Lifestyle Quiz - Mizell and Moore Interiors

Lifestyle Quiz - Mizell and Moore Interiors

Please email the completed Lifestyle Quiz to [email protected] 1. Which rooms are you focusing on? ___________________________________...

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Please email the completed Lifestyle Quiz to [email protected] 1. Which rooms are you focusing on? _______________________________________________________________

2. Who uses this space, including pets (color of pets) and ages of children? ___________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Who is the style decision maker? ________________________________________________________________

4. Who is the financial decision maker? _____________________________________________________________

5. Items you would like to keep and use in the space? _______________________________________________________

6. Specific items you think you will need for this space? (i.e., a Sofa, a table that seats 6, Art)_______________ 7. Would you consider yourself? (check all that apply)


8. What colors do you want to use in this space? ____________________________________________________

9. What colors do you not want at all in the space? ___________________________________________________ 10. Patterns, how do you feel about these patterns?(like, dislike, neutral) Stripes_________Paisley__________Plaid__________Floral (In general) ____________Stylized Floral__________ Tribal__________Geometric__________Modern__________Toile__________Diamond_____________Dots_________

Specific patterns you like or dislike not covered here? _____________________________________________________ 11. Describe what do you want the space to feel like? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Do you have any current magazines or catalogs that you like? (i.e., Ballard Designs, Horchow, Traditional Home) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Do you have a specific store that has the look you are wanting? (Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 14. Is there a hotel or place that you know of that has a look you like?(The Bellagio, Biltmore Estate, The Taj Mahal) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 15. Budget? 

Do you have budget window you have decided on to complete this whole project now?$_________

To $_________

Or do you plan on doing this project in stages?

Stages, Yes or Do whole project now,

No •

If yes, what is the budget per stage $________ to $___________How many stages? ________________

16. When to begin?______________When to complete?_____________________ 17. Other comments:________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Please email the completed Lifestyle Quiz to [email protected] Phone: 972-369-4342