Monterey Bay Area

Monterey Bay Area

National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey Bay Area Capitola, CA Labor Day weekend 2012 Source: Wikipedia Commons JPRoy2101 Wednesday,...

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National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey Bay Area

Capitola, CA Labor Day weekend 2012 Source: Wikipedia Commons JPRoy2101

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 Presented by: Brian Garcia, Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Timing and Impacts 1 September – ? September 2017 Possible Impacts

Friday into next week • • • • • • • • •

Heat Related Illness Hyperthermia Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke Hypothermia Cold Water Paralysis Drownings Power Outages Travel/traffic

• Sample of groups at risk • Athletes • Elderly • Young kids • Pets • All who do not take necessary precautions

Watches/Advisories/Warnings 1 September – ? September 2017

Current • Heat Advisory • Excessive Heat Warning • Red Flag Warning (Fire Weather) • No others likely


All time records for select location throughout the Bay Area and forecast high temps for Friday Santa Rosa Forecast: Friday 107° All time record: 113° 7/11/1913 Period of record: 6/2/1902 - present Napa (State Hospital) Forecast: Friday 103° All time record: 113° 6/14/1961 Period of record: 1/1/1893 - present Livermore Forecast: Friday 113° All time record: 115° 9/3/1950 Period of record: 1/1/1903 - 8/25/2017 San Jose Forecast: Friday 100° All time record: 109° 6/14/2000 Period of record: 1/1/1893 - present Gilroy Forecast: Friday 111° All time record: 115° 7/15/1972 Period of record: 5/16/1957 - 8/21/2017

Beach Hazards

• • • •

Cold Water Turbulent Surf Strong Rip Currents Enjoy the Beach, but be Surf Smart

54.5°F 56.8°F

54.5°F 56.7°F





58.5°F 54.0°F


Sea Surface Temperatures as of 30 Aug @ 11 am

National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area Monterey Bay Area

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