SmileLine newsletter - Monterey Bay Dental Society

SmileLine newsletter - Monterey Bay Dental Society

THE NEWSLETTER OF THE MONTEREY BAY DENTAL SOCIETY SPRING 2017 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down Volunteering in Belize Dentistry in Haiti and Uganda ...

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2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down Volunteering in Belize Dentistry in Haiti and Uganda Volunteering Oral Health Presentations In Schools

—Winston Churchill

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

A Message From Your Outgoing MBDS President How quickly time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was calling to order our first meeting as president of the board, and now here I am writing a letter as outgoing president. It was a successful year for our dental society, welcoming new members and congratulating long-standing ones on their retirement, hosting a great line up of continuing education speakers, and increasing our community involvement with another volunteer showing at the Big Sur Marathon. I was honored to lead our component, but perhaps the highlight was participating in the Homeless Veterans Stand Down event in August.

It was an incredibly rewarding experience working alongside family and colleagues, listening to the veterans’ stories, and treating their most urgent dental needs. I have never been more proud to be a member of our component.

Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS

When the call was put out to the dental society, over 50 dental professionals signed up to help those most in need.

As I hand the reigns over to Dr. Dick Kent this year, I know we will all be in good hands. Not only does he have the leadership skills to bring new, innovative opportunities to our region, but his sense of humor and collegiality keeps the business of supporting our members fun and enjoyable. If you were at this year’s installation dinner, you know what I mean when I say Dr. Kent sure knows how to throw a party! Thank you, again, for allowing me to serve you as president. It has been an honor and a pleasure. Warm Regards,

Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS

The world is hugged by the

2016 President, MBDS

faithful arms of volunteers.



A Message From Your Incoming MBDS President As I expressed during the Installation Dinner, it’s a privilege to be Monterey Bay Dental Society’s 2017 President. I thank the incredible Board of Directors with Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian at The Helm this past year. It’s a daunting task to live up to the Leadership that’s gone before me. As always, Debi Diaz is the one who makes it all work. Thank you Debi and thanks to all of you for this opportunity to serve. We all admire unselfish service for others! Other leaders have greatly inspired me in my life and my dental career.

and interviewed for membership suitability by Dr. Roy Thomas. Then in 1982 I became the Sole Proprietor of a Dental Practice that I purchased from Dr. Fredrick O. Forbes. Carole Hart was another Inspiration for me toward service in the MBDS. Those who knew her as Executive Director know what an Encourager she was. I started by volunteering for MBDS to speak about dental health to school children.

Dr. Richard Kent, DDS

I was born the last of four children in the small town of Fort Bragg, California. My family was dedicated to the beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventist church. My father was the new medical doctor in town and in fact received his “MD” the summer before I was born. He had been inspired to take Medicine because of his service as a Medic in World War II. I grew up in the school system of the SDA church and even attended High School at Monterey Bay Academy in Watsonville. Those 4 years were challenging and character-building; giving me much inspiration for future years. My brother Milton was in Dental School that year in 1972 with plans to graduate in 1975. His life ended tragically that summer, but not before he had inspired and encouraged me toward Dental School. In 1980, I graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry. Ginger and I moved to Monterey in July of that year. All who read this short story will remember friends, family, and teachers who inspired and encouraged you to make decisions that have rewarded your lives. Little wonder that this is my theme! Cherish them and resolve to be the one who gives inspiration or encouragement to another. I chose early to become a member of this fine Dental Society in late 1980. I was Sponsored by Dr. Kevin Landon

Over the last 36 years it has been enriching to learn from and gain Encouragement from many of you in the Monterey Bay Dental Society. I have enjoyed immensely the Art and Science of Dentistry through the years. But it’s been Relationships fostered with colleagues and with my patients that have made the years worthwhile. My anchor has been Faith in God and the unconditional love from my wife and my family. That’s my short story! I’m emphasizing how Relationships with family, friends, and colleagues have been the source of leadership, inspiration, and encouragement for me. The same is true for all of us in the Monterey Bay Dental Society. The success of MBDS comes from the same four aspects. In our personal lives we can identify with “The Cross of Life” that Dr. LD Pankey (Founder of the Pankey Institute) talked about in his book, “A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry.” He said Happiness comes from four facets of our lives. Love, Worship, Work, and Play. I want our members to achieve rich and joy-filled lives. I believe it’s important for each of us to identify the best way to develop Selfless Love, to cultivate a Faith with Worship, how to enjoy our Work, and don’t forget to Play. In the Monterey Bay Dental Society, fun and play can be realized as we meet new people who are our colleagues. This is where collegial Relationships can begin. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


A Message From Your Incoming MBDS President (Continued) As we work together, meet together, learn together, and serve together; we gain Inspiration and Encouragement from colleagues around us and from the courses we take. We grow from all these facets by the influence of our leadership to step up and become the next Leaders. It begins by becoming involved. Our only limitations are the limits we place on ourselves! As you consider this New Year with your business and personal challenges; whether financial, physical, mental, or spiritual; consider what ways you can be encouraged to Love, Worship, Work, and Play. We each have diverse gifts and backgrounds that make us unique for meeting the

needs of the people who come to our offices for care and the needs of colleagues we meet in the dental society. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow at MBDS. Allow me to encourage you; our members, office teams, friends, and family, to become more involved serving with us. I leave it to each of you to discover which facet of the MBDS suits your gifts best. Make 2017 your best year ever! Sincerely yours, Richard Kent I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Table Of Contents A Message From The Outgoing President ........................................... 2


A Message From The Incoming President........................................... 3 Table of Contents ........................................................5 New Members............................................................. 6

The Newsletter of The Monterey Bay Dental Society Published By Monterey Bay Dental Society 8 Harris Court, #A2, Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 658-0168 Editor Dr. Carl Sackett, DDS Advertising and Continuing Education Content Debi Diaz, Executive Director Monterey Bay Dental Society Design and Production Heidi Heath Garwood

Upcoming MBDS Calendar of Events for 2017........... 7 Editor’s Column .......................................................... 8 Outgoing and Incoming Board Members .................. 9 Officer Installation Night, 2016 ................................ 10 CDA Achieves Significant Settlement In Delta Legal Action............................................11 Volunteering Oral Health Presentations In Schools ....................................................... 13 In Memorium — Dr. Matthew Hamilton ...................15 What’s Been Happening at Mission Trails ROP?......16 Working Interviews And Internships........................ 17 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County........................................18

Cover photo (background)

Dr. Carl Sackett, DDS Taken at Veteran’s Stand Down Event 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County Parting Shot photo

Carl Sackett

©2016/2017—This newsletter solicits and will publish, space permitting, signed articles relating to dentistry but will assume no responsibility for the opinions or validity of the theories contained therein. Subscription rate for non-MBDS members is $15.00 per year. Acceptance of advertisements in no way constitutes professional endorsement by the MBDS.

Volunteers Who Signed Up, Showed Up And Delivered Care!.................................................. 24 In Memorium — Dr. Surindar N. Bhaskar................ 26 Ninth Annual CDA Dental Motorcycle/Bycycle Event ..............................28 Dr. Kenji Saisho Volunteers On A Mission In Belize .......................................................... 29 Dr. Nannette Benedict Volunteer Mission In Haiti................................................ 31 Classifieds................................................................. 36 2016 House Of Delegates ......................................... 37 Parting Shot...............................................................38 I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Welcome To Our New Members for 2016 and 2017




Keith Kowalski, DDS 12/13/16

Kevin Ma, DDS 9/21/16

Jeffrey Smith, DDS 12/11/16



Tina-Lise Curtis, DDS 9/21/16

Farnoosh Abbasi, DDS 7/12/16

Jae Yoo, DDS 1/25/16


Miguel Olivarez, DDS 12/7/16

Robert Rodriguez, DDS 12/5/16 Mastaneh Pournaderi, DDS 6/15/16 Sobha Atani, DDS 2/29/16 Travis Ludy, DDS 2/9/17 ROYAL OAKS Tony Ku, DDS 5/13/16

Amar Patel, DDS 8/2/16 Vu Le, DDS 2/3/16

Jeffrey Lee, DDS 12/17/16 SUNNYVALE Jacqueline Nguyen, DDS 10/10/16

Pryadarshini Agrawai, DDS 11/29/16

Xudong Yang, DDS 1/13/17



Abel Loredo, DDS 10/1/16

Hoang Nguyen, DDS 3/16/16

Christine Lewis, DDS 12/7/16

We encourage old members to reach out and welcome our new members if they have not done so already. We are excited and happy to have them join us! For information about contacting our new members visit the member only section of the website for the full member directory that includes addresses and phone numbers.

MBDS Board Room available Members can now utilize the board room at the dental society for a small fee to host study groups, meetings or staff events. For more information, contact the Dental Society at 831-658-0168 I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Upcoming MBDS Calendar of Events for 2017 Continuing Education 2017 Friday, March 31, 2017 Stanley F. Malamed, DDS “10 Minutes to Save a Life: Emergency Medicine in Dentistry” Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, CA 93940 9 AM – 4 PM 6 CE Units (Core) Member Dentists $280 – Non-CDA members $380 Auxiliary $130

Friday, November 4, 2016 Jeff Brucia, DDS “Restorative Materials and Techniques Update” Embassy Suites, Seaside, CA 93955 9 AM – 5 PM 7 CE Units (Core) Member Dentists $140 – Non-CDA members $240 Auxiliary $70 Lunch is included with registration for all full day courses Breakfast is included for the April 28th course (no lunch)

Friday, April 28, 2017

General Membership Dinner Meetings

Art Curley, Esq. & Noel Kelsch, RDH “California Dental Practice Act, Infection Control & OSHA” Embassy Suites, Seaside, CA 93955 8 AM – 1:30 PM 4 CE Units (Core) (Satisfies Dental Board’s License Renewal Mandate) Member Dentists $140 Non-CDA members $240 – Auxiliary $70 *Includes breakfast

Thursday, April 6, 2017 Nancy Dewhirst, RDH — “Ergonomics and Personal Health Concerns” 6:00 PM • Bittersweet Bistro, Aptos, CA

Friday, July 21, 2017 Lois Banta “10 Top Management Tools for a Successful Practice” Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, CA 93940 9 AM – 5 PM 7 CE Units (Core) Member Dentists $280 – Non-CDA members $380 Auxiliary $130

Friday, September 15, 2017 Karl Koerner, DDS “Oral Surgery for the General Dentist: Making it Easier, Faster, and More Predictable” Embassy Suites, Seaside, CA 93955 9 AM – 5 PM 7 CE Units (Core) Member Dentists $280 – Non-CDA members $380 Auxiliary $130

Friday, November 17, 2017 Gordon Christensen, DDS “The Christensen Bottom Line 2017” Hyatt Regency Monterey, CA 93940 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM 6 CE Units (Core) Member Dentists $280 – Non-CDA members $380 Auxiliary $130

Thursday, June 15, 2017 Joseph Lopez — “Medical Billing for Dentists” 6:00 PM • Embassy Suites, Seaside, CA Thursday, September 21, 2017 Teresa J. Pichay, CHPC, Practice Analyst, California Dental Association — “Creating Privacy Policies and Procedures” Bring your HIPAA Manual 6:00 PM • Bittersweet Bistro, Aptos, CA Friday, November 3, 2017 Installation of Officers 6:30 PM • Ferrantes (Marriott Monterey), CA 93940

MBDS Board Of Director’s Meetings 6:00 PM Dental Society Office, 8 Harris Ct, A2, Monterey Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Tuesday, September 12, 2017 Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2016 CDA House of Delegates – Sacramento, CA Friday, November 17th – Sunday, November 19th (Sacramento, CA) I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Editor’s Column Dr. Carl Sackett, DDS, Editor

The MBDS and its members have continually shown what it means to be a dental professional who “gives back.” I invite you to enjoy the enclosed articles that highlight just a few ways our members have remained engaged in this regard. In the fall of 2016, the Veteran’s Stand Down was a huge success, and is already scheduled for another date in 2018. Drs. Benedict and Saisho have graciously offered to share their stories of recent Mission trips they attended.

Greetings, and Salutations! I hope this note finds you well, and that you’ve had a good start to 2017. Now that the holidays are behind us, you are likely back into the swing of things and running full throttle. I wish you much success in the upcoming year, both inside and outside of the office. I will begin by saying what an honor it is to be now serving as the Editor for the SmileLine. As many of you know, Dr. Lloyd Nattkemper served in this capacity for many years, and tirelessly published edition after edition on behalf of our members. The amount of time and energy he dedicated to this role is absolutely astounding, and I am truly humbled to be able to step in for him. Indeed, I have some big shoes to fill here, and I am unbelievably grateful for the trust you have placed in me. So, if it hasn’t been said enough already, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”, Lloyd, for all your years of dedication to our component’s newsletter. We are truly indebted to you, and give you a well-deserved round of applause. That being said, I welcome you to peruse and enjoy my first attempt at creating our local Newsletter. The theme of this first publication is “Volunteerism.” As you may or may not know, there are countless opportunities for philanthropy in dentistry. Whether it is an event organized at the state or local level, or even something within your own office, the ways in which we can share our professional gifts are innumerable. Charitable endeavors in dentistry can be extremely rewarding, and many times provide benefits that we might not have otherwise known. Aside from helping our fellow man, it can even simply provide a pleasant change from the everyday dynamics of day-to-day practice. It goes without saying that it’s nice to have a “break” from the office now and again.

As for myself, I plan on giving back to my alma mater, as I return to my dental school in San Francisco to teach the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed UOP dental students. While donating one’s time to their former school doesn’t help to generate any revenue for the office, the enriching experiences that result are absolutely priceless. As Saint Francis of Assisi once said, “It is in giving that we truly receive”. Anyone who has volunteered their time in dentistry is sure to find an abundance of truth in this statement. 2017 is sure to be yet another great year for the MBDS, and the Monterey Bay Dental Society remains a flourishing a vibrant component of CDA. Fortunately, we are still in excellent hands with Debi Diaz as our Executive Director. She works continuously behind the scenes, making sure all is running smoothly and calmly. And, with a bit of encouragement from dentists such as myself, we were able to convince Dr. Dick Kent that he would do a phenomenal job in leading our Board of Directors. Thus far, he has proved us right. I welcome any and all input to help make the SmileLine even better. I look forward to seeing you around at one of our events or meetings. Thank you again for allowing me to take on this exciting responsibility. Warm Regards, Charles (“Carl”) Sackett, DDS MBDS SmileLine Editor I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Monterey Bay Dental Society Board of Directors Thanks to our 2016 Outgoing Board of Directors President President-Elect Vice President Secretary/Treasurer State Trustee Immediate Past President County Directors

Publications Legislative and Cal D Pac Dental Health Committee Community & Public Relations Ethics Committee Peer Review Committee New Dentist Committee Membership Committee Continuing Education Committee

Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS Richard Kent, DDS Eric Brown, DDS Jennifer Lo, DDS Nannette Benedict, DDS Carl Sackett, DDS Drs. Rajneesh Dail, Mark Ebrahimian, Jeanette Kern,Adriana Lalinde, Ryan Payne, Joseph Robb, Steve Ross & Noreen Yoshida Lloyd Nattkemper, DDS Daniel Pierre, DDS Irving Chao, DDS Lindley Zerbe, DDS David Shin, DDS James Leamey, DDS Garrett Criswell, DDS Eric Brown, DDS Richard Kent, DDS

And Welcome to Our 2017 Incoming Board of Directors President President-Elect Vice President Secretary/Treasurer State Trustee Immediate Past President County Directors

Publications Legislative and Cal D Pac Dental Health Committee Community & Public Relations Ethics Committee Peer Review Committee New Dentist Committee Membership Committee Continuing Education Committee

Richard Kent, DDS Eric Brown, DDS Lindley, Zerbe, DDS Jennifer Lo, DDS Nannette Benedict, DDS Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS Rajneesh Dail, DDS Mark Ebrahimian, DDS, Jeanette Kern, DDS, Geralyn Menold, DDS, Ryan Payne, DDS, Joseph Robb, DDS, Steve Ross, DDS & Noreen Yoshida, DDS Carl Sackett, DDS Daniel Pierre, DDS Irving Chao, DDS Lindley Zerbe, DDS David Shin, DDS James Leamey, DDS Garrett Criswell, DDS Lindley Zerbe, DDS Eric Brown, DDS I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


New Officer Installation Banquet The 2016 Installation of Officers Meeting was yet another wonderful success this year. Held on Friday, October 28th at the Monterey Marriott’s Ferrantes Bay Ballroom, our members enjoyed an evening of camaraderie and fellowship. The Outgoing Board of Directors was acknowledged, and the 2017 incoming Board was introduced. Thank you to all the volunteer members who dedicate their time and energy on behalf of our local component. Another huge thank you to Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, who gracefully served as our President for the 2016 year. And a warm welcome to Dr. Dick Kent, who finally makes his way to the top of the ladder! We are excited to have Dr. Kent lead us this year, and look forward to him keeping the MBDS moving in the right direction. Congratulations as well to Dr. Nannette Benedict, who was awarded the MBDS Dentist of the Year! Dr. Benedict is an incredible inspiration to our dentists, and well-deserving of this prestigious award. She continues to serve as CDA Trustee, all the while maintaining an active practice in Scotts Valley. Dr. Benedict’s son, Dr. Devin Burnhardt, accepted the award on her behalf during the evening. The Andy Weis Band performed, and provided musical entertainment for the evening. What a way to celebrate a fantastic 2016 for the MBDS!

TOP RIGHT: Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS MIDDLE: Dr. Richard Kent, DDS BOTTOM: The Andy Weis Band I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


CDA Achieves Significant Settlement In Delta Legal Action Dear Colleague, I am very pleased to inform you that CDA has achieved a favorable and, in many respects, unprecedented settlement in our legal action against Delta Dental regarding its attempt to cut Premier Plan reimbursement fees. You asked us to take a stand on your behalf — to protect your right to fair dealings — and we succeeded. CDA accomplished this result on your behalf after 3 1/2 years of hard-fought litigation, including a lengthy mediation. And during this entire period, we successfully blocked Delta Dental's attempt to reduce reimbursement rates for the Premier Plan, which has saved providers nearly a half-billion dollars in fee reimbursements. This hard-fought legal battle demonstrates the lengths CDA will go on behalf of its members. This kind of litigation, though expensive and time-consuming, is sometimes necessary to ensure your voice is effectively heard by dental benefit plans. We stress, however, that litigation is generally a last resort. CDA is committed to supporting members with sophisticated practice management and dental benefits guidance through CDA Practice Support, which offers important tools to assist with managing your practice and evaluating the plans you accept in your office, at Your membership provides CDA with the opportunity to support dentists in many ways, including our pursuit of this litigation on your behalf, and we thank you for being a member of the California Dental Association. Today, and every day, we will continue to work hard to protect your practice and the patients you serve. For details, read the settlement summary. CDA will keep members informed with the latest information about the settlement through, our e-newsletter and the CDA Update. Sincerely, Clelan Ehrler, DDS, MS President *This letter reprinted from the CDA website link: ArticleID/3757/CDA-achieves-significant-settlement-in-Delta-legal-action.aspx

CDA’s long legal battle against Delta Dental has resulted in a settlement with significant concessions from the dental benefit plan. Filed in 2013, the legal action stems from CDA’s relentless determination to do what’s right for members after learning of Delta’s intention to cut Premier Provider reimbursement rates by 8 to 12 percent. CDA wanted to send a message to Delta, holding it accountable for fair business practices and transparency. And CDA’s success in blocking Delta’s reimbursement rate reduction for more than three years has saved providers nearly a half billion dollars.

“Our members needed us to take a stand on their behalf — to protect their rights to good faith and fair dealing — and that’s exactly what we did. And after 3 ½ years in a hard-fought legal battle, we were successful,” said CDA President Clelan Ehrler, DDS, MS. In the course of litigation, and in addition to maintaining that Delta Dental had not fairly and adequately disclosed its plan to reduce reimbursement rates, CDA also discovered that Delta Dental had been imposing additional limitations on Premier provider annual fee filings, which the Participating Dentist Agreements did not allow. Dentists should be aware that Delta Dental intends to implement amended rules for participating dentists if the settlement is approved, although it cannot take effect until 120 days after the court gives final approval to the settlement. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


CDA Achieves Significant Settlement In Delta Legal Action CDA recently announced that there is now a formal proposed settlement agreement on behalf of all California dentists who served as Delta Dental Premier Providers any time between Jan. 1, 2011, and Dec. 31, 2016. Key settlement outcomes include the following:


As part of the settlement agreement, the litigation has been restated in a class action complaint and members will have 45 days from the mailing of the legal notice to object and/or opt out of the class action, if desired. The court hearing for final approval of the settlement is expected to occur by the end of April.

• Delta Dental must provide 120 days’ written notice of significant PDA changes to all contracted providers.

• Delta Dental must pay $34,750,000 to Premier dentists who filed annual fee adjustments with Delta Dental that were below the maximum amounts allowed but that were nonetheless reduced by Delta Dental based on its own self-determined “inflation adjustment percentage” (referred to by Delta Dental as “INAP”). Not every Premier dentist had his or her fees reduced by the INAP, in which case those individuals will not receive any payment. Those dentists who did have their fees limited by this procedure will receive some proportionate retroactive reimbursement.

After the court approves the class and the notice, any questions regarding the notice or the proposed settlement, including the amount dentists may be eligible to receive under the proposed settlement (subject to appropriate confidentiality limitations), should be directed to the class notice administrator. Delta Dental hired Rust Consulting to administer the settlement after it is approved by the court and a website will be established at For more information, including a settlement summary, visit or call CDA at 800.232.7645.

• Delta Dental must provide each Premier dentist affected by any attempt to reduce reimbursement fee maximum levels with an individualized analysis of the potential financial impact to his or her practice, based on that dentist’s prior 12-month submissions to Delta Dental.

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. ― Helen Keller I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Volunteering Oral Health Presentations In Schools by Dr. Carl Sackett Monterey Bay Dental Society’s involvement in Oral Health presentations for our local schools is yet another example of continued volunteerism by our members. Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Irving Chao, our doctors are able to maintain a presence in the educational community, and enhance oral health knowledge for both children and their parents. In conjunction with Children’s Dental Health Month and Give Kids A Smile, members in both the northern and southern parts of our component participated. These photos are from just one of our members, Dr. Tina-Lise Curtis, who practices in Santa Cruz. As you can tell, the students are enthusiastic and beyond appreciative! If you have an interest in providing an Oral Health Presentation to a local school, contact either Debi Diaz or Dr. Irving Chao for more information. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.




In Memorium In Memoriam – Matthew Hamilton, DDS Our friend, Dr. Matthew Hamilton, passed away unexpectedly in January of 2017. Dr. Hamilton was a member of the Monterey Bay Dental Society for approximately seven years, and served the many children of the Peninsula during that time. Dr. Hamilton acquired his DDS at the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry in 2003. He then completed a Pediatric Dentistry residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and was awarded a Master’s Degree. He became Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and was a proud member of the ABPD. Dr. Hamilton had a genuine, caring personality, and he will be missed by his family, friends, and colleagues. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


What’s Been Happening at Mission Trails ROP?

Our Fall semester was jam-packed with learning. Our students were taught the fundamentals of dentistry, participated in many hands-on activities, completed an employment portfolio and job-interview workshop, volunteered with the Monterey County Food Bank, and Dorothy’s Kitchen, completed a 4-day job shadow, and received their DPA an Infection Control Certifications. Christmas vacation was a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle but once January hit we were at it again! Upon returning from our break the students received their CPR and First Aid Certifications and are currently interning in their dental offices where they are completing the required 240 hours of internship. When the students are not interning they are in the classroom completing the California Dental Radiology Course. I am happy to announce that one third of the class has already received certification and the other two-thirds are well on their way. Near the end of the semester our students will receive instruction on the knowledge needed to pass both the practical and written portions of the RDA exam, as well as will have the opportunity to receive their Coronal Polishing License. We are extremely grateful for the FADE Organization who has been a valuable partner in certifying our students. Thank you Debbie Reynon for making this happen! What I have always admired about my nearby dental assisting programs is the close working relationship that we have with one another. Because we all share the same philosophy, we work closely together to ensure that all of our students are placed on the road to success! I love being able to rely on fellow dental instructors whenever I am in need of a helping hand or word of advice. The teamwork that we learned as Dental Assistants carried on to our careers in education. Thank you doctors for teaching us well! I would like to invite all of you to our “Annual MTROP Open House” which will take place on March 30, 2017 at Mission Trails ROP from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This years theme will be “Career Carnival.” For those of you who have not attended in the past, you are in for a real treat! I would also like to take a moment to congratulate our students who have competed in our local “SkillsUSA” competition where many of them advanced to the State Level. In April we will be traveling to San Diego with six students who will be competing against other Dental Assistants from all over our State. They will be competing in both “Dental Assisting” as well as various “Leadership Competitions.” Those who win a “Gold Medal” at State will travel to Indiana in June to compete against other dental assistants from all over the United States. Very exciting-wish them luck! Lastly, but most importantly I want to thank all of the Dentists who have opened their offices to our students once again this year. We are ALWAYS in need of participating offices. Please contact me if you would like to join our collaborative team. It is a “win-win” situation for all. The students are able to gain real-life experience from you, “the expert”, and when you are in need of a new employee you will have your pick from a pool of amazing dental professionals! Blessings to you and your family. I pray for health and prosperity to be upon you and our staff!

Sincerely, Leslie Ochinang Dental Careers Instructor [email protected]

There are two ways of spreading light:

It is hard to believe that our school year is coming to a close end. We have had so many exciting things happen this year! I am so grateful for the support that we receive from the dental community. It is because of this collaborative effort that our program is the success that it is!

to be the candle or the mirror

that reflects it.



Working Interviews and Internship Debbie Reynon, CDA RDA AA AS BS Coordinator/Instructor Santa Cruz County ROP Dental Assisting Program 300 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz CA 9506 Email: [email protected] During the past six months, I have noticed an increase in dental offices seeking qualified-professional dental assistants and RDA’s. Although dental assistants may change their professional goals in obtaining their RDA licensure or RDAEF licensure, some DA’s are moving in other directions pursuing their RDH licensure or changing career pathways altogether. So, how do we fill-in the gap, when you may be looking for that special qualified dental professional? One option is to consider providing an opportunity for internship to a dental assisting student from one of our local Dental Assisting Programs (Santa Cruz County ROP Dental Assisting Program, Mission Trails ROP Dental Careers in Salinas and Soledad, or Monterey Peninsula College RDA Program). We currently have twenty-three students in internship and several students are working in two internships during one rotation as to meet the needs of our dental community. Several of our dental offices are utilizing internships as “work interviews” while not only providing crucial “hands-on-training” but also developing confidence and establishing good work ethic practices. When we prepare our students for clinical internship (a work based learning experience), each dental assisting student completes the following certifications prior to internship placement which usually begins in January. • Mandated CPR Certification • Mandated (2-hour) Dental Practice Act for the Unlicensed Dental Assistant Certification • Mandated (8-hour) Infection Control for the Unlicensed Dental Assistant Certification • Dental Radiation Safety Certification Our program is very fortunate to have received continued support from our dental communities in Monterey County and Santa Cruz County as well as our collaboration with Dr. Bridgete Clark at Cabrillo College Hygiene Department in creating enhanced learning environments and work based learning opportunities for the past twenty one years!

Our goal of internship is simple, to create learning environments to enhance their clinical experiences in all aspects of the scope of practice allowed as described by the Dental Board. Without these clinical experiences, students cannot grow as professional peers. Clinical experiences include not only chairside assisting but developing good work ethic practices and communication with patients and the dental healthcare team. If you are in need a of dental assistant and are up for the challenge of developing that awesome dental professional, give a dental assisting student an opportunity to shine in your office! Upcoming Mandated Certifications for the Unlicensed Dental Assistant • 2 Hour Dental Practice Act Certification • 8 Hour Infection Control Certification Friday, May 19, 2017 @ 2:15 pm – 4:15 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Lunch included on Saturday! Fee is: $325 This certification is offered through the FADE Institute. Contact Debbie Reynon for registration information! Location: Harbor High School Portable 2300 La Fonda Avenue Santa Cruz CA 95060 Deadline to register is May 15, 2017! Upcoming Certifications for DA’s Preparing for RDA Licensure • Coronal Polishing Certification Saturday, April 29, 2017 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturday, May 6, 2017 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Fee: $425 Includes lunch on the April 29, 2017. This is a 16 hour board-approved certification offered through the FADE Institute. Contact Debbie Reynon for registration information. Location: Harbor High School, Portable 1 Dental Assisting Program, 300 La Fonda Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060 Class size is limited to 10. Deadline to register is April 10, 2017. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County

Volunteers at work.

Article originally printed in ADA by Jennifer Garvin – October 27, 2016 About 600 volunteers came together for the 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County. The August 19-20th event provided dental care, medical care, food, clothing and many other services to more than 370 homeless veterans and their families. United Veterans Council of Monterey County and the Veterans Transition Center of Marina, California sponsored the event. The Monterey Bay Dental Society, along with the Dental Hygiene Department from Cabrillo College, recruited more than 105 dentists, hygienists and assistants. The volunteers provided prophys, placed sealants and also performed extractions and root canals. In all, the dental volunteers treated 157 patients and delivered more than $64,000 worth of care. “The dental care was a wonderful addition,” said William Terry Bare, executive director, Veteran Transition Center, who called it a “huge” success. Proud Veteran I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County

Dr. James Leamey

Dr. Noreen Yoshida


Dr. Seth Reder

One of the organizers, Dr. Abel Loredo of Watsonville, California, donated 20 full clinical setups, including dental equipment, chairs, supplies and more through his church organization, New Life Hope. As someone who once dreamed of becoming a medical missionary, Dr. Loredo said he was grateful to be part of the charitable event.

“The reaction from the majority of the veterans we took care of was one of gratitude and excitement to finally have the dental treatment they so desperately needed,” said Dr. Elena Ebrahimian, who volunteered with her entire dental practice, including her father, Dr. Max Ebrahimian, and sister, Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, the current board president of the Monterey Bay Dental Society.

“I’ve discovered that there is much need around me and I am glad and humble to serve,” said Dr. Loredo. “I will continue volunteering till I can no longer do it.”

“The team was grateful for the incredible opportunity to serve such an impressive need right in their own backyard,” added Dr. Max Ebrahimian. “I participated all day, both days. The overall sense I had, especially at the end of the day on Saturday, what that it was hugely worthwhile, fun, totally positive, and that almost all of us who participated would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Dr. Lloyd Nattkemper, who first heard about the event in 2014 from one of his patients, a retired Marine who was involved in helping organize that year’s event. “So many of the veterans were tearfully appreciative, had great things to say about what we did for them — it was truly moving.”

A date has already been set for the next Veteran’s Stand Down here in Monterey County – Sept 7th-9th, 2018 Dr. Sumeet Singh I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County


Cabrillo Hygenists with Dr. Lloyd Nattkemper in center

There she is again—our wonderful Executive Director,Debi Diaz!

Dr. Griffin, Veteran, Dr. Kent and Dr.Nattkemper

Happy Helpers



2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County


Sterilization Area Dr. Inge Hardy

Dr. John Jimenez

Xrays with Irene



2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County




Dr. Osaki

Dr. Dan Pierre

Dr. Russell Cureton



2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County


Congratulations, Barbara Briley, RDH!!! Thank you for your volunteerism, support and leadership during the 2016 Monterey County Homeless Veterans Stand Down held in Marina, California, August!! Your ticket was drawn as the winner of one (1) complimentary Continuing Education (value: $130) during 2017, with the Monterey Bay Dental Society!!!

Dr. Richard Kent

then do what's possible; and

Start by doing what's necessary; suddenly you are doing the impossible.

― Francis of Assisi Bridgete Clark, DDS and Cabrillo Dental Hygiene Program Director, Colonel Tom Griffin, and Heidi Inriquez, RDH — receiving $2,500 check for 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Volunteers Who Signed Up, Showed Up And Delivered Care! THANK YOU— To Volunteers Who Signed Up, Showed Up And Delivered Care For The 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County DENTISTS Browning, Richard Cheng, Flavio Cureton, Russell Davis, Rich Ebrahimian, Ariana Ebrahimian, Max Grifin, Tim Hardy, Inge Ikemiya, Steven Jimenez, John Kent, Richard Kroll, Ron Le, Fern Le, Vu Leamey, James Lee, Peter Loredo, Abel Martin, Linda Medina, Mayra Menold, Geralyn Moustafa, Alaa Munoz, Esmeralda Nattkemper, Lloyd Osaki, Stuart Pierre, Daniel Reder, Seth Seltzer, Malia Shepperd, Brian Shin, David Sihoe, Tatshyan Singh, Sumeet Sottosanti, Kris Stevens, John Termatto, Val Washburn, Mark Yoshida, Noreen

HYGIENISTS Acquistapace, Audra Becker, Kristen Biley, Barbara Brown, Shaila Caldwell, Ashley Coats, Kirsten Coe, Ryan Cooper, Toshiko Cragg, Samantha Cuevas, Cesar Cusimano, Amanda De la Cruz, Danielle Estrada, Nando Farren, Rachel Garcia, Liana Gidel, Shaness Gutierrez, Ruth Herbert, Holly Ishmael, Gwenn Leon, Cristina Mathews, Caitlin Mendes, Hailey Nguyen, Mary Renteria, Melissa Salas, Christine Serrano, Heather Shimizu, Jeanie Silver, Zoe Swartz, Elena Swartz, Elena Teller, Carly Veldcamp, Tanya Veloz, Brenda

DENTAL ASSISTANTS Ambris, Olive Blazo, Katie Blight, Michele Cabogos, Iris Carr, Brian Diaz Ramos, Dulce Galvin, Michelle Garcia Sandoval, Rocio Griesinger, Nicole Higalgo, Erika King, Meredith Kramerpugh, Karli Krbec, Kylie Morrison, Sara Ono, Kellye Soloarzano, Rosa Valdez, Irene Vanderhoff, Amanda MISCELLANEOUS VOLUNTEERS (non-clinical) Cardinale, Juliana Casey, Karin Chiewpanich, Dillan Chiewpanich, Kim Debi Diaz Diaz, Victor Ebrahimian, Tina Hansen, Vera Lyndal Cole Messing, Stacy Noto, Joanne Schapper, Mary Wagner, Cindy Xu, Chengde I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015



In Memorium Dr. Surindar N. Bhaskar Oral Pathologist, Periodontist, Educator 1923-2016 by Philip Bhaskar (son) Major General Surindar (Sindi) N. Bhaskar USA (Ret.), 93, passed away peacefully in his Monterey Home on the morning of August 4, 2016. He lived the “American Dream” with Dentistry as the vehicle for his journey. Dr. Bhaskar came to the United States with the desire to be the best at his profession and he accomplished all that he set out to do. He was an Oral Pathologist, an Educator, a Periodontist, a Private Practitioner, an Author, and the first Asian-born general in the United States Military. Dr. Bhaskar was born in Northern India in 1923. He completed dental school at the University of Punjab and at age 21, immigrated to the United States to attend Northwestern University School of Dentistry on an academic scholarship. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1946, he wen on to receive a Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy and specialty training in Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine from the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago. He was Board Certified in both Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine. Dr. Bhaskar entered the United States Army Dental Corp in 1955. During his 23 years of dedicated service, he rose from the rank of Captain to Major General. At that time, he was promoted to Chief of the United States Army Dental Corp and the Assistant Surgeon General for Dental Services. Dr. Bhaskar was also a professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Dentistry. He wrote over two hundred scientific papers and four textbooks including, The Synopsis of Oral Pathology, Oral Histology And Embryology, Synopsis of Oral Histology, and Radiographic Interpretation For The Dentist. He also contributed to eight dental textbooks and was an internationally recognized lecturer. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Dr. Bhaskar continued his education and entered a residency to obtain a Certificate in Periodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry — VAMC Wadsworth. Upon completion in 1980, Dr.

Bhaskar moved to Monterey, California to practice Periodontics with the Monterey Peninsula Dental Group. He was a lifelong member of the Monterey Bay Dental Society. He continued to lecture throughout the country on both Oral Pathology and Periodontics. Dr. Bhaskar was considered one of the top lecturers in the country and delivered more than 10,000 hours of education. He was often called on as a defense expert witness in malpractice cases for his dental colleagues. He retired in 2005 and spent his free time with his grandchildren or at Point Lobos State Park. Major General Bhaskar will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery with Full Military Honors on March 20, 2017 at 9:00 am. Dr. Bhaskar’s family has established an endowment at the University of the Pacific to honor his achievements. Memorial contributions may be made to the Major General Surindar Bhaskar Academic Endowment, University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry, Development Office, 155 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015




Dr. Kenji Saisho Volunteers On A Mission In Belize

Dr. Kenji Saisho, DDS Ah, Belize. Warm sun, cheap rum, friendly people. Not hard to see that medical missions in the winter are in full swing when the weather on the East Coast and the Midwest is sub-freezing and Belize enjoys temperatures in the mid-80s all day, every day. Informercials touting retirement in Belize are playing on infomercial TV on late-night and weekends, but our intentions were a little more humanitarian and less recreational in nature. Our medical mission team was comprised of 12 members, three doctors, three nurses, and support team personnel. This particular mission has been working in Belize for the last 15 years. The duration of the trip was nine days. Logistically, we had a base set up in a catholic church in Corozal, BZ, and we traveled daily to different villages to render medical care. There was no dental equipment or staff on this trip, and it was interesting to note that in all of the schools we went to, there was scheduled twice a day tooth brushing. Corozal, BZ and the surrounding areas rely on sugar cane farming as its main commerce, and it was reflected in the patient population that was served in our medical

clinics. Our trip was coordinated with the office of the minister of health in Belize as well as with the church where our base of operations was stationed. All of the members of the medical team were from the Chicago area except myself. The other doctors were an allergist and a retired occupational medicine specialist. We flew into Belize City, rented vans, and drove two hours to Corozal, where we checked into a hotel. We took the first day to organize our medical stations and medication bags. Vitamins, otc analgesics, allergy and asthma meds, blood pressure meds, diabetes meds and antibiotics made up the majority of the medications which were dispensed to patients. All of the medications were purchased or donated by our medical team, as was toothpaste and toothbrushes and floss. Our 9-day trip included six days of medical care provided to six different villages. Each day we saw an average of 200 patients, from 6 months of age to 85 years. We had assistance from health nurses, teachers, interpreters. During our trip, we had no concerns about HIPAA, copayments, or negative yelp reviews. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


We were informed that the government provides prescription medications for free, but there were problems with availability and distribution of the medications. The patients would have to go every 30 days to the local hospital to wait in line to get a 30 day supply of medication. There were many times that patients would stand in line and be told that their medication was not available. The last day before we left was a free day and we took an opportunity to see Mayan ruins at a town called Lamanai. We took a 20 mile boat trip up the New River to the ruins, and the setting and ruins were a spectacular sight.

Kenji Saisho, M.D., D.D.S. Dr. Saisho is board certified in family medicine and keeps his medical education current through the American Board of Family Medicine. He graduated from the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School in 1987, and from the UCLA Northridge Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program in 1990.

My friend the allergist called our mission trip “Mission Light.” The people were nice and appreciative, and the accommodations were clean. Though we were confronted with extreme poverty, we weren’t in a war zone or a drought or famine stricken area. The medical care which was provided was truly appreciated by the people to whom it was rendered, and they showed their appreciation by serving us lunch and snacks every day, and the school age children gave us cards and letters of appreciation. Though it was my first medical mission trip, it will not be my last.

Dr. Saisho worked as a physician for Salinas Valley Prime Care Medical Group and as an attending physician at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital from 1990 until 2004. He attended the University of Pacific Dental School in San Francisco, graduating in 2003. He currently practices at Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group in Salinas and Seaside. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Dr. Nannette Benedict Volunteer Mission In Haiti

Dr. Nannette Benedict, DDS I have volunteered dentistry, from dental school onwards. We have a skill few people have and all people need. And it is wondrous when we give it away. Villagers do wonder why we would drop out of the sky to help them, and I wonder at that too! How surprising it was 30 years ago with no cell phones, poor communication and poor transportation that people living in remote villages would just be nursing a tooth ache. It seemed anytime we would show up, people needed dental work, some with a scarf wrapped around the head holding in the swollen face. It is remarkable how after a few visits to that same village, we could clean up the immediate toothaches and then start to work on education and preventive dentistry. So we would win respect with our service and then offer information. What is so satisfying is to meet that challenge and then hopefully get preventive measures in place. My first Los Medicos Voladores or Flying Doctors trip, 1982, combined my sense for adventure and desire to be helpful. We flew in single engine aircraft, carrying four to six people, to places that vehicles would have great difficulty arriving(a days drive in jeep from closest town) in the Sonora part of Mexico. The flying was so thrilling

that I became a pilot. The villages had no electricity, no communication. We slept in the Grange hall or on a cot in the clinic, eating what they had, bringing our own water for drinking. Early on we mostly extracted teeth, but as we returned to the same village, we brought, air compressors, generators, and dental instruments. Before we brought the air compressor we rigged up a scuba tank to run the handpiece! We became regular visitors, developing a schedule, providing more care. What a sense of accomplishment when people show up asking for fillings instead of extractions! With the birth of my third child, I could not juggle my dental practice, kids, and extended trips without them, so I postponed LMV trips a few years until the kids could join me. I also had become interested in the Mayan culture, so we traveled (commercial air) to Guatemala with Los Medicos Voladores. They have an extended clinic providing medical, optical, and dental aid working with our MDs and the local medical school. My husband had been a med tech, so he was always useful on our trips. Devin was interested in dentistry so he assisted me and translated Spanish, Jacob found many ways to be I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Dr. Nannette Benedict Volunteer Mission In Haiti


TOP LEFT: Dr. Nannette Benedict and her assistant Stacy Wall treating a patient in Haiti in July 2014. The clinic was located in Port Salut, near the southernmost tip of Haiti. BELOW: Photo of patient before (top) and after (below) dental restoration in Port Salud clinic, Haiti, July 2014.

useful repairing and fixing things, Brigette assisted and educated kids with my giant toothbrush and Alligator. After our first trip, Jacob commented that this is the kind of vacation we should always have where we help other people and have a great time. Could be that the nurses were all beautiful and attentive! We made many friends and received a cultural experience so much more intimate than as a tourist. We continued annual trips there including one with Rotary for Cleft Palate repairs. That trip included four plastic surgeons, and anesthesiologists, scrub nurses, team of recovery helpers. I fixed teeth prior to surgery or for the family members. We treated Eighty cleft palates, more than I have even seen in my lifetime. Again the reward for providing dentistry for these needy people is their appreciation and knowing that we could give in such a special way. I have become fascinated with third world problems. Worried that the disenfranchised, those living in poverty with no hope will become our terrorists. The one thing I can do is represent the USA and be helpful. So I joined up with Sherwin Shinn DDS who won the ADA Humanitarian of the year award in 2013. We started a clinic in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti. Our team was much smaller than LMV providing only dentistry and basically our families, so I worried my kids would not have as much fun as they had with a large group. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Devin was in dental school and he brought a classmate. We were just a dental team. Logistics are more complicated when trying to move large numbers of people, we could fit into 2 mini vans. I felt free to roam around, but Jacob

Our dental hygiene teaching aid taking a break during a particularly hectic day teaching children tooth brushing in Port-a-Piment, Haiti, July 2014. This teaching aid is an experienced world traveler, having worked on dental aid missions over the years in Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda and Saint Lucia. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Dr. Nannette Benedict Volunteer Mission In Haiti


observed that we were only allowed within eyesight of the UN Guards stationed on towers at street corners, and were not allowed to work out of Port Au Prince. That was an interesting sample trip, so we returned having made good political contacts, and were allowed to work in villages on the other side of the island. Traveling with Sherwin is its own adventure, we brought about 20 bins of dental equipment on the airplane then had to transport to where ever we set up. Jeff and Jacob became quite expert at making things run with various electricity, designing sterilization and plumbing. To practice dentistry, not just pull teeth, requires major equipment! TOP: Dr. Benedict and two members of her family, Dr. Devin Bernhardt and Brigette Bernhardt hand out toothbrushes and instruct Dinka tribe refugees in their proper use. The Dinka tribespeople were fleeing ethnic violence in South Sudan and were being given shelter at the Adjumani refugee settlement in northern Uganda, August 2015. MIDDLE: Dr. Benedict being aided by her volunteer assistant Stacy Wall at the Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Uganda, August, 2015. In the background is Brigette Bernhardt, Dr. Benedict’s daughter assisting Dr. Devin Bernhardt. Dr. Bernhardt (not shown) was a newly graduated dentist in 2015 from University of California at San Francisco Dental School and Dr. Benedict’s eldest son. Dr. Benedict’s entire family has accompanied her on many dental aid trips. BOTTOM: Patients waiting to be seen in the Rwamwanja refugee settlement, Rwamwanja, Uganda. The greatest number of these refugees were fleeing horrific violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than half of the refugees are children many of whom have lost their entire families to the indiscriminate violence.

Our next project was to become a recognized NGO to work under our own name(Worldwide Smiles) in the UN refugee camps of Uganda. More adventure on a different continent. Twenty bins of dental equipment on the airline, TSA was not going to allow our two air compressors, but Jeff convinced them by taking them apart that we were not smuggling anything inside! Getting around in Africa is very difficult. We used one van for equipment and the other for our group. We fit the nine of us in a van designed to hold seven, and traveled on dusty dirty roads for thirteen hours between refugee camps. However, the people were so appreciative. I was worried about morale of people who cannot live in their own country and are not wanted elsewhere, but the UN makes it work. Poor kids wearing torn t-shirts playing with a stick and a tire do not know they are impoverished, they are just like every one else. Our translators were kids who had lived in the camp many years and learned to speak with each other. For the 70,000 people in the Western camp, there was no dentist, the Doctors Without Borders were so happy to see us, since they could only give pain pills and antibiotics and not treat the tooth. Apparently another dental group came by a year ago but could not imagine how to care for so many that they left. Sherwin, Devin, and I just took our patients one by one and cared for them as we could. Since we were in Africa, we also did get to see giraffes, lions, and elephants, crocodiles, and hippos. I was not allowed to swim in the Nile, but we did travel to the source. One of the fun things about volunteering is you can treat what you are comfortable doing and never have to I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Dr. Nannette Benedict Volunteer Mission In Haiti


get working). This is another organization which provides dental care primarily in Jamaica and just branched out to St. Lucia. We gave a talk on CAD/CAM dentistry to all the island dentists, who joined us that week volunteering in the village that the Minister of Health directed us. They speak English! Which makes this an especially fun trip. They asked us back to work in the prison system (which we outfitted) and repair the equipment in existing clinics as well as treating patients.

TOP: Dr. Benedict teaching oral hygiene to Dinka tribe children in the Adjumani refugee settlement in northern Uganda, August 2015. Conflict in Sudan was escalating and it was estimated that the Adjumani refugee camp would soon be housing over 100,000 refugees. Demographic accounting from the UNHCR officials we met with indicated that to date 64% of the refugees were children.

We do volunteer at home with CDA Cares and other local venues, but the travel volunteering is more exciting. A wonderful way to get to know a different culture and represent our culture. We provide a special service and are really appreciated.

explain the cost or what insurance might cover. Often someone with a toothache shows up and I can point to the tooth adjacent and recommend a restoration on that to prevent another extraction. In many of these situations, the patient is either unaware of the cavity or had no idea it could be fixed. My favorites are the smiles that start out with anterior teeth looking like apple cores and we are able repair with composite! While working we discuss sugars. The problem in most of these societies is no clean drinking water, so they drink soda or juice. Also the cheapest gift a parent can give their kid is a piece of hard candy, so education is complicated. Last year we traveled with Sherwin to a beautiful part of the world: St. Lucia in the Carribean. Through Thousand Smiles and Great Shapes, ten dental units and chairs were purchased to be used on this island (army surplus field units that had not been used for decades which we did

Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. ― Unknown

Dr. Nannette Benedict, D.D.S. Dr. Benedict is a family dentist and has been practicing for more than 35 years in the Silicon Valley area. She is past President of the Monterey Bay Dental Society and graduated from the UCSF School of Dentistry in 1977. She currently maintains a private dental practice in the Scotts Valley area. I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015



Classifieds DENTAL SPACE: Dental office for lease available on Romie Lane. Prime location. 2,555 square feet. 6-7 operatories. Up to 2 dentists. Rent negotiable. Please call Pam Jones (831) 594-1357 I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


2016 House Of Delegates

Thank you to Drs. Lloyd Nattkemper, Mark Ebrahimian, Dick Kent, Ryan Payne, and Nannette Benedict for representing the MBDS in this capacity. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated, and our members benefit because of you! And thank you to our Executive Director, Debi Diaz, who helps to organize and coordinate this annual event, so our doctors can arrive in a timely manner. The 2017 House of Delegates is scheduled for Nov. 17-19th at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento.

Volunteers do not necessarily have

The Monterey Bay Dental Society was once again well-represented at the CDA House of Delegates in 2016. Held on Nov. 11-13th at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, this was the 47th Annual Session of the HOD. Countless important topics are discussed at the House, and help to ensure that our organized dentistry in California runs smoothly and efficiently.

the time; they just have the heart. ― Elizabeth Andrew I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015


Parting Shot

About 600 volunteers came together for the 2016 Homeless Veteran Stand Down for Monterey County. The August 19-20th event provided dental care, medical care, food, clothing and many other services to more than 370 homeless veterans and their families.( See more photos on pages 15-20 in this issue.)

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others. — Ghandi I MONTEREY BAY SMILELINE – WINTER 2015