Following SEA - SEA Semester

Following SEA - SEA Semester

Following SEA 2013-2014 Annual Report Issue, Winter/Spring 2015 SEA Semester Goes Global on the cover : Summer Session Historic Seaports of Wester...

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following sea - SEA Semester
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Following SEA 2013-2014 Annual Report Issue, Winter/Spring 2015

SEA Semester Goes Global

on the cover :

Summer Session Historic Seaports of Western Europe

students in Lisbon pose in front of a monument called ‘Padrao dos Descrobimenetos’, inaugurated in 1960 during the Salazar regime. pictured :

The first SEA Semester: The Global Ocean class in

Barcelona, October 2014.



SEA Semester Goes Global................................................................................................. 1-3


New study on plastics in the ocean in the journal Science................................4-5


PASSAGES – Events and news of general interest......................................................17 SCIENCE CORNER – Shipboard Science...................................................................18-19 CURRENTS – Rick Murray, W-71...........................................................................................21


2013-2014 Report to Donors From Board Chair Susan E. Humphris.................. 6 Annual Report........................................................................................................................ 6-16

FOLLOWING SEA is available online. If you’d like your prints, slides, or digital images considered for the next issue contact: Kerry Sullivan, ext. 520 or [email protected] Sea Education Association, Inc. PO Box 6, Woods Hole, Massachusetts 02543 Phone 800-552-3633 Fax 508-457-4673 Recycled Chlorine-Free Paper / Vegetable based Ink

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015 Editor: Jan Wagner Design: MBDesign, [email protected] Photography: Cover-Daniel Brayton; Mary Malloy, Jan Wagner, and SEA Student Photographers

With generous support from so many in the SEA community who made donations to the New Directions campaign, three SEA Semester: The Global Ocean (GO) voyages were planned and offered during the 2014-2015 academic year. The first GO, C-255, took place in Spain during fall 2014 and the second, S-256, took place in New Zealand, also in the fall. These accounts were written on the SSV Robert C. Seamans by the GO faculty while in New Zealand waters during S-257, SEA’s third GO voyage.

SEA Semester Goes Global

Mary Malloy, Ph.D. Professor of Maritime Studies Director of the Global Ocean program

The Robert C. Seamans has just left the Bay of Islands, New Zealand—a destination I had long wished to visit—and the reality of the place far exceeded even my most exuberant expectations. We followed in the wake of the Endeavor, the Beagle, and the Charles W. Morgan, to a place visited by more than a thousand Massachusetts whaleships in the nineteenth century. The locals were pleased to see a vessel with a home port from our state on the stern after an absence of many decades. Chuck Lea, Elliot Rapport and I taught the core courses in the first GO offering in Spain last fall with class C-255, and worked with Erin Bryant and Skye Morét both then and now in filling out the faculty roster. Students taking The Global Ocean are required to take three core courses, Maritime History and Culture, Oceans and Global Change, and Leadership in a Dynamic Environment and may also choose two electives from a choice of five. One of the goals of GO was to create a “Learning Community” of students looking at a big topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives across several courses, and I feel that we have achieved this. (The Association of American Colleges and Universities has identified this process as one of the essential learning outcomes of a Liberal Arts education.) Our intellectual framework for the GO program uses the ten metrics of the Ocean Health Index (OHI), and these have worked well for us in running the same program in places as different as Spain and New Zealand. They are designed to provide a way of measuring human impacts on coastal and marine environments and are nicely interdisciplinary, which was important to us in designing this program. We’ve been close to full enrollment in all three of our GO classes this year with students reporting that a choice of elective offerings and new destinations was what attracted them to SEA Semester: The Global Ocean. We look forward to offering three more GO programs in academic year 2015-2016. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


Professor Malloy writes “Two of our new courses have

US Ambassador to Spain, James Costos, visits the SSV

replaced longstanding staples of the

Corwith Cramer in Barcelona and declares the

SEA curriculum. Leadership in a

students to be “Junior Ambassadors.”

Dynamic Environment replaces Nautical Science; and The Ocean and Global Change has replaced Introduction to Oceanography. These are best described by the people who teach them and I am grateful to my colleagues Elliot and Chuck for contributing the following.” (see sidebars)

Leadership in a Dynamic Environment Captain Elliot Rappaport, W-79

The best leaders engage a flexible approach to solving problems. Complex tasks require good planning in advance, and enough talent and communication to make effective adjustments as things change along the way. The SEA ships have always been a sailing laboratory for such leadership, and with the advent of the Global Ocean curriculum, a formal syllabus now offers credit directly for the time that students spend standing watch, learning to work and manage the ship. Leadership in a Dynamic Environment (LDE) begins ashore with a seminar on the modern academic language of leadership and management. Students learn about how effective teams are built and led. Case studies are used to examine how human actions affect results, and to demonstrate how plans can be developed around desired outcomes. A special emphasis is placed on Bridge Resource Management (BRM), a set of guiding principles developed over the last 20 years to improve the performance of navigational crews in the maritime industry. On the ship, students are immediately faced with the challenge of forming a functional crew. They are given progressive responsibility for tasks with real consequences and gain alternating experience in supporting and leadership roles. Eventually, all will take turns in the executive role of Student Watch Officer, reporting directly to the captain and chief scientist. Throughout, the professional crew serve as mentors, role models, and facilitators. This process is not new to SEA Semester, but its built-in requirements for effective teamwork make it the ideal field element for the LDE curriculum. 2 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

SEA Semester Goes Global

Blog entries are posted online every workday to chronicle the voyages. See

Container library in Auckland, New Zealand.

Marae at Waitangi, New Zealand.

The Global Ocean students present their projects on the quarterdeck for the course The Ocean and Global Change onboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, November 2014.

Global Ocean (GO) Voyages A Pictorial Essay The SSV Corwith Cramer passes ‘Ireland’s Teardrop’ – the Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse near Cork, Ireland after a transatlantic voyage from Woods Hole.

Oceanography in The Global Ocean Chuck Lea, Ph.D.

The behavior of the oceans in a world of change is a central feature in understanding of our planet and its future. This fact is at the core of Oceanography in the Global Ocean curriculum where one course looks at the changing nature of the vast marine world in the 21st century. The Ocean and Global Change course moves from information concerning the physical, chemical and biological operations of the oceans and atmosphere to student-led presentations focusing on specific challenges resulting from climate change, fishing, and pollution. Can the oceans continue to provide important amounts of human food while not changing marine ecosystems beyond recovery? Will humans manage their by-products without poisoning the air and sea and creating environments where only bacteria live? At sea, students taking Directed or Practical Oceanographic Research pursue the data for projects proposed onshore, while all stand a lab watch to develop an understanding of the information gathered underway. These data are applied to the categories of the Ocean Health Index and serve as a basis of comparison across different locations and time. The amount of plastic we collect with our nets informs the Pollution Index, while Carbon Sequestration can be indicated by the amount of plankton we collect. Research students can lead the way providing context and analysis to a broad range of ocean questions. Indeed the behavior of humans and the behavior of the oceans are now linked in a way that requires interdisciplinary study. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


Breaking News:

New study in Science calculates amount of plastic waste going into the ocean The Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) was held on February 11, 2015 in San Jose, California. At the invitation of AAAS, a new study published in the prestigious journal, Science, was presented as the first press event of the day. Kara Lavender Law, co-author of the study, spoke to the press about the research. “With our students I have sailed and sampled both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for plastic debris, and for the past 8 years I have been actively researching the sources, distribution, and fate of plastic in the ocean. Why do we care how much plastic is in the ocean? While I would argue that any plastic in the ocean is too much plastic, we ultimately want to know how this contaminant is affecting the ocean, and marine life, in particular—not only sea turtles, whales and seabirds, but also animals at the base of the food web all the way up to what we call seafood.” Millions of tiny bits of plastic swirl around the ocean, carried far offshore by ocean currents and with few clues about their origin. It has long been suspected that much of this plastic started out as trash on land, but exactly how much un-captured plastic waste is making its way from land to ocean has been a decades-long guessing game. Now, a team of researchers working at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at University of California-Santa Barbara has put a number on the global problem. The study, co-authored by Kara Lavender Law, principal investigator of the NCEAS marine debris working group, reported in the Feb. 13 edition of the journal Science, found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometers of the coastline. That year, a total of 275 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in those 192 coastal countries. Jenna Jambeck, an assistant professor of environmental engineering at University of Georgia and the study’s lead author, explains the amount of plastic moving from land to ocean each year using 8 million metric tons as the midpoint: “Eight million Plastic debris on a beach in Haiti. Photo/Timothy Townsend

4 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

metric tons is the equivalent to finding five grocery bags full of plastic on every foot of coastline in the 192 countries we examined.” Law, a research professor at SEA explains that, “Until now, we have been estimating the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean by taking a ship far offshore, towing a plankton net, and counting each individual piece of plastic collected. This is a very tedious and expensive task.” Now, researchers have taken a different approach and instead estimated the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean. To determine the amount of plastic going into the ocean, Jambeck “started it off beautifully with a very grand model of all sources of marine debris,” said study co-author Roland Geyer, an associate professor with the University of California-Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, who teamed with Jambeck and others to develop the estimates. They began by looking at all debris entering the ocean from land, sea and other pathways. Their goal was to develop models for each of these sources. After gathering rough estimates, “it fairly quickly emerged that the mismanaged waste and solid waste dispersed was the biggest contributor of all of them,” he said. From there, they focused on plastic. Plastic pollution in the ocean was first reported in the scientific literature in the early 1970s. In the 40 years since, there have been an increasing number of reports of plastic debris found everywhere from beaches to deep-sea sediments and in Arctic sea ice. But until this study, there were no rigorous estimates of the amount and origin of plastic debris making its way into the marine environment from land. But knowing how much plastic is going into the ocean is just one part of the puzzle. With between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons going in, researchers like Law are only finding between 6,350 and 245,000 metric tons floating on the ocean’s surface. “This work gives us a sense of just how much we’re missing,” Law said, “how much we need to find in the ocean to add up to the total. There is a lot of plastic sitting on the bottom of the ocean and on beaches worldwide. Right now, we’re mainly measuring plastic that floats, and only in relatively few locations.” SEA scientists and undergraduate students in the SEA Semester program continue to add to long-term data sets of floating plastic debris in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. “The several thousand SEA Semester students who have collected and counted plastic debris since the 1980s have been essential contributors to our understanding of the scale and scope of this pollution problem,” said SEA president Peg Brandon. “Not only are students sailing to regions never before sampled for plastic debris on our newly expanded trans-Atlantic and South Pacific cruise tracks, but they are gaining a first-hand understanding of the human impact on the oceans.” Jambeck forecasts that the cumulative input of plastic waste to the oceans will equal 155 million metric tons by 2025. The planet is not predicted to reach global “peak waste” before 2100, according to World Bank calculations. “We’re being overwhelmed by our waste,” she said. “But our framework allows us to also examine mitigation strategies like improving global solid waste management and reducing plastic in the waste stream. Potential solutions will need to coordinate local and global efforts.” n

Law describes the implications of this new study. The calculations are sobering. Having sailed in the Atlantic and Pacific where floating microplastics accumulate and observing the problem first-hand, I knew the number had to be big. But the magnitude is hard to fathom. Our low-end estimate is equivalent to the amount of tuna fished from the ocean in a year. We are taking out tuna, and putting in plastic. Thus, the discrepancy between what we know is entering the ocean and what we can account for from ocean measurements is huge. Our input estimate is robust, so the question becomes, where is all the plastic going? We know that not all plastic floats, so certainly some amount of the missing plastic is suspended in the water column, or sitting on the seafloor. Plastic is also found on beaches worldwide in forms ranging from massive derelict items, such as the docks that appeared on the U.S. Pacific coast after the 2011 Japanese tsunami, to lost fishing buoys and nets, to everyday items including cigarette filters, bottles, and food packaging. And microplastics, smaller than your pinky fingernail and potentially microscopic, are found in all these places where marine animals, ranging from marine worms and barnacles to seabirds and whales, are eating them. We don’t yet have a grasp of how much of the “missing plastic” is in each of these marine reservoirs—deep sea, shorelines, and biota. Why does it matter? We need to know

where it is because animals have to first encounter plastic in order to be put at risk. While plastic may have a variety of harmful effects, ingestion is probably of highest concern. We know that eating plastic can be harmful—it can cause injury and contribute to starvation. Think, for example, of the shocking photos of dead albatross chicks stuffed full of plastic. We also know that plastics are manufactured with a wide variety of additives, some of which may be toxic, and that plastics also act as sponges for persistent toxins already present in seawater, such as DDT and PCBs. In the laboratory it has been shown that these toxins can transfer into animal tissue after plastic has been eaten, although we do not yet know how much of a risk this poses to animals in the ocean. This is an active area of research because there is rising concern about the potentially harmful effects of microplastics to marine animals, as well as to food safety and human health. In short, if we want to understand the risks to marine animals, and humans through seafood, we need to first get a handle on how much plastic there is, what form it takes, and where it is in the ocean, so that we can evaluate the quantity of plastics exposure to a particular animal or species. If there is no exposure, there is no risk. This study shows that there is far more plastic in the ocean than we can currently account for. Now we have to find it. n

SEA Research Professor of Oceanography Kara Lavender Law co-authored the study revealing that 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans per year.

Microplastics sample collected onboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans using a surface plankton net towed in the North Pacific Ocean. Photo/SEA, G. Proskurowski

The 192 countries with a coast bordering the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, Mediterranean and Black seas produced a total of 2.5 billion metric tons of solid waste. Of that, 275 million metric tons was plastic, and an estimated 8 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste entered the ocean in 2010. Graphic/Lindsay Robinson/UGA

Jambeck, J. R., R. Geyer, C. Wilcox, T. R. Siegler, M. Perryman, A. Andrady, R. Narayan and K. L. Law, 2015. Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean. Science 347, 768-771. doi:10.1126/science.1260352. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


2013-2014 ANNUAL REPORT Over the last year, I have been privileged to watch a sea change at SEA as it has become more global in its reach. Through the considerable talent and hard work of SEA’s faculty and staff, new programs have been implemented and new ports have been explored, putting SEA on a new course for the future. SEA’s newest semester program, The Global Ocean, has now been offered three times, and its focus on coastal landscapes and marine environments has proven adaptable whether in Spain or New Zealand. With its three core courses and a choice of electives, it is proving popular with students even though the logistics of multiple offerings are complex. Early feedback from faculty, students, alumni, parents and sending institutions has been excellent, and the program was recently recognized by Tall Ships America as the 2014 Sea Education Program of the Year—a significant honor! This summer, we can look forward to other exciting programs. The SSV Corwith Cramer will make a 4-week Transatlantic Crossing, and then will offer the Historic Seaports of Western Europe program. The Susan E. Humphris, Chair SSV Robert C. Seamans will be in Hawaii for the Aloha ‘Aina: People and Nature in the Hawaiian Islands Board of Trustees, March 2015 program and will then head to the Phoenix Islands for the Protecting the Phoenix Islands (PIPA) program. If you know of a student who might be looking for a summer program, please send them our way! The portfolio of programs that SEA now offers and the range of courses available to students all revolve around the relationship between humans and the oceans. While educating students so they can make informed decisions to ensure a sustainable future, SEA also contributes scientifically to our knowledge of the oceans. In February, a paper in the journal Science co-authored by Kara Lavender Law found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometers of the coastline. By collecting data to address human impacts on the environment, SEA is fostering responsible stewardship of the oceans. Of fundamental importance to SEA’s success is its ability to offer college credits. I am delighted to report that we have signed a new affiliation agreement with Boston University, which has been our school of record since 1974. The agreement runs through August 2018 and includes recognizing SEA Semester as an official BU study abroad program for the first time. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of all who have contributed to SEA over the last year. In particular, I know many of you reached out with additional gifts to the New Directions campaign that supported the planning and preparation necessary to implement The Global Ocean and other new programs and to send our ships to new destinations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Your continuing support is critical to enabling SEA to offer the best undergraduate ocean-based programs—thank you for all that you do for SEA. 2014-2015 Officers, Trustees, and Overseers Officers Susan Humphris, Chair Richard Burnes, Vice Chair Levin Campbell, W-60, Vice Chair Linda Cox Maguire, Vice Chair Robert Knapp, W-99, Treasurer Richard Chandler, W-7, Clerk Margaret Brandon, W-48 ex-officio

Trustees Ronald Baird Jacob Brown Walter Brown Scott Doney, W-76 Peter Ellis Lauren Gilbert, S-190 Richard Hawkins Jerome Heller Jian Lin Bartlett McGuire Philip McKnight Jessica McWade Lauren Morgens, C-158 Christopher Penn, W-6

Kenneth Potter, W-43 Anthony Whittemore John Wigglesworth, W-5 Richard Wilson

Trustees Emeriti Margaret Clowes James Humphreys John Kingsbury Paul Perkins Thomas Weschler Peter Willauer

Presidents Emeriti John Bullard Rafe Parker


Katrina Abbott Richard Armstrong, W-13 Douglas Atkins Susan Avery Cynthia Badan, W-95 Paul Berkner, W-52 W. Jeffrey Bolster Amy Bower, W-47 Emily Bramhall, W-27

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years. 6 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

David Brown Jane Brown John Cahill, W-98 James Clark Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Sarah Clowes, W-145A Ellen Cost Richard Cost William Cramer John Damon Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Dennison, W-33 William Duggan, W-35 Sylvia Earle Stephen Fantone Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington Robert Foulke Lloyd French, W-130 Robert Gagosian John Gerngross, W-20 Craig Gibson Robert Giegengack Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Sarah Gould, W-66 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez

Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 David Higgins Todd Hiller Charles Holloway, W-58 Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Michael Hudner Gordon Hughes David Jackson Ambrose Jearld Robert Johnson Royal Joslin Morris Kellogg Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Stephen Laster, W-83 Kenneth Legg Clifford Low, W-22 Ivan Luke Katherine Lund, C-121 Martin Madden Edward Madeira Caleb McClennan, W-144 Jim Millinger Walter Mitchell, W-16 Sarah Murdock, W-66 Elizabeth Nicholson Dennis Nixon Leonard Pace, W-178 Leroy Parker

Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach John Phillips William Pinkney George Putnam Robert Quinlan Christopher Reddy Dwight Reese, W-41 Ralph Richardson Hal Rose, W-38 Andrew Rosenberg, W-7 Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin Deborah Warner Henley Webb Charles Willauer, W-40 Gale Willauer, W-30 Eric Wolman George Woodwell G. Stewart Young

We gratefully acknowledge the many alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who generously contributed their money, time and effort to Sea Education Association during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Every effort has been made to list all contributions accurately from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. If, however, an error has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us.

Annual Fund Donors Trustee and Overseer Donors to the Annual Fund 2013-2014 Trustees Ronald Baird † Margaret Brandon, W-48 † Jacob Brown Walter Brown Richard Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Richard Chandler, W-7 Scott Doney, W-76 † Peter Ellis Richard Hawkins

Susan Humphris Jian Lin † Linda Cox Maguire Bartlett McGuire † Philip McKnight Lauren Morgens, C-158 † Richard Murray, W-71 Christopher Penn, W-6 Kenneth Potter, W-43 Richard Wilson

Trustee Emeriti

Presidents Emeriti

John Kingsbury Paul Perkins Thomas Weschler Peter Willauer

John Bullard Rafe Parker

Overseers Katrina Abbott † Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery † Cynthia Badan, W-95 Paul Berkner, W-52 W. Jeffrey Bolster Amy Bower, W-47 † Emily Bramhall, W-27 David Brown † John Cahill, W-98 James Clark Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Sarah Clowes, W-145A † William Cramer † John Damon † Sarah Das, W-129 Jamie Deming, W-14 William Duggan, W-35 Sylvia Earle Susan Farady, W-83 John Farrington Robert Foulke Robert Gagosian Robert Giegengack † John Gerngross, W-20 Lauren Gilbert, S-190

Robert Giegengack † Douglas Goldhirsch, W-48 Sarah Gould, W-66 Samuel Gray Benjamin Gutierrez Gwendolyn Hancock, C-166 † Jerome Heller † David Higgins Charles Holloway, W-58 † Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Gordon Hughes David Jackson Ambrose Jearld Robert Johnson † Royal Joslin † Morris Kellogg Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Robert Knapp, W-99 Clifford Low, W-22 Katherine Lund, C-121 † Edward Madeira † Timothy Mahoney Jessica McWade † Jim Millinger Walter Mitchell, W-16 † Sarah Murdock, W-66 Dennis Nixon

Leroy Parker Margaret Parker Cheryl Peach John Phillips George Putnam Robert Quinlan Christopher Reddy † Dwight Reese, W-41 Howard Ris † Hal Rose, W-38 † Andrew Rosenberg, W-7 † Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 Carl Safina Robert Seamans † Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Rebeccah Sparkes, C-183 † Michael Taylor Walter Thompson Ashley Tobin † Deborah Warner Anthony Whittemore John Wigglesworth, W-5 Gale Willauer, W-30 Eric Wolman George Woodwell G. Stewart Young

Grace Hinkley Patricia Keoughan, W-53 Fred Larson Mary Madden Michael Madden Philip McKnight Don McLucas Jim Millinger

Margaret Parker Paul Rosenzweig, W-43 David Ross Carolyn Sheild, W-77 Galen and Anne Stone Janet Wagner Eric Wolman

Anchor Watch Established in 1991, the Anchor Watch society honors those who provide gifts to Sea Education Association through their estates or life-income plans. We are pleased to recognize these special donors during their lifetime and to celebrate the important role that the Anchor Watch society has in the future of SEA.

Jacob and Barbara Brown Richard Burnes Thomas B. Clark, W-26 Norris Claytor John Damon E. Peter Elsaesser Edwin Fischer Samuel Gray

Major Donors Club MASTERS ($10,000 AND ABOVE) Anonymous (3) Rick and Nonnie Burnes Levin Campbell, W-60 Sarah Clowes, W-145A † Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg Robert Knapp, W-99, and Kristin Collins Edwin and Linda Morgens Margaret Parker Matthew Sarver and Lauren Morgens, C-158 † Manning and Virginia Smith † Brooks, W-36, and Catherine Wallin Steuart Walton, W-158B † Thomas Watson and Rowan Smith, S-183

HELMSMEN, ($5,000 TO $9,999)

Anonymous Timothy, W-54, and Sandy Armour Jacob and Barbara Brown Walter and Kiyoko Brown Peter and Susan Forster John, W-20, and Cheryl Gerngross Kathleen Joseph, W-58 † Jeff and Maria Mason † Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire † Robert and Susan, W-10, Nalewajk Clare Parker, C-138 † Leroy and Winifred Parker Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn Arden Pickoff-Rafferty, S-248 Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff George and Kathy Putnam Robert and Stella Mae Seamans † Eric Swergold, C-102, and Dawn Dobras Robert Szafranski, W-98, and Nguyet Vo

MATES ($2,500 TO $4,999) David, W-71, and Lynn Butler Richard, W-7, and Cynthia Chandler James and Ruth Clark Judith Cook Samuel and Margaret Gray Edwin and Cassandra Milbury Robert and Sally, W-15, Quinn Michael Rothman and Bonnie Fry Rothman, W-103 G. West and Victoria Saltonstall George Stone and Gay Callan William and Mary Warden Richard and Anne Webb Charles, W-40, and Gale, W-30, Willauer Eric and Sandra Wolman

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


Major Donors Club (continued) SEAFARERS ($1,000 TO $2,499) Donald and Barbara Abt Peter and Stephanie Appleby Franklin, W-43, and Nancy Armour Richard Armstrong, W-13 Susan Avery † David Bae and Janine Shissler, C-110 Emily Bramhall, W-27 Margaret Brandon, W-48 † John, W-98, and Rachel Cahill Seth, W-132, and Kirtley Cameron Levin and Eleanor Campbell Robert Campbell, W-58 William Cramer † David Drinkwater, C-113 Peter and Cynthia Ellis Ford and Jean Elsaesser † John Evers* † Ralph and Erika Forbes David, C-174, and Laura Frank John and Meryl French Michael and Heather, W-137, Goldberg Caroline Good, W-136 † Virginia Gray Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson Jerome and Anne Heller † David and Ilona Higgins Daniel and Lori Hirce Ryan Hirce, S-221 Robert and Christine Holo Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes Ambrose and Anna Jearld Barbara Woll Jones Jonathan Kaplan and Marci Glazer, C-103 Brandon Kampschuur, S-209 Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † William and Jaynie Kind Walter Kuklinski and Jessica McWade † James Lazar, W-78, and Carolyn Leep Kenneth and Ardelle Legg Beau, W-132, and Jennifer Lescott † Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † George Lohmann and Susan Humphris Edward and Grace Madeira † John Maguire and Linda Cox Maguire R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan Jeffrey and Kathryn McCarron Philip and Kathy McKnight Daniel and Amy, C-151, McMorrow Peter and Valerie McNeely Steven Morgan Michael Murrell and Jane Caffrey, W-55 † Paul and Mary Perkins Peter and Victoria, W-77, Philip Carol Przysinda Dwight Reese, W-41 Matthew Reynolds and E. Denley Poor-Reynolds, W-57 David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood Hal, W-38, and Lisa Rose † Paul Rosenzweig, W-43, and Kathleen Kunzer Edward and Susie Rowland Arthur and Laurie Sackler Daniel Scheuer 8 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

Matthew Scheuer, C-240 Arah Schuur, W-122 † Michiru Shimada, C-148 Chester and Leslie Siuda † Cutter and Stacey, W-153, Smith † Bryan, C-183, and Rebeccah, C-183, Sparkes † Veronica Sperling Eric Swergold, C-102, and Dawn Dobras Leopold and Jane Swergold Walter and Nancy Thompson Rachel Tilney, C-109 Jeffrey and Rebecca, C-144, Trachsel † Janet Wagner Christopher and Katherine, W-21, White † Richard Wilson Bonnie Wood, W-36, and Janet Wheeler George and Katharine Woodwell G. Stewart and Mandy Young

BOW WATCH ($500-$999) John and Judith Alexander Ronald and Kay Baird † Talbot Baker, Jr. Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent † Katrina Barnes, S-210 † Donald Bell and Elizabeth McNerney Andy Black, C-107 † William and Beatrice Booth John, W-137, and Mayumi Bowen Francis and Margaret Bowles John and Nancy Braitmayer David Brown and Sheila McCurdy † Kathryn Carlson, W-94 Peter Cheimets, W-7, and Karen Benedek Douglas and Jocelyn, W-46, Childs Russ, W-34, and Betsy Chinnici Steven, W-90, and Sandy D’Antonio † Duane De Freese, W-26 Ian Desai, S-185 Rohit and Katharine Desai Nicholas and Birgitte Dill William, W-35, and Deborah Duggan Harlow Farmer and Nina Lian, W-39 † David Fisichella and Amy Bower, W-47 † Richard and Joan Francolini Stuart Frank and Mary Malloy Robert and Diana Friedman George, W-154, and Sandra Gilpatrick Amanda Goodpaster, C-112 James and Carol Greenough † Kevin Holden and Judith Gregg-Holden, W-96 Stephen and Sally Gresham † Lola Grillo, S-218 Peter and Marion Grillo Elizabeth Haffenreffer, S-191 Jane Hallowell Sally Hatala Joseph Hickey, W-128 James, C-140, and Diana Higgins Anthony and Lynda Hitschler Melville Ireland † Katherine Irvine, W-83 Alexander and Nora Jinishian Garrett and Barbara Johnson †

Steven and Carolyn, W-36, Jones Kirk, W-111, and Elana Keil John and Louise Kingsbury Thomas and Susan Knight Dave Lemonick and Mary Tuttle † George and Emily Lewis † Norman,W-48, and Sarah Livingston Robert and Constance Loarie Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi Tom Luxon and Ivy Schweitzer Josh and Erin, W-155, Madeira † Timothy Mahoney and Pamela Donnelly † Catherine Mannix, W-63 Osamu and Grace Matsutani Caleb McClennen, W-144 Gordon and Judy McGovern Georges and Mary Mejaes Richard and Katherine Mellon William and Audrey Meyer Jim Millinger Destaye Moore, S-190 Marieta Moore Ryan Mullins, C-204 † Christopher Myers, W-68 Abraham Nussbaum and Elin Kondrad, C-153 † Ryan O’Toole, S-209 Finley and Patricia Perry John and Charlotte Phillips Christy Pichel Malin Pinsky and Kristin Hunter-Thomson, W-177 Marc, W-141, and Emily Porter Kenneth, W-43, and Judy Potter William and Diane Pulleyblank † Daniel, W-57, and Amy Beth Quible Robert and Judith Quinlan Abbott and Katharine Reeve Aaron Roland, W-18, and Annelise Goldberg Craig, W-37, and Kristi Russell Carl Safina John and Katrina, W-15, Schilling Keil, C-110, and Margarita Schmid Gary Schwarzman Scott Seaver, W-31 † Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke Sally Skimin, C-119 Andy Smith and Meghann Horner-Smith, C-163 Holbrook, C-105, and Tracy Smith Richard and Kim Soule Wallace and Pamela, W-75, Stark Peter and Elizabeth Thomson Joseph Twichell Robert Van Alen, W-121, and Colby Enderton John, C-113, and Susan Waldren † Joshua Weil, W-79, and Claire Mollard Thomas Weschler Anthony and Rhoda Whittemore Edwin, W-81, and Susan Williams Sylvia Wolf, W-37 † Alastair Wolman Glen, W-118, and Lisa Wortman Erik Zettler and Linda Amaral Zettler Tania Zouikin On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

* Deceased

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 01 Kurt Erickson Ann Street Craig Williamson 03 Thomas Carley Samuel Howe John Millar Tom Robinson 04 Carl Hauquitz † Andrea Hurtt 05 Larry Kammer John Wigglesworth 06 J. Blair Hamilton James McSwiggen Christopher Penn John Sculley 07 Richard Chandler Peter Cheimets John Hacunda Cynthia Hyde † Alan McIlhenny † Andrew Rosenberg † 10 Gary Borda † William Davies Susan Nalewajk Andrew Wolf

20 John Gerngross Peter Rodin

22 Clifford Low Stuart Stedman † Peter Thomas

35 Anonymous Henry Amabile † Leslie Bulion † David Donegan † Ellen Doris William Duggan Jonathan Leavitt † Michael Nathan Melinda Edgerley Pearce John Taylor

23 James Bruce Seth Garfield Steve Hudson William Snedden † Gregg Swanzey

36 Loralee Clark † Carolyn Jones Brooks Wallin Leslie Will Bonnie Wood

24 B. Cort Delany

37 Stephen Burnham Craig Russell Sylvia Wolf †

21 Jacob Korngold † Raymond Palombo Katherine Sawyer White † Robert Wiberg

25 Allison Schumer † Nan Walker 26 Thomas B. Clark Duane De Freese Claudia de Mayo Richard Wood 27 Emily Bramhall George Hall

11 John Herman Paul Toczydlowski

28 S. Thompson Bolmer Jonathan Hart

12 Steve Wagner †

29 Anonymous Heidi Kaplan Roger Noble Robert Swarm

13 Jamie Deming Richard Armstrong Leslie Rosenfeld † 14 Jean Marvel Steven Waterman 15 Todd Carlson Sally Quinn Katrina Schilling Aprille Sherman 16 Walter Mitchell † Diane Penn 17 Janice Olsen 18 Nancy Beall Hendren † Lucy Loomis Marilyn Proulx Aaron Roland William Wulsin

34 Russ Chinnici

30 Christine Duerring † William Fanning Mark Klemperer † Dody LeSueur Gale Willauer Kristina Wood 31 Anonymous Eleanor Mariani Scott Seaver † 32 Chel Anderson Elizabeth Billig Susan Scotto-Dyckman † 33 William Balch John Beaman † Anne Chapin Susan Kearney Anita Meissner John Quilty

38 Anonymous Hal Rose † 39 Nina Lian Janet McMahon Elisabeth Morris George Rockwood 40 Gail Lima Charles Willauer 41 Ella Quintrell Dwight Reese Hervé Thébault Marion Valpey 42 Mary Jo Dedon Julie Miller James Snyder Daniel Tierney 43 Franklin Armour Ross Friedman Dave Goldsmith R. Steve Luce Kenneth Potter Paul Rosenzweig Christina Swanson 44 Katherine Bradford † Mary O’Brien 45 Gwen Burzycki Grace Evans Dennis Fitzpatrick Lynn Collins Francis Nicholas LaFond Martha Martinez del Rio William McMahon † Mark Tedesco † Robert Visnick †

46 Jocelyn Childs Bradley Dyer † Agnes Rapoli Stacy Rappleyea 47 Amy Bower † Andrew Goode Kevin Muench Kristin Thompson Edward Tokarski 48 Margaret Brandon † Wendelyn Duquette Brenda Fogarty Rodman Getchell † Doug Goldhirsch Edward Grier Helen Jackson Norman Livingston Lori Petitti Christopher West Amy Wolff 49 Anonymous 50 Anonymous † Priscilla Brooks Jeffrey Dickison Lisa FitzGerald Wynn McCloskey Robert Nolan Kathy Tokos † 51 Cara Adler Deborah Arey Susan Bernacki Cornelia Brown Susan Duke Hilary Hudson Susan Mann David Whitney Karen Woodberry 52 Paul Berkner Gwenllian Scott Linda Carlson Witte 53 Michael Gregg Mickey Jones Patricia Keoughan 54 James Anderson Timothy Armour Mariette Buchman Chris Patricoski Robert Schoenberger Nickoletta Swank 55 John Abrams Jane Caffrey † Nancy Gravina James House Brian Marotz Marc Overlock

56 Jeanne Foussard † Steve Lemos Damon Matson Peyton Robertson Marie Vayo-Greenbaum 57 Carin Ashjian Douglas Eisinger † Marla Gearing Rebecca Hemphill E. Denley Poor-Reynolds Daniel Quible Charles Robinson 58 Robert Campbell Charles Holloway † Kathleen Joseph Adrienne Kalbacher Stephen Lafrance † Lauren McKean Allen Reilly 59 Anonymous † Claudia Corwin Aaron Horwitz Margaret Jay Patrick Keenan Sarah Klontz Sarah Kohl † Sarah LeDoux Lynn Mahaffy Patricia Mahoney 60 Levin Campbell Margaret Carroll Christopher Kelley † Ellen Mihaich Martha Moulton † William Romey 61 Deborah Carlson † Darik Corzine † Cari Furiness Patricia Goffinet † Thomas Goffinet † Jennifer Sturmer Lawrence Taborsky Matthew Tanzer Craig Timmins 62 Randall Bouchard Barbara Dinkins Elizabeth Briggs-Feighan David Jenkins Drew Schembre 63 Jeanne Grasso † Flournoy Holland † Elizabeth Jakob Catherine Mannix † Andrew Milliken Peter Nalen Renee Turley † 64 James Kerney Gail Kineke

64 (continued) Albert Potts Cynthia Robinson † Susan Service Lisa Sherman 65 Janvrin Demler † Susan Pierce Ferrari Philip Huffman Penny Lacroix Amanda Madeira Mary Ellen Masciale † Alec Maxwell-Willeson Cy Oggins † 66 Reneè Allen Greg DiLisio Hugh Ferguson Sarah Gould John Kelley Sarah Murdock N. Allyn Pistole Jennifer Woodward 67 Carolyn McConnell-Reeder David Raible † 68 Edward Conti Tisa Hughes Cynthia Layport Christopher Myers Laurie Radovan 69 Mary Ann Boyer Catherine McCabe Mark Nelson Elizabeth Reuman Nancy Williams 70 Janet Buskirk 71 David Butler Kristina Caldwell † Helen Hollingsworth Richard Murray Stacie Leo Pinney Dean Smith 72 David Brown Merril Cousin † Michael Jacobson Alexandra Murphy Christopher Perry Norman Price Todd Rambo Edward Walton Elizabeth Whyley 73 Frederick Breaux Sarah Enright Kimberly Heiselman Amy Ward 74 Wendy DiChristina

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors (continued) 75 Lisa Ballard Elizabeth Doxsee † Kelly Dryden † Catherine Jahrling Jeremy Salesin Pamela Stark 76 Scott Doney † Lisa Lierheimer † Patrick O’Reilly 77 Glen Leer Elisabeth Marr Victoria Philip Carolyn Sheild Katherine van Liere † 78 Anonymous Charles Courtsal James Lazar Philip Marsh Katherine Porterfield Thomas Rohrer 79 Susan Boehme † Virginia Pillsbury Stephen Rader † Joshua Weil Benjamin Wolff † 81 Jonathan Detwiler George Leonard James Morrill Rochelle Seitz Edwin Williams 82 David Bank † 83 Susan Farady Lynne Holler Katherine Irvine Steve Laster † 84 Elizabeth Concaugh † Christopher Ferguson Nina Nesher Richard Pendleton † Susan Perelman Carl Stevens Elizabeth Stevens

88 (continued) Robert Ultan Kathryn Wheeler

98 (continued) Robert Szafranski Valerie Zandoli

89 Jeanette Fielden † Peter Hodum † Helen Rozwadowski

99 Stephen Cann Deborah Greene Robert Knapp Christopher Legault William Ross Karin Wagner † Keith Wight

90 Stacy Allen Valerie Beck † Steve D’Antonio † Ingrid Dockersmith Barbara Maynard † Barbara Toomey † William Toomey † 91 Scott Goldsmith Nils Jackson 92 Michael Aasland Paul Anastasio Laurel Anderson Gregory Braun Martin Chin Michelle Dorlon Heather Franklin † Siobhan Gordon E. Bradley Grenham † Benjamin Hall † Lucy Hersey Janet Keeler Aimee Kemper Patricia Murer † Jennifer Nauen Daniel Rolince Aaron Rugh † Claire Timbas Sue Woodward Patrick Worfolk † 93 Amy Blumenberg Amy Logan 94 Kathryn Carlson Thomas Jester Jeffrey Packman 95 Cynthia Badan Robert Bein † Philip Conner † Brian Levy †

85 Jennifer Allen Robert Beede Katharine Jensen †

96 Michael Budniak Judith Gregg-Holden Charles Snee

86 Vincent Hormovitis Timothy Kenna

97 Andrew Campbell † John Cooke Michael Johnson Trap Puckette Ngoc Thai Teresa Weronko

87 Andrew Felcher David Johnson Ashley Ransom 88 Kelly Fuentes Steve Gold

98 John Cahill Marjorie Friedrichs Martha Stark †

10 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

100 Stuart Friedman Christopher Kilbridge † J. Parke Logan Susan Marks Pawlak Catherine Roosevelt Roshan Swope 101 Gregory Burdick † George Duane Karen Rennich Eric Sigler † 102 Holly Davis Johnna Doyle † K. Brennan Klose Daniel Polidoro Eric Swergold Amy Young 103 Anonymous Christabel Choi Marci Glazer Steven Hilger Bonnie Fry Rothman 104 Elizabeth Hasse Terri Lehman † Gary Matusow Amy Vince † 105 Erin Black Susan Carter Lori Givonetti Andrew Rhoades Holbrook Smith Alton Straub 106 Rebecca ArensonRachlinski Ginny Eckert Hannah Parker † 107 Andrew Black † Katherine Cherian Daniel Evans Michael Loyd Carrie McCusker Rachel Parry Courtney Richmond 108 David Bernhart † Kathryn Brandt S. Brooke Brown Jonathan Dunfee Sarah McIlroy

109 Kerry Dorton B. Clayton Gentry Jennifer Haddock Laura Kenna Christopher Knowlton Katherine Mansfield Frederick Stewart Rachel Tilney 110 Christopher Ducko † Christopher Reich Keil Schmid Janine Shissler 111 Robert Anderson Greg Castell Shelby Collier † Curtis Dailey Kirk Keil Marc Leonardo James Ramsdell Elizabeth Tuohy 112 Amanda Goodpaster Nancy Israel David Lamberger † Lisa Carter Moerner 113 Jonathan Burke † Jonathan Burt Drusilla Clarke Rebecca Countway David Drinkwater Scott Gilbert Leanne Kersey Joseph LeProhon Roger Pinnicks Richard Schlereth John Waldren † 114 Stacey Beaulieu Craig Butterworth Jennifer Childress Jackson Murphy † Jennifer Van Ness Brian Watson † Daniel Wilcox 115 Julia Gutreuter Rebeka Merson Valerie Solar Woodward Jocelyn Stamat † 116 Peter Bender Maribeth Cyr Amy Harry 117 Kristen Bailey Megan Baker Troy DeRego 118 Maralee Harrell Pamela Jones † Megan Murray Glen Wortman

119 Walter Carr † Shannon Doubet Craig Marin Karen Sauls Sarah Skimin 120 Jeffrey Hughes Krista Longnecker Anne Ogilvie † Michele Timko 121 Katherine Cardinal Pamela Clark † Elissa Katz † Katherine Lund † Wendin Smith † Robert Van Alen 122 Gordon Bunting Andrew Daniels † Tom Goddard Nora Kenneway † Ellen Kraemer Joshua Rocker Arah Schuur 123 Anonymous Chris Gregory Matthew Johnson Alexis Levitt Matt McKenzie † Laurie Morgado Michael Sklar † 124 N. Craig Gorton Matthew Straus 125 Elizabeth Gilgan Matthew Hebard † Margaret Millings 126 Danielle Bornstein-Elbirt † Aron Clymer Charlotte HanleyJacobson Kimberly Howland Erin Hubbard Sarah Raunecker Erica Starr David Warren † 127 William Aquila † Peter Colby Kim Decker

129 (continued) Duncan Eccleston Heather Kelly P. Randall Leiser Matthew Luecke † Jennifer McDermott David Nalchajian † 130 Nathaniel Dykstra Ravi Lumpkin Elizabeth Lyman Heidi McCann Robert Walsh Bradford Whiting 131 Matthew Holstein Virginia Leslie Mary Myles 132 Seth Cameron Andrew Enright † Brannon Fisher † Justin Harrison Erin Koenig Beau Lescott † 134A Pat Harcourt 135 Jay Bonahoom Heather Bryant Noah Coons Shannon McKenzie † Peter Tilney 136 Caroline Good Jacqueline Mitchell 137 John Bowen Eliza Fortenbaugh † Jason Francis Heather Goldberg Kristin Russell Aaron Sloboda Eric Stoddard Elinor Todd † Amanda van Heyst Sarah Weinstein-Knowlton 138 Cara Fritz † Clare Parker † 139 Jonathan Levy Catherine Parker

128 Naomi Darling Joseph Hickey Nicole Stephenson Heather Stone

140 Jessica Forton † Wendy Goyert † James Higgins Jennifer Mott

129 Bruce Armbrust Christian Cox Sarah Das

140A Peter Bertash

On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors 141 Cheryl Kearns Jonathan Kohler Darrin Ladd Aurianne Lopatka Marc Porter Eric Tytell 142 Erin Gutierrez Amy Siuda † Stephan Tompsett 143 Anonymous Donald Keel 144 Sarah Baraff Alisa Barnard Olivia Hauser J. Bradford Hubeny Bradley Jewett Caleb McClennan Andrew Siuda † Rebecca Trachsel 145 Brendan Blumenstiel Scott Boughton Adam Heffernan Jonathan Zwarg 145A Sarah Clowes † 146 Jennifer Baughman 146A Robert Jaye † 147 Andrew Brodie Patricia Buckley Emily Hatfield † Sarah Stearns 148 Kelwin Conroy Patrick Convery Brook Detterman Susan Hammond † Michiru Shimada 149 Sarah Bryant Charlotte Engelman Nathan Kranes Daniel Pollard Michael Reilly † Rachel Wade 150 Matthew Bernier Joseph Creney Anne Elefterakis Catrina Parrott Philip Petrone Sarah Webster † 151 Amy McMorrow 152 Kathleen Hallee † * Deceased

152A Nancy Cande † Judith Morlan Maureen Nolan Richard Rodin Stacey Strong 153 Renee Baribault Joshua Frederickson † Molly Frederickson † Elin Kondrad † Christopher Lanoue Jessica Macrie † Scott McAuliffe Stacey Smith † Lauren Turner Julie Vecchio Shane Walden 154 George Gilpatrick Kathryn Hubeny Bryan McCarthy 155 Catherine Bozek † Erin Madeira † E. Anders Matney 156 Anonymous Kathleen Kennedy 157 Andrew Loschert Meggin Taylor 158 Lauren Morgens † Brian Sperling † 158A Bonnie Garcia Clarice Holm † Antoinette Kelly † Mary Anne McQuillan 158B Steuart Walton † 159 Robert Hancock † Jaime Mason † Anne Samuel Justin Taylor Lauren Taylor David Walsh

162 (continued) Jodi Meck Johanna Mendillo † James Thomson Stephanie Trafton 163 Anonymous Jaime Beranek † Meghann Horner-Smith 163A Matthew Gangl 163B C. David Burt Michael Horn Janet Loynes 163C Susan Wainwright 164 Anonymous † James Hildebrand † Joslyn Meier Zoltan Szuts 165 Gabriella Andrews Kate Buckman Deborah Liptzin Emily MacKinnon Morgan Simmons † Benjamin Urmston † 166 Gwendolyn Hancock † Alexander Hay 167 Heather Borkowski David Carlson Marguerite Fontaine † Sarah Gonnella Benjamin Hussa Sarah Ladd Nicholas Pfleghaar 168 Meghan Blake Ashley Francis Elizabeth Grubin † Diane Morgan Gretchen Stuppy Carlson 169 Ryan Gordon

160 Timothy Dwyer † Joshua Newth

170 Peter Frantz Amy Gubbins Adrienne Makita Rebecca Royal

161 Amy Ballentine Stevens Curtis Barry Sarah Bunker W. Van Cantor † Jay Reynolds Reid Smith Melissa Solomon Darlington

171 Nicole Cheatle M. Graham Furlong Laura Gilbert Alison Gray † Justin Martinich † Anna McGaraghan † Sarah Spotts

162 Elizabeth Ellwood † Katherine Fish

172 Eric Hartge Morgan Nickerson Elizabeth Stefany

172 (continued) Elizabeth Strojny* Adam Vitarello Patrick Wood 173 Lauren Davies Elizabeth Eden Kyle Helland † Eric Lessard 174 Anonymous Christopher Acheson † Brian Ambrette Erica Bradstreet † Nicole Casper David Frank Whitney Horstman Walton Shepherd 175 Peter Hahn Jessica Starr Boz † Ashley Swain 176C Sarah Shea 176D Lucy Trainor 177 Colleen Allard Sarah Borgstadt-Smith † Christopher DeCosmo Kristin Hunter-Thomson Amy Larocca Amanda Zoellner † 178 Samuel Chamberlin Juliana Miller Leonard Pace Steve Ruane 179 Allison Binkowski Kalmia Buels Elizabeth Burakowski Jonathan Cedar Rebecca Hooper Holland Jaime Jones Jonathan Kling † Callie Scheetz † 180 Choya Adkison-Stevens Katherine Florio T. Oliver Hay Bradley Kraushaar † Juliette McCullough † Kristen Starbuck Erik Wallenberg †

183 Anonymous Laura Hutton Abigail Kirchofer † Thomas Martin Rowan Smith Bryan Sparkes † Rebeccah Sparkes † 184 Anonymous Hilary Branch Emily Doren Phoebe Evans † Christopher Kriegner Abigail Magni Lev Nelson † Geneva Michaelcheck Matthew Peters † Deborah Shelton Gregory Voll Lauren Zike 185 Ian Desai † 186 Sarah Gross Jacob Keaton Jason Saxe Kevin Sullivan † Allison Taylor † 187 David Benack Alice Chen Sarah Rubenstein 187D Thomas Gagnon † 188 James Palardy † 189 Scott Hiller Laura Nelson Wil Palmieri 190 Allison Dutton Benjamin Erne Lauren Gilbert Heidi Miller Destaye Moore Ryan Walsh † 191 Antony Adler Sara Andreatta Elizabeth Haffenreffer Hilde Khou † Benjamin Schellpfeffer Carey Tinkelenberg

181 Amanda Hollander Jillian Ladegard Toby Mandel Hedger † Aimee Rowe † Caleb Scheetz † Laura Kate Schrepfer

192 Laryssa Hiller Alexandra Niederauer Lindsey Palardy † Erin Roach Nicholas Shonka

182 Jaclyn Bell Laura Uridil †

193 Anonymous Andrew Ault Mark O’Brien

193E Carl Katsu* 194 Meghan Kallman 195 Anonymous (2) Shannon Coleman Catherine Crafts M. Charles Festa Randolph Jones R. Gardner Loring Maureen Lynch Brittain Mason Kimiko Nakamura Sarah O’Connor Elizabeth Rice † Hannah Roth † Jeremy Wansor 196 Maya Gomes Allison Klein † 197 Sarah Herard Steven Ibara Roman Kichorowsky 198 Anonymous Sarah Clement Hillary Goodell Erik Johanson Min-Yi Jou † 199 Rika Anderson Erin Soucy 200 Elizabeth Davis 201 Anonymous Margaret Gregor Anna Stevens Eleanor Tripp † 202 Matthew Blumenfeld † Noah Kaufman † Bonnie McGill † 203 Jonathan Fagan Annika Savio † Andrew Scott 204 Alexander Dorsk † Scott MacLellan Ryan Mullins † Rachel Philbrick Sarah Pilzer † Roman Shor Daniel Stone † 205 Robert Thompson 206 Timothy Nedimyer

FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


ANNUAL FUND Alumni Donors (continued) 207 Hiroaki Tanaka Lauren Wang Alan Worf

213 (continued) Kathryn McMullan † Reid McMullan † Kristina Muscalino

219 (continued) Michael Raymond Sarah Schmidt Jana Spencer †

208 Adam Carpenter Virginia Engel Haley Kimmet Ashleigh McCord † Marit Pollei Jameson Rogers Jane Sarno †

214 Anne Brett Adam Kumm Sarah Powell Catherine Schrankel

220 Paul Dixon †

209 Anonymous Emma Bishop Christopher Gresham Krista Hoff Brandon Kampschuur Ryan O’Toole Deena Tvinnereim Mara Vaile 210 Katrina Barnes † Jessica Donohue † Katherine Letourneau Bradley Nicholson † 211 Katherine Boldt Love † Carla Scocchi 212 Craig McMaster † Lauren Schroedter † Holly Taylor Thomas Whiting 213 Rebecca Inver †

215 Megan Cook Laura Duffy † Emily Hewitt Elizabeth Koch Krystle McMaster † Allison Pfeiffer 216 Aileen Caldwell Emily Chandler † Nicholas Graham Sarah Parkinson Stephanie Penn 217 Hannah Green 217D Spencer Clark 218 Lola Grillo Darcy Mullen Lupita Ruiz-Jones 219 Anne Gerhard Nicholas Iannacone Makaila LaShomb Heather McGee

221 Athena Aicher Laura Dismore Ryan Hirce 222 Hannah Albarazi Casey Canfield Luay Khoury Rachel Luban † Leigh Quenin † Jeremy Tagliaferre Carolyn Tarpey 223 Marina Garland 223C Erik Svarcbergs 224 Caroline Callahan Andrew Catherine John Dow Melanie Finn † Miles Fuller Zora McGinnis Landes Randall

226 (continued) Samantha Akiha J. Alexander Brett Samuel Seymour

236 Kimberly Reed Dorothy Smith Matthew Tantillo

227 Jordan Eckstein

237 Anonymous Kristen Bair Shelley Kind Lauren Krug Justin Painter Kelsey Wilcox

228 Elizabeth Eaton 230 Cynthia Chadwell Amy Kimm Henry Philip 231 Evan Oleson Emma Poland Collin Schmitt 232 Joseph Carver Marissa Tremblay Flora Weeks 233 Nicholas Constantino Elizabeth Dorr Amber Hewett Heidi Hirsh 234 Nicholas Green Samuel Levang Vivian Torres 235 Laura Lilly Brianna Walsh

225 Ann Robertson

235C Anna Hitchcock

226 Anonymous

235D Andrew Knowland

245 Hannah Aichelman Jennifer Binkowski

238 Anonymous Ezra Citron April Collier Onjale Scott

246 Anonymous Joshua Sturtevant

239 Anonymous (2) Matthew Harrison Hedee Kim 240 Spencer Herda Matthew Scheuer 241 Jaymes Awbrey Quinn Christie Lillian Pearson Elissa Walter 241C Nora Dahlberg 242 Blaine Darrah Benjamen Donnelly Christina Mullen Annabeth Peterson 243 Allison Hall Ali Uribe

244 Anonymous Henry Bell Chelsea Johnson Rebecca Ogus Patricia Pyda Shenandoah Raycroft Leona Waller

247 Anonymous Taunya Couts Andrew Dougherty Ethan Edson Matthew Flynn Rachel Green Alice Henry Steven Houang Bethany Kolody Katherine Lipp Manasi Malik Mariana Mata Lara Lauren Nickerson Leyana Romain Gregory St. Aubin Claudia Villar-Leeman Scott Watters 248 Kristen Butler Brendan Casey Joshua Friedman Arden Pickoff-Rafferty

ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors Anonymous (12) George and Marjorie Abbot The Adamczyk Family David and Carol Adelson Terry and Sheila Aiken John and Judith Alexander David Altenhofen and Mariette Buchman, W-54 Conrad and Lyn Ambrette Richard and Barbara Angle † Peter Appleby and Stephanie Raia Denise Armstrong † Michael and Jennifer Audette Mark and Christine Awbrey Cynthia Badan, W-95 Steven Barkan and Barbara Tennent † Carlos and Cathy Barrios Richard Batt John and Carol Beach † Michael and Ruth Beeston Charles and Barbara Bell † Donald Bell and Elizabeth McNerney Robert and Julie Bennett † Steve Bernasconi and Karen D’Agusto J. Leonard and Dorothy Bicknell Bradley and Madonna Binkowski James and Virginia Boldt Robert and Kathleen Bonham T. William and Beatrice Booth Stuart and Joan Boreen † David and Harriet Borton

David and Suzanne Boyd Leo and Anne Boyle Peter and Helene Braatz Keith and Mary Jo Bradley † Emily Bramhall, W-27 Jeanne Brody † Walter and Kiyoko Brown William and Sandra Brubaker Mariette Buchman William Buckley John and Marcia Buckman Daniel and Holly Burnes Keith and Kristen Burnham Tony and Nancy Butterworth Peter Calcaterra and Pamela La Rue David and Kristina, W-71, Caldwell † Timothy Callahan Levin and Eleanor Campbell Charles and Linda Canepa Stephen, W-99, and Margaret Cann Tobe and Margaret Carey Craig and Ann Carpenter John and Elizabeth Carver Laurence and Brett Casper Richard and Patricia Cavanagh Christopher Cazeault Denice Chandler and Catherine Jones Peter and Elizabeth Chandler † Stephen and Lynda Chandler Robert and Susan Chennell Douglas and Jocelyn Childs

12 FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015

Sally Christie Dexter and June Churchill Elliott and Judy Clark Thomas Clark and Susan Adams † Katharine Coffin Fred and Barbara Colin Susan Collinson Philip and Rosemary Collyer Judith Cook Oliver and Jill Coolidge R. Bruce Cooper John and Martha Correa Charles and Nancy Craig James and Lynn Crawford James and Martha Crowley James Dahlberg and Deirdre Donahue John and Catherine Damon † Collin Darrah and Antonija Ventenbergs Christopher Davis and Janet McMahon Freyja Davis Paul and Laura de Blank Rodney and Christine Decker † Lorinda Deluca-Fardy Daniel Denov and Carolyn Rusk Rohit and Katharine Desai William and Mary Lou DeWitt Tom and Linda Dieveney Victoria Donaldson Isabella Dorr Charles and Maryann Dorsey Paul Dorsey

Edward and Laura Dougherty John and Roselynn Dow † Charles Duffy and Margaret McKee † John and Merril Dutton Evie Dworetzky Donna Eden Peter and Kathryn Elefterakis Christopher Elliott and Lynne Stanley Karrie Ellis † Peter and Cynthia Ellis Charles Engel † Sarah Enright Stephen and Carole Enright Yasmin Erne † Vivian Esswein † Daniel Farkas Edward Feibel and Catherine Chichester Robert Fisher and Patricia Read John and Caliope Flickinger James and Elizabeth Flynn William and Joan Ford † John and Carla Fox † Edward and Karen Fraioli Richard and Joan Francolini On the following pages, bold type indicates donors who have contributed for at least 10 consecutive years. † Indicates donors who have contributed for at least 5 consecutive years.

ANNUAL FUND Parent Donors Kathy Frederickson Ronald Frederickson Ronald and Dale Freeman † John and Meryl French Robert and Diana Friedman Christopher and Carol Sue Fromboluti Francis Fruehstorfer David and Audrey Funk Joseph and Marilyn Galanti † Richard Garcia and Jan Burry Sheila Gil Edna Gillespie † Vince Giorgi and Marcia Appel John Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen Robert and Elizabeth Gniadek Frederick and Constance Goethel Thomas, W-61, and Patricia, W-61, Goffinet † Nathaniel and Joan Gorton Joan Granger Samuel and Margaret Gray Eric Green and Carmin Reiss James and Carol Greenough A. Curtis Greer Stephen and Sally Gresham Peter and Marion Grillo Benjamin Gruberg David and Joan Grubin Kenneth and Kathleen Haber Harold Hackett † Peter Haddock Douglas and Linda Haley † Christopher Hall and Mary Ann Boyer Jeannette Hall Thomas and Sue Harding Robert and Karolyn Harwood Sally Hatala Richard Hawkins and Marian Ferguson Dennis and Diane Hayes Kathleen Healy † Robert and JoAnn Hegermiller Carl and Margaret Heise Andrew and Phyllis Herz David and Ilona Higgins Daniel and Lori Hirce John Hitchcock and Maggie Jackson W. Anthony and Lynda Hitschler Kenneth and Willa Hogberg Thomas Megan and Sarah Holden Robert and Christine Holo Jane Holtz Robert and Deborah Hopps William and Catherine Hoyt Roger Ide and Gail Boettiger Paul and Marjorie Inderbitzen Marc and Bonnie Inver † William and Karen Irving Sheryl Jagerson Andris and Clarissa Jakobsons Daryl and Kay James † Merrill and Lillian Jencks † Edward and Myrna Jenkins † Alexander and Nora Jinishian Alexander and Jill Johnson † Garrett and Barbara Johnson † Robert and Elizabeth Johnson † Susan Jones Jack and Cynthia Kadzik † Werner and Dorothy Kaese Edward Kane and Martha Wallace † Margaret Kaplan Alan and Marlene Kaufman Patricia Kelly James and Mary Emily Kerney Jamal Kharbush and Barbara Olson † William and Jaynie Kind Edward Kirk

Elmer and Marilyn Klumpp Thomas and Susan Knight Michael and Allison Kruczek Craig and Susan Landgren John and Kathleen Lanoue Daniel and Sarah Lauer Paul and Jane Lawrence Martin and Linda Legault Dave Lemonick and Mary Tuttle † Brian and Margarita Lessard Alan and Janet Letourneau Robert Levine and Vilean Taggersell Jian Lin and Kelan Huang † Robert and Constance Loarie Worth and Louise Loomis † Clifford, W-22, and Randy Low Vincent and Crystal Lucchesi Michael and Patricia Lucy Myles and Cornelia Lund John and Susan Mackay Edward and Grace Madeira † Hugh and Ruth Mahaffy Timothy Mahoney and Pamela Donnelly William and Christina Maloney Hugh and Olive March Frank and Linda Maresca Miles Marshall † P. Gail Martin Thomas Martin John Requardt and Jean Marvel, W-14 Jeff and Maria Mason † Osamu and Grace Matsutani R. Hardin Matthews and Jane Dougan John Matulaitis and Siga Lenkauskas Carl and Sharon Matuszek Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mayer Stephen Nelson and Mary Anne Mayo † Joe McAlister Brendan and Elise McCarthy E. Dennis and Sandra McCarthy Peter McChesney Anthony McClellan Walter and Carol McClennen Raymond and Susan McClinton Gray McCord and Diane Ingulli Jarlath McEntee and Barbara Fleck Michael McGinnis and Patricia Shipley Bartlett and Cynthia McGuire † Mary Lou McGuire Peter and Valerie McNeely Anne Meigs-Brown Georges and Mary Mejaes David and Veronica Metzler William and Audrey Meyer Donald and Susan Miller † Stephen and Christina Miller Braxton Mitchell † Peter and Arlene Mollo Marieta Moore Edwin and Linda Morgens John and Carol Morris Homer and Beret Moyer Brian and Susan Murphy Virginia Murray Ginny Murray † Henri and Madeline Nadworny Eric and Margaret Neilsen David Nelson and Rachel Jewelewicz-Nelson † Amos and Andrea Neufeld Anne Nichols David and Susan Nicholson Kyle and Diane Noble † Charles and Eugenia O’Brien † Kelly O’Brien and Brenda Fogarty, W-48 Susan Oh Richard and Debra Oleson

William Oppenheimer † Patrick and Sybil O’Reilly † Patrick and Lynn O’Reilly Tanja Ostapoff Maksymilian and Grazyna Ostas † Renée Bennett O’Sullivan † Patricia Palmer Susan Papagiannis Stephen and Jenny Paradis Leroy and Winifred Parker Rafe and Kate, W-139, Parker Robert and Jane Paxton Nancy Pendleton Christopher, W-6, and Diane, W-16, Penn James and Debra Peters † Barrett and Mary Peterson Peter and Victoria Philip John and Charlotte Phillips Christy Pichel Robert and Anne Pickart Thomas and Mary Kay Pilat † Charlie and Cecily Pilzer Julie Pivor Frank and Susan Poland Tiberius and Marcy Pollak Walter and Susan Powell Robert and Gretchen Prunier Richard and Carol Przysinda William and Diane Pulleyblank † G. Michael and Shannon Purdy † Nelson and Lucia Putnam Peter and Karen Rabins Thomas Rafferty and Dian Pickoff Michael and Alicia Rafter Charlie Reade and Patricia Nelson-Reade David and Elaine Ressler Sara Rhoades † Peter Rice and Carol Flynn-Rice Christopher Richardson J. Christopher and Constance Richwine James Roach Alison Robb † David and Sandra Roberts † Andrew Rockefeller David and Marian Rocker George Rockwood Peter and Molly Rodgers Beverly Rosenzweig † Robert and Patti Ross David Rumker and Susan Phillips † Randall and Jenifer Rydz Arthur and Laurie Sackler Jeremy, W-75, and Dianne Salesin Jane Sattler Peter and Karin Savio Daniel Scheuer Ben Schiff and June Goodwin Frederick and Judith Schmid † Kenneth Schmitt † Rosalind Schmitt Michael and Roberta Schroder Edward Schwarz and Sarah Jane Jelin Donald and Melinda Seader Richard and Spain Secrist Richard and Gwyn Sewall Edward and Joan Shankle † Christopher and Margaret Sheedy John and Jean Sheild † Robert and Linda Shelton Robert and Mara Shlachter William and Mary Lynn Simmons † Chester and Leslie Siuda † Roger and Carol Sloboda Kaighn Smith Manning and Virginia Smith † Margaret Smith

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New Summer Sessions


Two new Pacific SEA Summer Sessions debuted in 2014. These programs were developed in response to the growing number of undergraduates looking for academic credit during the summer.

Protecting the Phoenix Islands (PIPA) This 8-week summer session welcomes students to explore one of the last coral wildernesses on earth through one of two academic tracks: science or policy. The Phoenix Islands comprise the Pacific’s largest marine protected area (MPA) and were recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students join marine scientists from SEA, the New England Aquarium, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on one of the first research voyages to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), a region of the world which remains largely unexplored and unvisited. During the first two weeks on shore in Woods Hole, students begin a survey of large-scale marine conservation efforts around the world. They use PIPA as a case study for the state of current international ocean conservation efforts while developing their own research project in either ocean science or conservation policy. Students join the SSV Robert C. Seamans for a six-week research voyage from Hawaii to American Samoa. They first cross the Equator in a 2-week, 1,600 mile voyage to the Phoenix Islands. The next three weeks are spent in PIPA, documenting the oceanic ecosystem around this archipelago: something that has only been done once before. Working side by side with experts, students provide real-time data that lays the groundwork for an effective conservation plan. A final leg to American Samoa rounds out the voyage.

Aloha ‘Aina: People and Nature in the Hawaiian Islands Aloha `Aina, a Hawaiian conception of ‘love of the land,’ describes a deep and enduring relationship between Hawaiian people and the land and ocean resources that sustain them. In this service-based program, students see Aloha `Aina in action, combining traditional and western environmental approaches, working with community leaders, ocean resource managers, and coastal stakeholders as they implement actions to sustain marine environments. The program weaves together traditional Hawaiian knowledge, values, and practices with contemporary western science, instrumentation, and ecosystem management. Students spend just over two weeks on shore at Hawaii Pacific University while conducting field work at multiple sites throughout the islands. They then travel throughout the Hawaiian archipelago aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans for ten days, engaging with community-based projects that are developing innovative solutions to land-based pollution, over-fishing, and climate change adaptation. Students develop scientific expertise on the key biophysical processes that support ocean resources and coastal cultures, and a rigorous understanding of the unique combination of social, ecological, and policy dimensions of marine resource management emerging in the Hawaiian Islands. A week-long final symposium at Hawaii Pacific University’s Hawaii Loa campus allows students to present their policy recommendations to a panel of experts while wrapping up the program.

Thank you! SEA is very grateful to Dr. Lew Stern of Stern Consulting for his generous work with SEA leadership during the exciting launch of our new programs and destinations in 2014. Tall Ships America Selects SEA Semester: The Gobal Ocean At its annual conference in Philadelphia held early in February, Tall Ships America selected SEA Semester: The Global Ocean as its 2014 Sea Education Program of the Year. This prize is awarded annually to a program offered by a current member of Tall Ships America which has significantly contributed to the educational credibility of programs under sail. SEA’s President Peg Brandon, W-48, was at the conference and accepted the award on SEA’s behalf. FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015



Shipboard Science

By Jason Clermont

Even after being at Sea Education Association for close to two years, I am still amazed at the amount of science we can pack on board the SSV Corwith Cramer and the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Working alongside SEA’s talented scientists, SEA Semester students have the opportunity to deploy and utilize a variety of modern (as well as tried-and-true) oceanographic gear from a truly unique platform. The Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans are rare breeds indeed, being sailing vessels that also boast a full complement of oceanographic instrumentation and equipment—most of which is the same as found on board other world-class research vessels. The types of oceanographic equipment SEA Semester students are exposed to runs Above: Students bring the shipek grab— containing a seafloor sediment sample— back on board the SSV Corwith Cramer. Below: A student under the careful watch of Assistant Scientist Abby Cazeault, C-226, readies a Sea Bird Electronics CTD for deployment on SSV Robert C. Seamans. Bottom: The water sampling “carousel” complete with oceanographic sampling sensors and a set of Niskin water sampling bottles is deployed from the SSV Corwith Cramer.

the gamut from simple plankton nets to complex profiling sensors. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), sub-bottom profiling systems, a profiling “carousel” containing instruments capable of logging various physical and chemical attributes as well as “Niskin” bottles for sampling water at specified depths, sediment sampling equipment, an underwater HD camera-equipped ROV, and various sampling nets are but a brief introduction to the suite of oceanographic sampling equipment carried on board SEA vessels. Our vessel-based laboratories are also fully functioning scientific labs with various equipment and instruments for in-situ analysis, as well as data recording and analysis. Wet chemistry analytical techniques, analysis of primary productivity, and logging of data via computer-based software suites all take place in the cozy confines of our floating laboratories. The labs on both ships also feature a continuous surface seawater sampling system that provides real-time data and logs data on a variety of oceanographic parameters once every 60 seconds! The deck machinery—equipment like the hydrowinch, the hydrowire, J-frame, and BT-winch—also plays a critical role in our science operations. Before coming to SEA, I had the opportunity to go to sea as part of the science team on research vessels from other institutions. Aside from handling the actual science gear, the science party was fairly limited in what role we could play in deck operations. We certainly were not permitted to operate deck gear such as the J-frame or hydrowinch. It never ceases to amaze me that during a SEA Semester, not only do scientists get the opportunity to learn to operate these pieces of equipment, but so do students! The ability to expose SEA Semester students from a variety of different disciplines to world-class oceanographic research has many advantages for both SEA and the students. Jason Clermont is Sea Education Association’s Technical Science Coordinator. He holds a M.S. in Biology from East Carolina University and has a keen interest in all aspects of marine science. He has spent an extensive amount of time on the water conducting science from a variety of platforms—from small skiffs in the sounds of North Carolina to large commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea.

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Such exposure can inspire students towards a career in marine science, as well as motivating those not previously inclined to study marine science to take up the issue or incorporate lessons learned into future career paths. Exposure to how marine science is conducted can also aid in disseminating ocean-related information to the public—a role of interest to SEA Semester students. What does the future hold for scientific capabilities on board the Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans? New cruise tracks, coupled with strategic partnerships such as the Ocean Health Index, have opened up new and exciting prospects for collaboration, educational opportunities, as well as novel oceanographic investigations. We are constantly looking towards the future to identify new and better ways SEA can play a role in identifying and overcoming the challenges facing the world’s oceans—and evolving scientific capability is likely to play a role in these new directions. Be it a new pH probe to measure the extent of ocean acidification at depth or a more intuitive controller for our ROV, we are constantly striving to keep SEA at the forefront of oceanographic science to inspire and empower our students. n

Graphical representation of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data showing the magnitude of ocean currents encountered during a SEA Semester cruise from Rockland, ME to St. John, USVI.

SSV Corwith Cramer SSV Robert C. Seamans Oceanographic Equipment List Winches / Wire Handling Markey DESH-4 Electric Hydrographic Winch with 5000m 1/4” 3x19 wire rope Markey DEBT-3 Auxiliary “enhanced BT” Winch with 1/8” wire rope Hydraulic J-frame and Dynacon electronic metered wheel Acoustics Knudsen Model 3260 Chirp sub-bottom profiling system, 2-7 kHz; Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (RDI Ocean Surveyor 75kHz) Hydrophone Physical / Chemical / Biological Water sampling Carousel- Sea Bird Electronics(SBE) 32-16 with: • 2.5-L Niskin Water Sampling Bottles • SBE 90208 Auto Fire Module • Seabird SEACAT Profiler Model SBE 19plus v.2 CTD • PAR sensor • Seapoint in-vivo chl-a fluorometer • Wet Labs CDOM fluorometer • Wet Labs transmissometer • SBE43 oxygen sensor RBR towed CTD with optional Sea Ppoint in-situ fluorometer YSI handheld Salinity-Conductivity-Temperature meters Ocean Optics USB2000 digital spectrophotometer Aquabotix Hydroview ROV (200ft rating, color cameras and HD video) Secchi Disk Nets SeaGear 200, 333, 1000 μm mesh Plankton nets SeaGear 333 μm mesh Neuston nets (1m wide by 0.5m high) SeaGear 63 μm Phytoplankton nets Tucker Trawl multiple opening/closing net MOCNESS with 9 net, 333 μm mesh, ¼ m2 opening (Robert C. Seamans only) Star-Oddi Centi-TD (temperature/depth) logger Sediment Shipek Sediment Grab Gravity Corer Fisher Sediment Scoop Lab Equipment Zeiss stereo dissecting scopes Zeiss/Nikon compound scope with epifluorescence capability Motic Camera for digital photomicrographs Orion 3-star benchtop pH meter Clean flowing seawater system with: • SBE45 thermosalinograph • Seapoint chlorophyll-a fluorometer • Wet Labs CDOM fluorometer • Wet Labs Transmissometer Desktop and laptop computers, printers, wireless network, automatic data backup FOLLOWING SEA Winter/Spring 2015


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CURRENTS Knowing the Ropes By Richard W. Murray, W-71

When I arrived in Woods Hole in the summer of 1983 for W-71, I had little idea of what awaited me. I was familiar with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the general community since my family had been traveling to and from Martha’s Vineyard for many summers. And, as a Geology major at Hamilton College, I had already decided to pursue “soft rock” geology while in college, ideally involving the ocean in some way. But I had little expectation of the SEA experience itself. I had read the brochures—this was, of course, long before the internet—and had already applied, so I knew the generalities. Cory Cramer (founder of SEA) was family friend as well, so my family knew the overall picture. Anything beyond that, however, was unknown. Little did I know that SEA would change my life as much as it did and that, virtually my entire life since then, SEA would figure so prominently in my personal and professional growth. SEA alumni are everywhere in the ocean sciences and in the general populace as well. I’ve been stopped on the street by people who see my SEA baseball cap and tell me that either they or their son/daughter “did SEA” and how much better off they are for it. At every step of my career I have interacted with SEA alumni, one of my nephews is “one of us,” and my growing children are destined to be SEA alumni in some 10 to 15 years. After graduating from Hamilton and nearly continuously dreaming of being at sea while watching the snow fall in upstate New York, I moved to pursue my PhD at UC Berkeley. While at sea conducting part of my PhD research, I drew heavily upon my SEA experiences. In fact—and this is still true today—the strong sense of self from having successfully completed SEA’s challenging academic and sea-going experience was essential for my entry into the sea-going oceanographic community. I have been a professor at Boston University (BU) since 1992 and spent a cumulative total of two years on various research cruises—since my SEA experience was more than 30 years ago that means nearly 7% of my life since has been spent out of sight of land. Time at sea includes two wonderful trips on the Cramer as Co-Chief Scientist on special courses for BU marine science majors. On one trip, Dr. Kara Lavender Law, sea-going SEA faculty, re-instilled in me a passion for teaching—simply by being around her—as she and I taught and sailed side-by-side. Captain Rappaport and Mary Malloy further reminded me how SEA can reach out and influence students in ways at once overt and subtle. On another research cruise I was fortunate to be Co-Chief Scientist on the JOIDES Resolution for Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition, targeting the climatic evolution of the Asian Monsoon. Problem-solving on the fly while responsible for a research mission involving over 100 persons drew upon the same skills first learned on the Westward off Sable Island. By a quirk of fate, for my most recent cruise I was the Chief Scientist on WHOI’s famed RV Knorr on her last full scientific expedition. Last fall, Knorr sailed in and out of Woods Hole and, in so many ways, aspects of my seagoing career have not strayed far at all. Indeed, on Knorr during that cruise were four other fellow SEA alumni. I am currently on leave from BU and spending several years in Washington, DC at the National Science Foundation (NSF) where I am the Division Director of Ocean Sciences. In this capacity, I lead a team of dedicated professional ocean scientists who oversee more than $360M of research activity each year. Being responsible for a budget of that scale is not without challenges and, at times, is not for the faint-hearted, particularly in this political and financial climate. Once again, my SEA experience some 30 years ago prepared me well. “Situational awareness,” “knowing the ropes,” “one hand for you, one for the ship,” these apply as much in the boardroom as they do at sea. SEA truly prepares one for life, wherever it may lead. n

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ARMIN E. ELSAESSER FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY! SEA is pleased to announce we are accepting preliminary proposals for the 2015-2016 Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. The Fellowship program, established in 1987, is in memory of Armin E. Elsaesser III—sailor, educator, and adventurer—who sailed on several Westward cruises and taught Maritime Studies on shore. With his strong curiosity and sense of adventure, Armin inspired SEA students and staff alike. The goal of the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship is to help one or more individuals each year to follow a dream that has been elusive because of the demands of work or study. The successful project will involve active investigation into an area of personal interest and should reflect a creative and independent approach to the pursuit of knowledge. SEA alumni, faculty, staff, and past employees are eligible for the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship. Awards range from $3,000 to $7,000 for projects that are at least one month in duration and involve any marine or maritime field that is not directly related to the applicant’s current professional activities. Winners will be chosen by a competitive selection. Preliminary proposals should be no more than two pages and should outline the project and preliminary budget. Applicants should also include a short biographical sketch. Proposals must be submitted by June 30, 2015 to the address below. SEA’s Fellowship Committee will review the proposals and a small number will be selected for submission of a more detailed proposal. The final decision will be announced in the fall of 2015. Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to Elsaesser Committee, SEA, PO Box 6, Woods Hole, MA 02543.

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