Shorelines Summer 2017 - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Shorelines Summer 2017 - Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Director’s Note

Animal Care

Summer Programs

What’s New

Member Calendar




We’re expanding our animal health lab to give our team more room to deliver exceptional care to all our animals, including shorebirds.

Director’s Note

Awe is what moves us forward. — Joseph Campbell

Julie Packard Executive Director

At a time when the ocean and its wildlife need our attention more than ever, we’ve been active on many fronts—and your support is helping us to truly make a difference. From construction of our new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership to our active role in innovative research projects and conservation policy initiatives, we are having an impact around the globe. You’ll see changes at the Aquarium, too, when you visit this summer. We just opened our Soaring with Seabirds exhibit for families with younger children, and created a quiet lounge area nearby for nursing mothers. Our ocean-view decks will be busy this summer. Between our Underwater Explorers surface scuba program and daily deck shows about the cultural history of fishing in Monterey Bay, there will be lots to see and do, when you’re not keeping an eye out for passing birds, whales, dolphins and sea otters! When you stroll down Cannery Row, you’ll see our Education Center taking shape as we prepare to host our first students, teachers and emerging teen leaders in just a couple of years. You have been very generous with your support for the Center and the innovative programs it will house, and we’re closer than ever to making this big project a reality. Our research team has been exceptionally busy. With colleagues

in Mexico, we’ve identified a new nursery area for young white sharks and pinpointed threats that could slow the recovery of white sharks in the northeastern Pacific. We’re leading an initiative to learn about the lives of steelhead trout when they return to the ocean—a complete mystery to science right now. And we’re partnering with university scientists to map the genomes of both sea otters and white sharks, work that will contribute to conservation efforts for the species. We’re beginning another important project as well: a major expansion of our Animal Care Center starts this fall. When it’s complete, we’ll have better facilities for delivering world-class care to our exhibit animals, and contributing in new ways to our conservation research work. You can learn more on page 4—and I hope you’ll lend us your support. We continue to have a huge impact beyond our walls. This spring, we convened a forum at Hewlett Packard Enterprise with top Silicon Valley executives, where former Secretary of State John Kerry drew connections between a healthy ocean, the strength of our economy and our own survival. Our policy team will soon travel

to New York for the first United Nations gathering to link sustainable development with ocean health. Our participation in a leadership role reflects the high regard in which the Aquarium is held as a global ocean conservation leader. Internationally, we’re working more closely than ever in Southeast Asia with seafood producers, governments and major businesses to shift fisheries and aquaculture in more sustainable directions. Later this year, we’ll give businesses new tools so they can use their purchasing power to address human rights abuses in the seafood supply chain. This only begins to scratch the surface. In every dimension of our work—from our exhibits and education programs to our science, policy and seafood programs—we are more deeply committed than ever to ensuring a healthy future for the ocean. We are making a real difference, thanks to the incredible support we receive from each of you. Thank you for giving us the encouragement, and resources, to be a champion for the ocean.


Left: Dr. Mike observes as our animal care team examines an olive ridley sea turtle that beached next to the Aquarium. Above: Gentle assistance is always helpful during penguin exams.

Above: Aquarists measure a giant sea bass during a routine freshwater bath. Right: Dr. Mike examines a juvenile African penguin as part of a regular health check.

Building a World-Class Animal Care Center C

aring for the thousands of animals—on exhibit here at the Aquarium as well as those we study, or rescue and return to the wild—requires a dedicated veterinary staff and skilled team of aquarists. We’re fortunate to have Dr. Mike Murray, our respected director of veterinary services and a top veterinary scientist, leading our operations. But, providing the highest standard of care takes a state-of-the-art veterinary facility. We’re proud to announce our fundraising campaign to expand our animal health lab starting this fall. The 6,300-square-foot, two-story addition will give our team more room to deliver exceptional care, and will provide visitors with opportunities to see the full scope of our veterinary activities during behind-the-scenes tours.


Left: Rescued sea otter pups require considerable care and attention, including routine health exams and surgery to implant transmitters before we return them to the wild.

“The Aquarium has always been very supportive of every piece of equipment I’ve needed,” says Dr. Mike. “The problem has always been—as it is with a lot of aquariums—real estate. The new facility

will allow us to consolidate our operations to increase efficiency and enhance our ability to work with our animals, as well as provide instruction to veterinarians and veterinary students interested in aquatic animal medicine.” Over the years, our living collection has changed significantly as we opened new exhibits. We’ve added more and different species, and expanded our conservation research program. At the same time, tools and techniques of veterinary medicine advanced, as have the high standards for animal care.

Provided we raise the needed funds, the $7 million expansion of our veterinary facility will add a new diagnostic laboratory, two animal hospital wards, and additional office space for veterinary staff, students and interns. It will consolidate and improve our medical storage and equipment sterilization capacities, and give us room for long-term storage of biological material we’ve collected over the years—material we can use in future research studies to help sustain or recover wild populations of animals in our care. The expanded facility will also allow Dr. Mike and his staff to: •

Better meet the diverse veterinary needs of marine wildlife, from sea stars and sea bass to sharks and seabirds.

Efficiently employ new, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to examine and treat animals in our care.

Address the specific needs of rescued species like sea otters, but also sea turtles and other animals that are more likely to strand in our region as the ocean continues to warm.

More effectively quarantine sick marine wildlife to prevent the spread of disease.

Create a learning environment where our aquarists can expand their knowledge of health issues that could affect animals in their care.

Provide formal training opportunities for veterinary students and graduates, especially those from communities underrepresented in the profession today.

First and foremost, the expanded facility will allow our staff to continue to provide the highest level of veterinary care for our animals, advance conservation research and contribute to the recovery of threatened and endangered species.

Join us! You can help make our new Animal Care Center possible with a gift to our special campaign. Please contact our Development office at 800-840-4880 or [email protected] We’ll share updates on this exciting project in the coming months.


Summer at the Aquarium Take Time for a Tour Go behind the scenes for a more intimate look at our animals and operations. Have you ever touched a moon jelly? Now you can on our Insider’s Tour, where you’ll discover the secret lives of jellies, uncover new animals and more! Find out how we care for rescued sea otter pups, and how our research is helping sea otters thrive in the wild on our Sea Otter Conserva-

tion tour. Are you a shark fan? On our Shark Tour, we’ll show you over a dozen different species of sharks. You can also express your love for a special someone by booking one of our Romance Tours. We offer a wide range of personalized possibilities that will leave you with treasured memories.

Summertime Sleepovers Sleep next to your favorite Aquarium exhibit this summer! Start your Sleepover experience with live music during Evenings by the Bay. When the doors close, continue to explore the Aquarium


Members receive special pricing on Sleepovers. To make your reservation, visit montereybayaquarium. org/adventures or call us at 831.647.6886.

Underwater Explorers Come dive with us! In this unique program, we introduce kids ages eight to 13 to the underwater world through surface scuba diving. They will encounter amazing animals and discover the wonders of Monterey Bay while being safely guided by Aquarium dive staff in our Great Tide Pool.

No experience is necessary, only a sense of adventure! We’ll run four programs a day between June 19 and September 4 (except from August 28 to August 31). Underwater Explorers is our most popular summer program and sells out quickly, so book online now!

Members receive special pricing on Underwater Explorers and all tours. To make your reservation, visit or call us at 831.647.6886.


The Whole Aquarium’s a Stage


at your leisure with special programs and a light bedtime snack before you fall asleep in front of your favorite exhibit. Wake up with the fishes and enjoy a continental breakfast in our Cafe.

f you’re looking for a captivating theatrical experience, chances are an aquarium visit won’t be top of mind, and understandably so. Since aquariums first debuted over a century ago, they’ve been built to inspire “left brain” concepts—science, logic and facts—through exhibits of living animals.

Today, more and more science-based institutions are putting theatrical programs at center stage, and the Aquarium is no exception. We’ve found these experiences make for a more engaging visit by bringing history and science to life. Encounters with live theater also help our visitors understand and connect more deeply with the messages we convey about

the ocean in our exhibits and programs. That’s why we offer performances (sometimes in surprising locations) throughout the Aquarium, especially during the summer. Wander into Tentacles and you may encounter a turn-of-thecentury explorer who will regale you with stories of recent expeditions. Stop by the Real Cost Café to interact with wait staff who

will serve up some tasty tips for sustainable seafood. Step outside to the Great Tide Pool and you’ll journey through centuries of fishing traditions reflecting the many people and cultures who called Monterey home. Our full complement of live performances runs from June 17 to September 4.

Evenings by the Bay July 1-September 2 We’ve changed our extended summer hours this year to kick off the weekends a little early. During Evenings by the Bay this season you can linger until 8 p.m. on Fridays (July only) and Saturdays (July to September) at your favorite exhibits as you enjoy live music, beverages from a no-host bar, and delicious food. On Fridays in July only, enjoy popular Monterey Jazz Festival musicians. On Saturdays from July to September a variety of live bands will entertain you, and you can purchase small bites from special menus created by the Aquarium’s Executive Chef, Matthew Beaudin, as well as a variety of beverages from a no-host bar.


What’s New We Celebrate a Makana-versary


ur lovely Laysan albatross—the only one of her kind at any zoo or aquarium in North America—is our most visible (and vocal) animal ambassador. She raises awareness about the threats facing seabirds and other marine life from ocean plastic pollution.

Here’s a list of her most notable accomplishments: • She hosts her own daily public program at the Kelp Forest.

A ‘Ghost Shark’ Swims into our Imaginations


in zoos and aquariums, so we had to figure a lot of things out as we went,” she says. “It’s been fun watching her learn and seeing the changes in her personality from a young bird, through the awkward ‘teenage’ years and now as an adult.” Aimee says Makana’s story, as well as her beauty and grace, motivates visitors to make changes in their personal lives, such as refusing disposable plastic straws and

he Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) fascinated the world when it released a video of an unusual species of “ghost shark” in its natural, deep-sea habitat off our own Central Coast— the first time the species has ever been seen alive. We recently interviewed MBARI Senior Research Technician Lonny Lundsten about the pointy-nosed blue chimaera, and why exploring the deep sea is so amazing.

• She’s appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. • Her picture was featured in Audubon magazine. • She stars in our own podcasts and videos. • She helps us inspire people to support legislation that protects marine life, such as California’s recent plastic bag ban. Makana—named after the Hawaiian word for “gift”—came to us as a nine-month-old chick with a permanent wing injury, and has been a joy for us ever since. Curator of Aviculture Aimee Greenebaum counts herself lucky to have worked with Makana from the beginning. “Albatross had not really been kept successfully


Happy 10th anniversary, Makana! single-use water bottles. “Makana gives us a way to take a depressing topic like ocean plastic pollution and turn it into an interesting story that leaves people feeling hopeful and inspired,” she says. You can meet Makana in person most days at 1:30 p.m. by the Kelp Forest during our “Albatross Encounter” program. Stop by and say “Aloha,” and thank her for all she’s done and continues to do for ocean conservation.


Come Explore the Incredible Lives of Seabirds

ave fun Soaring with Seabirds in a new exhibit designed for families with young children. The successor to Flippers, Flukes and Fun features educational, interactive and engaging opportunities to learn about these remarkable birds. The newest addition to our Open Sea wing explores how these birds are uniquely adapted to life at sea, but still must return to land to hatch and raise their chicks. Through exploration and play, children will learn how seabirds thrive in conditions in which most birds could not survive.

A flock of 75 stylized birds circles the ocean-view exhibit from above and guides visitors into the first of three themed areas: Meet the Seabirds. Guests of all ages become acquainted with eight types of seabirds they might see in Monterey Bay— gulls, terns, pelicans, albatross, murres, guillemots, cormorants and puffins. In the next area, Life at Sea, an interactive video lets you experience what it’s like to glide like an albatross or flap like a guillemot. Another interactive display explores different feeding strategies of pelicans (diving), puffins (pursuit diving)

and gulls (dabbling). The main feature of the last area, Life on Land, is a 28-footlong wall focused on seabird family life. Dynamic displays highlight the incredible nesting and brooding adaptations of murres, puffins, cormorants and guillemots—from eggs that roll in circles to keeping flightless fledglings safe. An interactive display lets kids discover how much work it takes to feed tern chicks, and a large crawl-in egg features a cacophony of recorded bird sounds that adds to the crowded seabird colony experience. “Soaring with Seabirds is

about helping people develop a fondness for the birds of the greater Monterey Bay,” says Senior Exhibit Designer Bart Hays. “Through exploration and play, we hope visitors will gain an appreciation for these amazing animals.”

New Nursing Lounge Moms, be sure to visit our new lounge next to Soaring with Seabirds. Inside are comfy seats where moms can nurse in private and put up their feet while surrounded by soothing music and video. We also stocked the room with picture books to keep your other little ones engaged.

What’s most exciting to you about this animal? It’s this very large, charismatic animal, about a meter long, and something no human has ever seen alive before. It’s fantastic to be able to watch its acrobatic swimming in its deep-sea habitat.

Why does this chimaera look stitched together? The visible lines on its head and sides are an extension of the lateral line canal system, which allows fishes to sense vibrations or movement in the water

and, most likely, help this animal find prey.

How does MBARI’s video lab help you and other biologists identify new or rare species, and especially their behavior? MBARI is using state-ofthe-art technology to push into the deep sea, down to 4,000 meters. This is an environment that is largely unexplored and certainly hasn’t been filmed using high-definition video cameras. You can imagine 100 years ago how people were sampling the deep sea—dragging a net through the water column or along the sea floor, basically taking a big scoop of whatever was there. Then they dumped that big scoop on the deck of the ship and started sorting.

What do you like best about deep-sea exploration? The coolest thing is that I get a sense of what it must have felt like for early explorers in human history to go places nobody’s ever been and to see things that nobody’s ever seen before. It’s truly exciting and rewards me with a feeling of awe and wonder for the natural world. Read the exclusive full interview with Lonny in Shorelines online.


Member Activities Calendar August



Summer Nights Sleepover 6 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.


13 Member Night:

Picnic by the Bay 7 to 9:30 p.m.

September SATURDAY


Summer Nights Sleepover 6 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.



Member Event (ages 21+)* 7 to 11 p.m.

19 Summer Nights Sleepover

6 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.


30 Seashore Sleepover

7 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 July 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 August 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 September 2, 3, 4 Please enter through the Member Entrance. For the health and safety of our animals, some exhibits may not be on view until the Aquarium opens to the general public.


22 Summer Nights Sleepover

Member Exclusive Early Openings 9 a.m.

6 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

*Tickets to the Member event on September 9 will go on sale in July. (Please note, this event was previously published as September 16.) Look out for more details in your upcoming e-newsletters, or you can visit

Want More? Visit for details about the stories that caught your attention and more.

Guests visiting this summer?

The Deep Sea


Treat them to a tour or adventure at the Aquarium, both of which you can easily purchase online.

Read the full interview with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s Lonny Lundsten about the mysterious “ghost shark”—only in Shorelines online.

Learn how ocean plastic pollution affects seabirds and other marine wildlife, and how you can help stem its deadly tide.

Sign up for e-news and follow us on social media to be the first to know about new exhibit animals, special events and more. 10

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Creating a Legacy for the Ocean


im Mitchell grew up in Evansville, Indiana, the son of a Kentuckian who never had a birth certificate. He graduated from Purdue University in 1965 and immediately took a job at General Electric (GE) in Cleveland, where he worked as an accountant. It was there he met Willy, who was the secretary to the director of the division, and they married in 1972. Jim and Willy were devoted to each other. They shared a love for travel, tennis, skiing, and an appreciation for the natural world. Eventually they ended up in Cupertino where Willy was a manager at Okidata North America and Jim was CFO and VP of Operations for Virtual Communications, Inc. They joined the Aquarium and faithfully supported our work as Leadership Council

donors for 24 years, with Jim making sure that each year the Aquarium received a matching gift from GE. Willy and Jim joined our Ocean Legacy Jim and Willy Mitchell Circle in 2003, but we did not know until last year—when they passed away—the depth of their generosity and commitment. Knowing how much they loved the Aquarium and believed in the importance of our conservation work, we will direct Jim and Willy’s very generous bequest toward our Board Designated Fund. In this way, their support for the Aquarium will continue far into the future and becomes

their legacy, inspiring new generations to care for and protect the ocean. We will always be thankful, and we are proud to permanently recognize the Estate of James and Lillian Mitchell on our Benefactor’s Plaque in the Aquarium.

supervising editor: Ken Peterson vice president, development:


Holiday & Summer hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Regular hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Learn how you can support the Aquarium and the future of the ocean through a bequest. Contact Mary Mullen at [email protected] org or 831.648.4913, or visit Please let us know if you have included the Aquarium in your will or trust or as a beneficiary so we may thank you and welcome you into our Ocean Legacy Circle.

Questions? Call the Membership office at 831.648.4880 or 800.840.4880 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time. Our mission is to inspire conservation of the ocean.

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