The Early Years with the PEI Fiddlers - PEI Fiddlers Society

The Early Years with the PEI Fiddlers - PEI Fiddlers Society

Vol. 12 Issue 1 The Early Years with the PEI Fiddlers March 2014 By Kathryn Dau-Schmidt I moved to PEI in 1978 and joined the fiddlers that same ye...

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Vol. 12 Issue 1

The Early Years with the PEI Fiddlers

March 2014

By Kathryn Dau-Schmidt I moved to PEI in 1978 and joined the fiddlers that same year. I was so delighted to find traditional fiddling alive and well on PEI, I didn't hesitate. The old fellows made me feel really welcome and they did everything they could to help this silly young woman switch from classical violin to playing the fiddle. At that time there were a very few young people and no children at all playing with the fiddlers. It seems funny now, but there were also very few women fiddlers. When I joined there was only one other woman who played fiddle at the practices, but the piano player was usually a woman. The fiddlers seemed to be able to socialize easier in those days. Of course most of them were from the same pre-television generation where you had to make your own

fun and for them, that fun was fiddling. All the county groups would get together once a year at the annual meeting. Each county took turns hosting it and there was a fair bit of friendly competition over who could provide the best meal following the meeting. After the meal, the fiddles would come out. There was no discussion or negotiation over which tunes would be played, they just started playing. If you knew the tune, you joined in, if you didn't, you still joined in as best you could. Different fiddlers would take turns starting the tune sets and everyone was interested in hearing what the different counties were playing. When the fiddlers started doing concerts at Confederation Centre they found they had another chance to socialize. The concerts often played to sold out

Submitted Photo

The PEI Fiddlers at the first Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival in 1976 .

Photo found at

See The Early Years page 3

The Island Fiddler -

Page 2

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March 2014

Fiddle and/or Accompaniment (+) Teachers Abram Village Louise Arsenault Fiddle 854-3261 Argyle Shore Roy Johnstone Fiddle 675-2541 Caledonia Amy Swenson Fiddle 962-2273 Charlottetown Aaron Crane (+) Fiddle 388-1040 Cynthia MacLeod Fiddle 940-1825 Gary Chipman (+) Fiddle 367-6434 Kathryn Dau-Schmidt Fiddle 672-2711 Kendra MacGillivray (+) Fiddle 367-5606 Ward MacDonald (+) Fiddle 218-8084 Matthew Reid Fiddle 566-2894 College of Piping (+) Fid. 877-224-7473 Cumberland Courtney Hogan Fiddle 675-3593 Fortune Mark Haines (+) Fiddle 687-1404 Montague Sheila Fitzpatrick Fiddle 838-3334 Richmond MacKinnon Family Fiddle 854-2245 Rollo Bay Kathryn Dau-Schmidt Fiddle 672-2711 Souris J.J. Chaisson (+) Fiddle 687-2261 Summerside Anastasia DesRoches Fiddle 854-3116 Step-Dancing Teachers Brittany Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . .902-314-7676 College of Piping . . . . . . . . . . . . 436-5377 or 877-224-7473 Jaime Bell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 962-2846 Jennifer Carson . . . . . . . . . . . .. 902-314-6386 Jocelyne Arsenault . . . . . . . . . . 854-2721 Judy MacLean . . . . . . . . . . . . . 969-4100 or 566-5545 Marlys Hamilton-MacLaren. . . . 887-3385 or 439-0278 Pierrette Arsenault . . . . . . . . . . 854-2091 Samantha MacKinnon . . . . . . . 892-0805 Shirley Burke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 368-2416 Susan and Libbe Hubley . . . . . 836-3887 Tracy Arsenault . . . . . . . . . . . . . 854-3237 If you wish to be listed as a teacher, contact the editor at [email protected] or 687-1521 Fiddling Related Websites Anastasia DesRoches Bellows and Bows Billy MacInnis Calendonian Orchestra Canadian Grand Masters Cape Breton Fiddlers CB Fiddle Recordings Cape Breton Ottawa Courtney Hogan College of Piping Cynthia MacLeod Evangeline Region Ivan and Vivian Hicks Judy MacLean Ken Perlman Kendra MacGillivray Learn Tunes by Ear Maritime Fiddlers Assoc. Marlys Hamilton-MacLaren Matthew Reid Music PEI PEI Fiddle Camp P.E.I. Fiddlers Society Queens County music Richard Wood Rollo Bay Fiddle Fest Roy Johnstone Tim Chaisson Vishtèn

Page 3

The Island Fiddler -

The Early Years con’t from page 1

houses. There weren't as many opportunities to hear fiddling concerts at that time so the Confederation Centre concerts were really popular. At one point the Island Fiddlers considered putting on a second night because of the demand. To take part in those concerts was a real privilege because, in addition to what was being played on stage, the dressing rooms were full of fiddlers and their music. You could walk down the hallways and hear tune after tune pouring out. However, best thing about those concerts was that by the time they had started, we had a number of children who were playing the fiddle and they would add their youthful energy and excitement to that back stage atmosphere. I'm sure the Confederation Centre stage hands had their hands full with us. I remember them more than once trying to shush the people back stage so that the noise wouldn't reach the audience. Finally at the end of the concert all the fiddlers, young and old, would line up for the finale. The piano player would be on a big grand piano, but you couldn't even see him because there would be so many fiddlers on stage. The closing sets would have been picked out earlier, usually something everyone knew or could easily learn, so that when the massed fiddlers played it was impressive, but it was also a wonderful thing to be with all those fiddlers on stage. It made you feel as if you were making a contribution to something central to the culture of this Island.

March 2014

PEI Fiddlers Society News From the Editor

The Island Fiddler Newsletter is now entering it’s 10th straight year of publishing four issues a Anne M. McPhee year. While thirteen informative issues were published between 1978 and 2002, it was a challenge to keep it going. With improvements in publishing programs and the internet, and a cracker jack team of volunteer contributors, the newsletter grew from 8 pages to 12 within the first year. The Acadian Fiddlers send a column for each issue. The Southern Kings Fiddlers formed a Chapter in 2009 and the Morell Fiddlers contribute from time to time. In this issue you’ll see the PEI Fiddlers Society’s Chapters are active and thriving. More and more women and youth are getting involved in fiddling. Excitement is building for the 2nd Annual PEI Fiddlers Jam at the BIS on April 13, 2014 from 2 - 5 pm with a potluck to follow. Much thanks goes out to those who came before us and to those who continue to volunteer their time to the Society, our Presidents and Executive members, newsletter editors and contributors and all who support fiddling on PEI year after year. PEIFS Presidents 1977 Neil McCannell 1979 Ernie Poole 1981 Libbe Hubley 1983 John Gauthier 1985 Cecil Trainor 1986 Fr. Charlie Cheverie 1988 John Gauthier 1992 Paul MacDonald 2000 Dr. E.A. "Bud" Ings 2002 Ward MacDonald 2006 Sheila MacKenzie 2008 Ward MacDonald 2012 Nathan Condon

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Page 4

The Island Fiddler -

March 2014

Eastern Kings Fiddlers by Anne M. McPhee

This winter was notable for a record number of road closing, winter storms that started early in Anne M. McPhee December and didn't let up. This included heavy snowfall amounts, such as the one seen here.

Chaisson Family Christmas Concert

Kevin & Tim Chaisson at SRHS Concert

Photo by Anne M. McPhee

This was my driveway in Rollo Bay taken on Jan 4, 2014

Despite the weather, there were a record number of fiddling events held throughout the winter that people were able to get out to, in between the storms. There was the well attended Chaisson Family Christmas concert at the Old Triangle rescheduled from Dec 21 to the 28th due to a storm. Then Tim and Koady Chaisson were at the Old Triangle on Jan 11th. Tim Chaisson performed Up Close and Personal at the Souris High School rescheduled from Jan 5 to the 6th due to a storm and Anastasia DesRoches with Brent and Mylene Chaisson were at 21 Breakwater Restaurant on Feb 15th. They managed to get back to Summerside before the storm started. All these events were well attended by Souris people and people from across the Island.

Tim & Koady Chaisson at the Old Triangle

Anastasia, Mylene & Brent at 21 Breakwater

All this was on top of the usual number of Christmas concerts, house parties, ceilidhs and benefit concerts. Despite the snow, It’s been a great winter for music. There’s nothing like the tunes to lift your spirits. Due to a good number of the storms arriving on Wednesdays, the Monday night fiddlers in Rollo Bay only missed one night when the roads suddenly turned to glib ice due to a spurt of freezing rain. con’t on page 5

Photo by Elizabeth Peters-Kearney

Photo by Elizabeth Peters

Kathryn Dau-Schmidt leads the intermediate students in a set of tunes, preparing for the Family Night Concert on Mon, May 12.

Page 5

The Island Fiddler -

Con’t from Eastern Kings page 4

March 2014

As the days get longer, we have much to look forward to - especially this year as PEI celebrates 150 years since the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. There will be lots and lots of events to get out to and enjoy our history, our heritage and our culture. East Coast Music Week in Charlottetown is only weeks away, then the Festival of Small Halls and before we know it, we’ll be back at the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival. Until then, keep your bow rosined and your fiddle tuned and we’ll see you soon!!

PEI FIDDLE CAMP in its 5th YEAR Photo by Elizabeth Peters

Tim Chaisson leads the Kitchen Group in Dot MacKinnon’s Reel with Jim Townshend and Marie McGaugh.

While Tim Chaisson was on the Island for a rare stretch, the Kitchen Group was treated to a session on how to play Dot MacKinnon’s Reel, written by Tim’s dad Kevin. Peter is not sure why we want to play something so hard, but when you fall in love with a good tune like that, you just want to work that much harder to learn it. And just think of the skills you’re learning that you can take to other tunes.

Photo by Elizabeth Peters

Anne McPhee, Charity Deagle & Darren Chaisson deep in concentration at Monday night fiddle in Rollo Bay.

PEI Fiddle Camp will return for its 5th year July 12 & 13 with another great weekend of Scottish music and dance. Scotland's Màiri Britton will offer stepdancing classes with an emphasis on new steps and intricate rhythms! Dancers of all ages and levels are Ward MacDonald welcome to inquire, classes and private lessons will be scheduled. Small piping and Border piping will be offered again by Ben Miller, who has lived much of the past 3 years in Glasgow, Scotland by way of New York state. Ben has an incredible repertoire of tunes from Scotland, Cape Breton, PEI, and around the globe. Pipers and fiddlers alike will enjoy his playing and Ben Miller teaching style. Island fiddlers Richard Wood and Ward MacDonald return to comprise the fiddle teaching staff. Their experienced teaching methods will focus on ear training, tricks for memorizing tunes, identifying different types of tunes, and learning to play with dance rhythm. At PEI Fiddle Camp, you can learn to learn by ear! New this year - master classes with Richard Wood!

PEI Fiddle Camp July 12 & 13, 2014 Scottish Fiddling, Piping, Step-dancing and more! (902) 201-1758 [email protected] Richard Wood

Page 6

The Island Fiddler -

Queens County Fiddlers by Carolyn Drake

Despite our cold, windy, stormy and snowy winter season, the members of the Queens County Fiddlers have been bundling up and digging out to get to as many Wednesday night Carolyn Drake practices as possible. While there have been one or two weather cancellations, for the most part we are continuing to have great turnouts and are being rewarded with exciting new sets of tunes and the chance to put the finishing touches on others. Aaron has us all working hard and loving every minute of it with our new and older music – and there will be more of the same in the coming months, especially as we prepare for our spring concert, which is going to be held this year on the afternoon of April 27 at The Guild in Charlottetown. Watch local media for all the details. The weather unfortunately played havoc with our plans to play at Geneva Villa in Charlottetown before Christmas. We hope to pay a return visit soon. We are also booked to play at the new Prince Edward Home in mid-March and have been asked to play at Whisperwood Villa. As always, these dates are as much fun for the fiddlers as they are for the residents. The group has also been happy to play for a couple of fundraisers in the past few months. We were on stage at a benefit concert Dec. 14 at the Jack Blanchard Centre in Charlottetown, and in early February, we performed at Murphy’s Community Centre to help raise money for the Salvation Army. We also had an extra-special evening of practice on Wednesday, Jan. 29, when we were the

March 2014

guests of Lt.-Gov. Frank Lewis and his wife, Dorothy Lewis, at Government House (Fanningbank) in Charlottetown. Dressed for the occasion in our onstage performance attire, we played for almost an hour for a small, but very appreciative group of people. We were then treated to some refreshments and even had a chance to take a tour of the house with Mrs. Lewis. They were wonderful hosts. Congratulations to one of our younger members, Fiona MacCorquodale, who was nominated for female solo recording of the year and roots traditional recording of the year at the 2014 Music P.E.I. Awards. She also performed at the gala awards night on Feb. 1 at the new P.E.I. Convention Centre. And three of our youngest members, Jenna Cyr, Lindsey Doiron and Cailyn MacAulay performed as a trio of fiddlers recently at a concert at their elementary school in Stratford. By all accounts, these talented young players were a big hit. Looking ahead, practices will be continuing at their usual pace. Also, watch e-mails and local media for the announcement of our annual meeting, which will be coming up in March. Members are urged to attend as there are always issues that need to be discussed, finalized and voted upon. And even though there is still snow on the ground, it’s not too soon to think about applying for annual fiddling scholarships for this summer. Watch our website as well as local media for further details. As always, our usual Wednesday night practices get underway at about 7:30 p.m. People are always welcome to stop by and bring along their fiddle or guitar or just enjoy the music. Queens County Fiddlers gathered for this photo at the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival in 1995. The number of women in the group was gradually increasing. More women and young people have since joined as seen in the photo on the next page.

The Island Fiddler -

Page 7

March 2014

Submitted Photo Earlier this winter members of the Queens County Fiddlers were honoured to accept an invitation to hold their weekly practice at Government House in Charlottetown, hosted by Lt.-Gov. Frank Lewis, front left, and his wife, Dorothy Lewis. Prior to starting practice, everyone posed for a photo on the grand staircase in this historic Charlottetown building. Among those attending were, from front left, Lt.-Gov. Frank Lewis and his wife, Dorothy Lewis; second row, from left, Linda Moran, Cailyn MacAulay, Lindsey Doiron, Jenna Cyr and Aaron Crane; third row, from left, Blair Myers, Paul Cheverie, Vince Keoughan, Father Charlie Cheverie, Cecil Trainor; fourth row, from left, Jeanine McQuaid, Rebie Sharpe, Ann Campbell, Fiona MacCorquodale, Marsha MacCormack, Carl Sharpe, Cheryl Edmunds; fifth row, from left, Tammy MacEachern, Marlene Gallant, Vanessa Bernard, Georgia-Rae Connolly and back row, Jennifer Garrity, left, and Carolyn Drake. BOWS



PEI Branch, 161 St. Peters Road Charlottetown, PE C1A 5P7

Val Handrahan Branch Manager PEI Branch

Office (902) 566-4212 Cell (902) 394-1247 [email protected]


VIOLIN MAKING WOOD & TOOLS Write for free catalog:

Atlantic Violin Supplies 520 Front Mountain Rd., Moncton, N.B. E1G 3H4 (506) 858-9886 [email protected]

Page 8

March 2014

The Island Fiddler -

Southern Kings Fiddlers by Amy Swenson

We got right back into practice Jan 7th and despite rather nasty driving conditions on several nights, our intrepid group has had a good Amy Swenson turnout for every practice this winter. We have been working on putting together some sets for performance and got a great chance to try some out on Feb. 22 at the Cardigan Winter Carnival concert. Margie Carmichael played guitar for us and Leslie Stewart helped out with his celtic drum. It was good fun and the very slightly rickety stage provided extra excitement. Belfast Consolidated School's Music department is having a fundraiser March 10th to raise much needed funds for instruments for their program, and the Fiddlers have decided to help them out with a donation. Some very good musicians have come out of that school, and the southern Kings Fiddlers are fortunate to have William McGuigan, Grace Walsh and Carrie Docherty joining us at Rollo Bay this summer - they are all grads or students from Belfast. Turning to plans for spring, we are delighted to have Richard Wood coming to our practice March 3rd to attempt to teach us a few tunes, and we will continue practices every other Monday evening at the Rural Development Centre in Montague on Brooke St. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along just to listen or to try some tunes with us. The Kings County Music Festival just had their second recital of the season today and it was great to hear the performances of the singers, piano players and young fiddlers. The final recital of the season takes place April 27th at Hillcrest United Church at 2 pm. Everyone is welcome, the concert is free although a donation for the Musical Festival is appreciated. Our group is really looking forward to the spring, possibly mostly because we are all truly sick of shovelling and snow blowing, but also because the April fiddler's Jam is coming up. Hope to see you all there!

Morell Fiddlers Report by Frank Lechowick

After a December of lively, well-attended sessions and a full Christmas party, the Morell fiddlers have gone into hibernation, only to emerge for their Thursday night get-togethers with the balmy winds of spring 2014 - likely in March.

2014 Minutes of Story and Song The Community of Miltonvale Park will celebrate PEI’s 2014 Sesquicentennial with 2014 Minutes of Story and Song. Fourteen storytelling shows of approximately 2 hours and 23 minutes each, will feature Island storytellers and musicians and highlight and celebrate various aspects of life on the Island. A number of well-known Island story tellers will be paired with local people who can spin a good yarn. Some of the shows will be organized by theme such as religion, agriculture, the sea, education, Island celebrations, Acadians, transportation, with a look back (and maybe even ahead!) to some of the Island ways. Admission is $10, and includes a light lunch. Shows will occur on the first Friday of each month during 2014 starting on March 7, at 7:30 p.m. at the Milton Community Hall with additional shows on July 18 and August 22. The hall is located at 7 New Glasgow Road (corner of Rtes. 7 & 224). For more information, visit or or call 902-368-3090.

Safely Home Andrew Jones Dec 24, 2013, Summerside, age 95 years. A champion fiddler at many contests in West Prince County, PEI.

Cecil McEachern Jan 13, 2014, Charlottetown, age 88 years. Played fiddle & guitar in Don Messer’s band for many years.

Page 9

The Island Fiddler -

Acadian News by Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Greetings Everyone! Spring is just around the corner - we hope! Stormy weather over the winter months did little to discourage Dorothy music in the Evangeline area. Griffin-Farish On Sunday evening, st December 1 , “Christmas at the Acadian Museum” was held in Miscouche, featuring the Mont-Carmel Choir, under the direction of Edmond Gallant, as well as fiddler Peter Arsenault and a group of young step-dancers from Summerside and Miscouche, who are one of Pierette Arsenault’s dance groups. This activity was organized by the Acadian Museum and La Belle-Alliance. Pierette Arsenault and her step-dancers were also involved in the Evangeline school concert that took place at Christmas. Grade levels 4, 5 and 6 are being taught fiddle in their school music classes at Evangeline School, and the fiddle class presented several pieces that they learned. Pierette and others are involved in teaching fiddle to these eager young musicians. The fiddle project is a tribute to Eddy Arsenault, long-time Acadian fiddler of the area, with many of the fiddles having been donated by the Chez-Nous. The youngsters are taking to the fiddle with gusto and delight. A project such as this might be very worthwhile for other schools, as it might encourage the teaching of “traditional” music to be kept alive for future generations. In December about thirty people gathered at the Wellington Royal Canadian Legion to participate in the first-ever Christmas mixer hosted by the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of P.E.I. Fiddle music was provided by Louise Arsenault, accompanied by Karl Proud. The Christmas production “An Acadian Down -Home Christmas”, featuring many well known Acadian artists from the Evangeline region, was held on Sunday, December 29th, at the Mont-Carmel Parish Centre. Some of the participants were Patricia Richard, Caroline Bernard, Marcella Richard, Remi Arsenault, Wayne Robichaud, Jeannita Bernard, fiddler Louise Arsenault, and a group of step-dancers from the region.

March 2014

Musicians of the area continue to entertain at the Chez-Nous, Andrew’s Lodge, Wedgewood and Summerset Manors, and Park Hill Place. On January 18, 2014 there was a family square dance at Vanier Centre in Wellington with more than fifty people joining in the dancing and having a wonderful time. Music was provided by Louise Arsenault and Hélène Bergeron and the “Caller” was Sylvie Toupin. They did a fabulous job! Everyone agreed that the event should take place regularly, so they are continuing for the months of February and March. Fiddler Peter Arsenault and guitarist Gary Gallant provided lively music at the opening of the exhibition “The Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island, 1964 - 2014: Guardian of Acadian Heritage for 50 Years,” which was held at the Acadian Museum in Miscouche on Sunday, January 26th at 2 p.m. It was on this exact date - January 26, 1964 that the Association of the Acadian Museum was founded. The exhibition will be on display until May 2014. The Friday Night Jammers still meet at the Boys and Girls Club on Friday nights, and encourage more participation. Contact Marie Livingstone at 436-5532 or e-mail her at [email protected] for further information. Colette Aucoin and her group meet on Monday nights at Colette’s home in Mont Carmel. The Musical Village in the Evangeline region is beginning to take form. We will be learning more about summer programming in the near future. Le Rendez-vous de la Francophonie [RVF] 2014 will be held this year from March 7th to March 23rd. Check the website for the full list of activities. Till next time, Cheerio!

Page 10

The Island Fiddler -

PEI FIDDLERS JAM Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:00pm The date for the PEI Fiddlers Jam is fast approaching. Everyone is invited to just us on Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 2:00 – 5:00pm at the Irish Cultural Centre on North River Road in Charlottetown. Bring a dish of something and stay for a potluck supper that will follow. All Life Members, fiddlers and accompanists from our Chapter groups, as well as family members and friends are all invited to attend. Members of the Acadian Friday night Jammers and the Morell Fiddlers are especially welcome and any Island fiddler who wants to participate in the jam. Admission will be by donation to help defray costs like rent, tea and coffee. Anything over and above the costs will go towards the Bishop Faber MacDonald Scholarship fund. The format will involve playing mainly common tunes so as many fiddlers as possible are able to join in. Each group will be invited to take a turn leading a common tune or a set of common tunes, if they wish. Listed below are sets of tunes compiled and played by PEI Fiddlers over the summer and tunes submitted for the last jam. Sets of tunes will include: 1. Paul & Anne’s First Waltz 2. Stella's Trip to Kamloops, Lime Hill, Carter MacKenzie and Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston; 3. Jig set: The Hundred Pipers, Stan Chapman’s Jig, Stool of Repentance, John Allan Cameron and Dan Collins Father's Jig 4. In Memory of Herbie MacLeod, Headlands March, Jack Daniel’s Reel, Mrs. MacLeod’s Reel and High Road to Linton. Sheet music for most of these tunes can be found at Once again, the main goal of the event is to encourage all fiddlers and accompanists to feel relaxed and comfortable and to not feel any pressure to perform. Come play if you want; or just listen. And remember, the more the merrier!!

March 2014

Other common tunes: Ashokan Farewell Crossing to Ireland Da Slockitt Light Faded Love MacPherson's Lament Fr Charles MacDonald My Cape Breton Home Paul & Anne’s 1st Waltz Rosebud of Allenvale Westphalia Waltz Chase Me Charlie Irish Washerwoman Irishman’s Heart to Ladies Shandon Bells Jig Smash the Window

Fr John Angus Rankin Glencoe March Boys Lament for his Dragon Road to the Isles Space Available Flowers Of Edinburgh Heather on the Hill Homeward Bound Mrs MacLeod’s Paddy on the Turnpike Put me in the Box Rannie MacLellan Sheehan’s Reel Sir Reginald MacDonald St. Anne’s Reel

Youth Scholarships In support of the continued growth and preservation of traditional fiddle music across PEI, youth scholarships are available from both the PEI Fiddlers Society and the Queens County Chapter of the PEI Fiddlers Society. Established in 2006, the Queens County Fiddlers’ Scholarship provides a youth aged 10-18 the opportunity to attend a one week fiddle camp at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, Cape Breton or the PEI Fiddle Camp. Valued at approximately $800, the scholarship is open to traditional style fiddlers who have been playing the fiddle for at least three years, and are Queens County residents. The PEI Fiddlers Society is also offering $500 scholarships to assist youth aged 10-18 to attend a fiddle camp of their choice. This scholarship is open to youth Island-wide who have been playing the fiddle for at least three years. There is one application to fill out to apply to one or both of these scholarships. Application forms will be made available for download at in early April. For more information, contact Jennifer Garrity at [email protected]

A & D Backhoeing Owner Allan MacDonald Phone/fax: 961-2105 We’ll take care of all your digging, trucking, sewer system, and landscaping needs

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The Island Fiddler -

March 2014

Written by Cape Breton Fiddler and fiddle, piano, step dance teacher Leanne Aucoin, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association in 2013. Members of the PEI Fiddlers Society joined over 100 fiddlers on the outdoor stage at the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts in St. Ann’s, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on August 17, 2013, as this tune was played and many others.

The Island Fiddler -

Page 12

March 2014

Events Forecast For up-to-date events visit or check local listings Sundays 2 - 5 pm Second Sunday 7:00 pm Third Sunday 1:30 pm Fourth Sunday 2 - 4 pm Fourth Sunday 7:00 pm Sundays 7 - 9:30 pm (May 11) Sundays 7:30 pm (late May) First and Third Mondays 7:00 pm Tuesdays 8:00 pm Second Tuesday 6 - 9 pm Third Tuesday 7:00 pm Wednesdays 8:00 pm Wednesdays 9:00 pm Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:30 pm Fridays 8:00 pm Fridays Apr 8 pm First Friday 7:30 pm Saturdays 9 pm

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Cynthia MacLeod and Jon Matthews Saturday, Mar 8; 5:00 pm at Olde Triangle, Charlottetown 902-892-5200 Eddy Quinn Hosts St. Patrick's Concert Sunday Mar 16, 2pm at the St. Joachim's Parish Hall on route three in Vernon River. An Evening of Music and Great Food Monday, Mar 17; 7:30 pm at 21 Breakwater Restaurant, Souris 902-687-2556 St. Patrick’s Day Party Monday, Mar 17; ALL DAY at Olde Triangle, Charlottetown 902-892-5200 ST. PADDY'S - Live Entertainment Monday Mar 17; ALL DAY at Olde Dublin Pub, Charlottetown 902-892-6992 Fiddle Doo & Potluck Saturday Mar 22; 2 - 7 pm at Murray Christian Centre, Kensington 902-963-2356 East Coast Music Week April 2 - 6, Charlottetown PEI Fiddlers Society Fiddle Jam and Potluck Sunday, April 13; 2 - 7 pm at BIS Hall, Charlottetown 902-687-1521 Queens County Fiddlers Spring Concert Sunday, April 27; 2:00 at The Guild, Charlottetown Rollo Bay Fiddle Students and Kitchen Group Annual Family Night Concert Monday, May 12; 7:00 pm at Souris Show Hall, Souris SAVE THESE DATES: June 12 - 22 Festival of Small Halls - 50 performances, 11 days, 30 rural community halls - June 27 – 29 2014 Summerside Highland Gathering July 12 & 13 PEI Fiddle Camp for details and to register July 18, 19, 20 38th Annual Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival, Rollo Bay. Aug 1, 2, 3 Atlantic Fiddlers Jamboree, Abram Village, PEI

Fiddle Practices Open To The Public Eastern Kings Fiddlers Rollo Bay 687-1521 Mondays 7:00pm Rollo Bay School Oct 21 - May 12 Prince County Fiddlers Summerside 836-3844 Mondays 7:30pm Community Connections Southern Kings Fiddlers Montague 962-2273 Alternate Mondays 7:00pm Active Communities

Queens County Fiddlers Charlottetown 940-5949 Wednesdays 7:30pm Long & McQuade Morell Fiddlers Morell 961-2962 Thursdays 7:30 - 9:30pm Morell Pharmacy Acadian Fiddlers Wellington 436-5532 Fridays 8:00pm Boys & Girls Club

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