End of the Whale? From the series ‘Apex Predator’

KRIT NGAMSOM Damien, I'm Famished (After Damien Hirst) Bryde's Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp) Surrealism Spiced (After Salvador Dali)


TAN ZIXI Plastic Ocean An Effort Most Futile


PAPERMOON PUPPET THEATRE Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary)


Supported by

Another fun programme of

Information & Ticketing Counter Interactive artwork

The adventure continues over at SAM, with the maritime-themed exhibition, Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas. Opening in June 2016, Odyssey presents works of contemporary art which seek to redefine our understanding of the oceans.

Organised by


The Finale Fin of Shark's Fins From the series ‘Apex Predator’ Apex Predator From the series ‘Apex Predator’



Saturday, 14 May – Sunday, 28 August SAM at 8Q (Level 2)

Illustration Workshop with Zi Xi

What would you do to keep yourself occupied on a journey over the ocean and under the sea? Try out some of the activities housed in our Submaroom to pass the time creatively. Museum admission fees apply. Donations encouraged.

Beyond the Deep Blue: Short Films Screening Saturday, 14 May – Sunday, 28 August Moving Image Gallery, SAM at 8Q (Level 2) 10am – 6.45pm (Sat – Thu); 10am – 8.45pm (Fri) Sit back, relax and enjoy a special selection of local and international short films inspired by adventures and aquatic tales while out in the deep blue. Parental guidance is advised. Museum admission fees apply. Donations encouraged.

The Original Selfie Machine Saturday, 14 May – Sunday, 28 August SAM at 8Q | $4 for two printouts The Original Selfie Machine has landed on the sandy shores of SAM at 8Q! What is this magical contraption that can capture your likeness so well?

Diver’s Logbook Available from Saturday, 14 May SAM at 8Q | $2 Travel across the ocean and explore the depths of the sea with this interactive diver's logbook, as you make your way through Imaginarium. Appealing to all ages, the logbook is filled with activities to guide you through each artwork, and beautifully detailed illustrations waiting to be brought to life by your sketching and colouring.

Curator-led Tour: Family Night at the Museum

Saturday, 30 July | 2pm – 3.30pm Tuesday, 9 August | 10.30am – 12pm SAM at 8Q, Imaginarium Workshop Space (Level 2) $ 35. Tickets available at SAM and SISTIC.

Wednesday, 22 June | 7pm – 8pm | SAM at 8Q $12. Concessions available. Tickets available at SAM and SISTIC. Join us at the museum for a night of fun and parent-child bonding as SAM curator, Andrea Fam, introduces you to the artworks and brings you on a journey of discovery around Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea. Each ticket admits one child from age 7 – 15 years or one adult.

Taking inspiration from the Plastic Ocean and An Effort Most Futile artworks, participants will reflect on their daily plastic consumption, wastage and its repercussions on environmental pollution, while jointly creating a mural painting with Singaporean artist and illustrator Tan Zi Xi.

Edible Art Workshop

Storytelling Sessions at SAM: The Totally Awesomely Amazing Story of Sri Tri Buana – Descendant of the Sea

Saturday, 11 June | 2pm – 4pm SAM at 8Q, Imaginarium Workshop Space (Level 2) $60. Tickets available at SAM and SISTIC. Unleash your inner artist as you create your own underwater labyrinth on canvas... with chocolate! Art is made fun, experimental and edible in this workshop conducted by the team behind 2am: dessertbar, 2am: lab and sweet boutique, JANICE WONG.

Knots Workshop for Explorers Saturday, 23 July 1pm – 3pm (for 4 – 12 year-olds) 3.30pm – 5pm (for 12-year-olds and above) SAM Glass Hall Free by registration. More details will be available at A good knot can save lives! Do you know how many different types of knots exist and what the purpose of each individual knot is? Try your hand at different knot tying techniques and learn the interesting art of bends and hitches with experts from the Republic of Singapore Navy. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seaworthy sailor!

ARTIST PERFORMANCE Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary) by Papermoon Puppet Theatre Friday, 26 August | 3pm, 5pm, 7pm SAM at 8Q Ticketed event. More details will be available at Join us for this special night at the museum as the exhibits come alive with a performance by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, a contemporary puppet theatre in Indonesia. Suara Muara takes audiences on an aural journey of Lasem, a tiny town on the northern part of Java island, and the estuary upon which it sits.

Friday, 17 June | 11.00am – 11.45am Saturday, 18 June | 11.00am – 11.45am SAM at 8Q | $10 per adult, $5 per child Tickets available at SAM and SISTIC. Join Rosemarie Somaiah, otherwise known as “Aunty Rose”, for an imaginative and fun-filled day out with the family at the Singapore Art Museum. Through the interactive storytelling sessions, revel in the legend of a King who fell in love with the Princess of the Sea, and their life in the underwater kingdom.

Educators Tours and Talks Friday, 15 July | 4pm – 5.30pm | SAM at 8Q Tours and talks are held to give educators preparing to bring students for a visit an overview of SAM’s upcoming exhibitions. Join a SAM curator and SAM educator as they share the ideas and concepts behind the artworks in Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea. Each educator will be given a copy of the education resource.